• My anti-aging tools: makeup and being a mom


    ARRIOLAIt’s ironic—but very flattering that in the lead up to my “thir-teen-sixth” birthday to-day, I seem to have gotten the most number of com-pliments about my skin and my (ehem!) figure.

    And since my self-centered self is tickled pink about this perplexing phenomenon, I have decided to be selfless today of all days, and generously share with you fabulous readers my current crop of beauty secrets.

    They are makeup and being a mom.

    The first is hardly a secret since women from time immemorial have always used makeup to hide flaws on the face, which more often than not, are a result of aging. Still I say and stress the right use of makeup as an anti-aging tool we women in our 30s should cling to because I tell you, it effectively knocks off five years minimum from our true number.

    Just the other day, I was at a press conference for a new teleserye with a hot, young star in the lead, when an out-spoken colleague (who will criticize if he has to) leaned close to me to apparently examine my face. He declared, “Wala ka talagang pores!”

    I smiled (and felt so much joy inside). I smiled even more (and felt extremely ecstatic within) when he nonchalantly added, “Mag-red lipstick ka nalang tulad niya [pointing to the teleserye’s poster]puwede ka nang makipag-sabayan.”

    Whether he truly meant it or not, that moment, hands down, is the best birthday gift ever.

    And so, I have two products for you: Benefit Erase Paste (a miracle concealer) and Benefit Porefessional (God’s gift to women).

    Use the first one around the eyes (yes, include the lids), just atop your eyebrows and either side of the tip of your nose; then along the crease going down the sides of your lips; and finally just below your chin. You’ll see that you’ve instantly bright-ened up your face.

    Follow this on with Benefit Porefessional (whose sole purpose in being is to diminish those unsightly enlarged pores), and wait for that angel on earth to tell you, “Wala ka talagang pores!”

    This two-step routine (which you can also layer on with your choice of foundation and the rest of your colorings on official business and official gimmicks) should be under-taken daily. And daily means even if it is a busy day. Because ladies, we have to face facts that we can no longer survive with-out the aid of cos-metics in our 30s, be it on a quick run to the grocery, a lazy Sat-urday, or a Sunday family day. For after all that we’ve been through—or are going through—we owe it to ourselves to look good because as superficial as it may sound, it’s the first step to feeling good about ourselves. And there’s nothing superficial about that.

    Now my second secret in the anti-aging department of being a mom can only be explained in this roundabout way. For some reason, I never took to wearing dresses even at my slimmest, which was 108 pounds in my 20s. Five years and two sons since I first gave birth, I finally shed 14 out of the 22 pounds I thought I had permanently gained, all because I’ve had to keep running after my little rascals; heaving them off the floor; battling with their vegetables; dealing with flus and viruses; and plain, simply and happily keeping up with their energy.

    I lost that much weight (still with 10 pounds to go) lovingly, if I can put it that way, because I didn’t have to go on a de-pressing diet, or haul myself to the gym or some excruciating exercise. I lost the weight just because I’m loving my boys and everything that comes with motherhood—tiring, difficult and frustrating or not—and apparently, it’s given me the confidence to start wearing those girly dresses I’ve always wanted to wear in my youth.

    So actually, I take back what I earlier said about “wala kang pores” being the best birthday gift ever. It was when I was told by someone, in my girly-girly dress, “Motherhood suits you, Tessa,” that I felt happy and proud to be 36 years old.

    * * *


    Benefit Cosmetic’s ‘Chief Fun Officer’ Aubrey Bautista is pretty in pink at the grand opening of the San Francisco brand’s fifth and largest boutique in the Philippines at the TriNoMa Mall in QC

    Congratulations by the way to the lovely Aubrey Bautista and her team for successfully opening Benefit Cosmetics of San Francisco’s biggest boutique to date at the TriNoMa Mall in Quezon City on September 27. This ever pretty in pink branch has Benefit’s complete and amazing product line, and even features two Brow Bar counters, and the second Pretty Room among Benefit’s five boutiques, where “Benebabes” can get waxed from head-to-toe.


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