• My epic epic


    Lo! once I finished
    Sculpting my rhyming
    Labor of love, my
    Monumental burp,
    My one-line epic,
    The seven wonders
    Of the word, I felt
    Ah, beautific!
    My avid readers
    All raved, “Terrific!”
    “Balderdash! Hogwash!”
    Critiqued bald critic.

    * * *

    Metaphors for language

    Language is a master
    Of disguise who wears
    Innumerable masks
    Of fact and fancy,
    Of context and meaning,
    In a subtle masquerade
    Of sound and sense.
    Language is a persistent
    Door-to-door salesman
    Who panders empty

    Praises, a voice box
    Full of useless wares.
    Language is a gossipy
    Fish monger who sells
    The stinking herrings
    Of vulgar idioms
    And pedestrian speech.
    Language is a crafty
    Guerilla fighter
    Camouflaged with letters

    To blend with the lush
    Landscape of connotation
    And ambush with unmeaning.
    Language is a suave,
    Double-talking politician
    Who delivers to naive
    Constituents of eavesdroppers
    And perusers the exact
    Opposite of what he promises.
    Language is a coldblooded
    Hitman employed by
    A criminal syndicate
    Of ruthless grammarians
    Bent on wasting all
    Petty hoods of hack writers
    And verbal violators.
    Beware, journeyman bard!
    Language is the grinning
    Devil himself who

    Consigns every word
    You mouth or script
    To eternal damnation
    In the hellfire of ambiguity.
    As a parting word of warning,
    Avoid the degenerating
    Company of language
    Before it is too late,
    Before you are totally
    Possessed by the sheer

    Power of her invasive spirit,
    Which can only be
    Censured and condemned,
    Erased and expunged,
    Exorcized and expelled
    Through the wisdom
    Of the deaf and dumb
    Who preach the holy
    Gospel of silence
    And the unspeakable.


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    1. Leslie DeLuca on

      I just realized I recently watched a documentary regarding some of these topic matters covered by your extremely fine crafted word play. I rather enjoyed this immensely and think it’s much more descriptive and accurate than that aforementioned documentary. I can see why this was published. CONGRATULATIONS.