• A ‘must know’ before starting to play golf


    Golf can be the most challenging sport that you may engage in. It can become very addictive. It requires knowledge about how the game is played. Learning and applying the address position, especially the grip, the mechanics in moving the club seriously is a plus. Never forget though, that the game involves some philosophical, psychological, spiritual, physical elements and a bit of an intellectual aptitude. It is a way of life and a great game for all to master. It is the game for your mind, body and soul.

    Nepalese golfer Pratima Sherpa practices her swing. AFP PHOTO

    Golf is played with a golf ball, a certain number of golf clubs with a maximum of fourteen, over a course of a standard game of 18 holes. Swinging through a ball is considered a shot or a stroke. The total number of shots determines your ability in playing the game. The lesser the number of shots you do makes you a better golfer. With great emphasis, golf rules and etiquette is a must to learn, memorized and applied.

    Prior to playing the game, some amount of investment is necessary. You may need to spend on golf clubs, golf balls, accessories and apparel. If you are keen on becoming a member of a golf club, then initially it can be the highest investment that you will put in. On the other hand, you may borrow golf clubs from people you know, if and when possible. There are public golf courses that you can access anytime for a minimal fee. To enjoy the game better, getting a golf instructor or a coach must be mandatory. It will take the least time to learn and apply the swing mechanics accordingly, and readily makes you more consistent soonest.

    Playing the game allows you to learn in dealing with other players,particularly,more about yourself. The game makes you think inevitably; it sets your feelings and enhances your senses, and even allows you to cross beyond your expectations. Through analogy and strategizing, logical thinking is developed. It is in deep thinking and concentration that you heighten your senses and awareness during play and outside of it. Moreover, the physical body becomes stronger, due to the swinging motions and the amount of walking engaged during play. At the end of the day, it makes you a better wholesome person.

    During the process of learning the swing mechanics, it is recommended that you understand how the body works with the golf club, and how the club works with the body. It can be approached technically and mechanically, and for most, naturally. When the body and the club are set into motion, some forces kick in, and dependent on the mindset, swing size, the speed and the length of the club being used. The shortest golf club in the bag, as compared to the longest club, will justify a vast amount of physical and psychological differences in moving or for that matter, in swinging.Establish the correct thoughts, feel good in moving the club and focus on the process. The ball is impacted after processing about 80 percent of the total motion, including the process in setting-up, prior to swinging.

    A good sounding soft impact really makes you feel great from inside out! Your soul searches for the same feel every time. Good shots produce better scores and indescribable feelings. As Moe Norman says, “the feeling of greatness from pure shots!” So, do it right and practice well. Enjoy each shot and enjoy the game.


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