• MWSS, water firms face plunder case


    When we pay our taxes part of these goes to government water utilities that deliver POTABLE WATER we draw from the faucet. Now, what is the point of exacting taxes from the citizenry when the government has converted the MWSS into lucrative business?


    It doesn’t take great intelligence or even a skilled con artist to steal from the poor. The poor can only hope and trust those in power will be honest. Power seems to be for sale here in the Philippines. Once in power, it’s like “taking candy from a baby”. Even with the discovery of these types of scams,the charges seem to always evaporate with time, through elaborate judicial processes. Even the highly paid CEO’s and govt. hierarchy want to supplement their pay with “MORE”—What hope is there for the middle/lower class? The thieves have purchased homes high on the hills safe from the sewage which floods our streets. We have no choice but to swim !



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