My husband will not stay in Palace – Poe


IF Senator Grace Poe will be elected president, her husband, Neil Llamanzares, will not play any role in government functions or events. He will not even reside in Malacañang.
Poe, who continued campaign in Toledo City in Cebu on Wednesday, said her husband will stay in their home in Quezon City and take care of their children.

“First of all, First Gentleman has no official position. But my husband, even before I entered politics, has helped raised our family as a private individual,” she told reporters.
The senator added that her husband has been kind and humble and is a good father to their children.

She admitted that they have discussed the possibility of her husband becoming the First Gentleman and they both agreed that he will take care of their children—Hanna,17 and Anika,11. Their eldest is Brian, 23.

Poe said her husband has no intention of staying in the presidential palace since he prefers to live in their house.

“Okay lang na nandoon siya. Pero dapat may CCTV (close circuit television) para nababantayan ko na talagang nandoon siya pag sinabi niyang umuuwi siya [That’s okay with me. But there should be CCTV there for me to be able to monitor him if he is really at home], she said in jest.


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  1. When Poe became an American citizen, she renounced her loyalty to the Philippines. Now she claims loyalty to a nation she previously disowned! She must think all Filipinos are stupid! M

  2. her husband will be a power broker engaging with private companies like what mike arroyo is to GMA. who is she fooling? he is an american including her children. we are back then as a colonial country?

  3. Pierre Raspeguy on

    Seriously, does Llamanzares expect us to believe this ? The Nation should remember Mike Arroyo ….. he held office in the LPL bldg. in Makati , but he had his fingers in everything — this will be the same with the husband of Llamanzares …. IF she is not disqualified and ousted from the senate, and IF she wins … but the way she talks, she already won.

  4. Regardless of where Mr. Llamanzares will stay, he must first and foremost be a Filipino citizen. That means he must give up his American citizenship if they are really intending to domicile in the Philippines.