• We must protect ourselves from super typhoons – and Aquino gov’t officials


    For sure super typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan, which up to now is the world’s most powerful in recorded typhoon history, won’t be the last to devastate large parts of our country.

    This makes it doubly painful and frightening to contemplate that our government’s executive branch in the hands of the Aquino administration has been criminally negligent, laggard, incompetent, lazy and maybe also corrupt in handling the rescue, relief and rehabilitation efforts for the people of the devastated communities of Eastern Visayas, specially Samar and Leyte.

    Last week the UN Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC) repeated its often issued statements that greenhouse gas emissions have been at their highest in more than 800,000 years. It said unless drastic steps are taken to curb those emissions, the Earth would face more and damaging natural disasters.

    UN IPCC chief Rajendra Pachauri reiterated that global warming must be limited to 2 degrees Celsius to avoid the deadly effects of climate change. If that is not achieved, disasters such as flooding, drought, rising sea levels, among others, will reach apocalyptic proportions. This can only be achieved if countries take more severe steps to curtail the use of fossil fuels—like coal and petroleum products.

    Another group of scientists have pooh-poohed these warnings, claiming in effect that the IPCC scientists are liars working for the Western Powers. These scientists point out that since the global warming and climate change warnings were first issued two decades ago, there has been no global warming at all.

    Emerging industrial and global economic giants, chief of all China, are complaining that if pollutants and climate-change-causing emissions must be curtailed, the Western Powers, the originally leading industrial countries, are the ones that must make the most drastic reduction in their industrial activities. And they must contribute large sums to the poorer countries to develop anti-climate change technologies.

    China and these newly industrialized countries claim that they should not be made to suffer lower productivity for rescuing planet Earth when the Western Powers are the ones that for centuries have been causing the large scale destruction of our planet.

    We agree with them.

    Be prepared for more super typhoons
    But to go back to the issue of preparedness for the next super typhoons—and for that matter the tsunamis and earthquakes—we ordinary Filipinos must resolve to undertake our own protection and survival.

    The present administration officials of President Aquino have proved to be so inept, stupid, and as the people of Leyte and Samar say “Waray puros (Walang silbi, Inutile) “—and criminally negligent and liable.

    A full year after Yolanda/Haiyan destroyed Tacloban City and other parts of Eastern Visayas, the needed massive rehabilitation plan is only going to begin to be implemented now because it was only approved by President Aquino last week. As our banner yesterday said “Govt way below housing targets–Thousands of Yolanda survivors won’t have permanent homes until 2016.” The fact, which President Aquino and his people have at last admitted, is that only 1,252 of the 205,128 housing units needed for the victims have been completed.

    The so-called Rehabilitation Czar Panfilo Lacson should have resigned months ago when he saw how crazy, criminally laggard and unwilling to work his fellow officials in the Aquino administration are.

    But the media propaganda of Malacañang and the Liberal Party is so effective that foreigners and the conscript local media are still praising Mr. Aquino and his officials for having done an excellent and even “remarkably fast job” of rehabilitating Eastern Visayas.

    What a big lie! This lie rubs salt on the wounds of the suffering people of Samar and Leyte!

    The criminal negligence and unpreparedness of Aquino officials–most of all of the head of the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council, who is Defense Chief Voltaire Gazmin, and of Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas—caused them to mislead local officials of Leyte on the afternoon of November 7, 2013, about when Yolanda/Haiyan would strike.

    Lives would have been saved had Mar Roxas and Voltaire Gazmin been more competent and less uncaring leaders. And had they not given inaccurate information—contrary to what PAG-ASA and President Aquino knew—to the local officials in Tacloban.

    Any good thing for the Yolanda/Haiyan victims has been due to the action of foreign aid donors and the work and resilience of the Waray people themselves.

    We cannot depend on the Aquino government.

    We, the people, must protect ourselves from future super typhoons, tsunamis and earthquakes.

    And we must protect ourselves from Aquino government officials!


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    1. Arch. Lito L. Mallonga on

      All recommendations I hear and read are feasible and good. But do we have
      the resources to solved them. We always have typhoons every year regardless
      if it might be strong or not. All communities along the shoreline and its people
      can stay here and will not be relocated .

      We try to break the world record of planting tress but we only plant those trees
      not on the mountains but mostly on low land. Massive reforestation needs to
      be done on the mountains to use it as a buffer zone and no more illegal of cutting
      trees.ALL shorelines needs at least 3 Buffer Zones. No more coconut trees on the slope
      of the mountains. Roots are no deep enough and becomes more problem in the end.

      The biggest obstacle is our laws that are only good in paper and nothing more.
      I will never forget NOV. 8 and I will do all I can to help in my humble capacity.

      To address the problem on those strong waves coming from the sea can be done
      but it needs a lot of cooperation and a lot of funds in billion of dollars to do it.

      Lets keep aside politics as the entire nation are feed up with all the infighting that only delays the entire rehabilitation. Former Sen. Lacson is on the right truck but can not do it alone.

      The Philippine Government tried to relocate most of them but they just went back.
      Remember that most of the people are fisherman who depends on the sea for to feed
      their families. I have a plan that will work and it will be delivered !!!!!

    2. Yes, PNoy, his Czar Lacson and cohorts were all inept, incompetent, insensitive and awfully slow in the rehabilitation of Haiyan Typhoon victims and areas. They practice more partisan politics at the demise of the victims and devastated areas. They behave defensively when people ask about what these leaders are lacking. I just could not imagine how callous PNoy when he said “Buhay ka pa, di ba?” This comment is unforgivable.

      • Pnoy is trying his best and I have high respect for his Czar Ping. The problem is we the people need to change and work harder and honestly, It does seem that this was more on the problem with the local government and the Mayor. The people of Tacloban should fire their mayor, anyway they voted for him so that’s what happen when you vote stupid you will suffer. He should not play politics in rehabilating his constituents. Pnoy cannot control everything down to the single citizen, if he does then that’s dictatorship. That’s why we have mayors and congressmen and senators, the rest of this team should do their share of the job in this case, mayor Romualdez did not do his job because he is incompetent and dishonest.

    3. to protect ourselves from super typhoons means combat corruption first then, implement and enforce environmental laws, against dynamite fishing, deforestation, pollution, overpopulation, illegal fishing, destruction of marshlands, wetlands, strict monitoring of companies who dump chemicals in the sea and pasig river, expand the use of green energy, biomass, etc.