‘My mouth is not the problem’ – Duterte


ADDRESSING criticism of his use of foul language, President Rodrigo Duterte said his mouth was not the reason the country has been put in a bad light.

Speaking to policemen at Camp Vicente Alagar in Cagayan de Oro on Thursday night, Duterte said the proliferation of illegal drugs should be the main issue, not his statements.

“Do not keep on complaining about my mouth because my mouth is not the problem. It cannot bring down a country,” the President said.

On Tuesday, the leading critic of Duterte’s anti-drug war, Sen. Leila de Lima, said the extrajudicial killings of 3,000 drug suspects and Duterte’s expletives against world leaders had given the country bad international press.

Duterte has grabbed local and international headlines for his expletive-laden rants against the United States, the United Nations and the European Union, all of which have condemned his administration’s way of addressing the drug menace.

Human rights advocates and foreign officials have also criticized his threats against criminals that supposedly contributed to the rise in extrajudicial killings in the country.

But Duterte said: “There is no law at all … Show me a law that prohibits the President from threatening criminals.”

The President reiterated that he did not order law enforcers to kill innocent people.

“Now, what’s my order to the police? … Just do your duty. Go there, arrest them and if there is resistance that would place your life in danger … kill them,” he said.

Obama welcome to probe

Duterte said he was not happy with how his war against illegal drugs was faring, adding that “On a scale of 1 to 10, we have achieved something like, about five.”

The President earlier asked for a six-month extension to his war on drugs, saying there were too many people involved in the narcotics trade and he “cannot kill them all.”

Duterte also downplayed claims that his tough talk was scaring off investors.

“And they are saying, [my statements]may affect financial ratings and the economy. So be it, leave the country. Then we will start on our own. I can go to China, I can go to Russia. I had a talk with them, they are waiting for me. So what the hell?” he said.

On Friday at the police regional headquarters in General Santos City, Duterte lashed out at foreigners for their failure to understand his war on drugs, and said US President Barack Obama was also welcome to investigate, aside from the EU and UN.

Obama was forced to cancel a bilateral meeting with Duterte in Laos early this month after the latter’s expletives and rants against the US for expressing concern over human rights violations in the drug war.


A senior Filipino diplomat contradicted Duterte and advised the President to “shut” his mouth to achieve amity with all nations.

“He is the most indecent person by the fact that he is cursing and cursing,” the diplomat stated. “What kind of president is that? He is so rude!”

The diplomat said the President should follow advice from people who know best and lead the country without others having to justify his demeanor.

Richard Javad Heydarian of De La Salle University’s political science department said Duterte’s expletives would always have undesirable repercussions if directed at international partners and organizations.
Any statement of the President will be considered a statement of policy, he pointed out.
“Well, the point is this: We want him to be more careful about his rhetoric and much more calibrated in his language,” Heydarian said.

Heydarian said Duterte should be reminded of the “metamorphosis” he promised before his inauguration.
The President should not expect that the international community and foreign media will not take his statements literally and look at their contexts carefully, he said.

“While he can expect the Filipino people or the large section of the Philippine electorate, and even the media, to decipher and decode the exact meaning of his often colorful rhetoric, I think it’s not realistic to expect much of the world to dedicate the same amount of nuance and attention to the context and details [of his words], because the world has so many things to take care of,” Heydarian said.

Anti-US rhetoric cheered

The communist National Democratic Front (NDF) however is upbeat about President Duterte’s anti-US rhetoric.
In a statement, the NDF said Duterte’s stance against the US and his expression of an independent foreign policy “bode well” for the proposed Comprehensive Agreement on Socio-Economic Reforms (Caser), the substantive agenda item in the next round of peace negotiations between the government and communist rebels.

“President Rodrigo Duterte’s anti-US statements at the recent Asean Summit bode well for Caser, especially if he actually crafts an independent foreign policy which is a requisite for building a self-reliant economy,” the NDF said.


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  1. At least this man is not a traitor and a double face …. leave him to be … Philippines will survive with or without him … it is that this time we make a stand and will have to make sacrifices before foreign nations respect us…. If you are an OFW then you will understand what i mean. “TREAT US AS YOUR CO-EQUAL PEOPLE AND NOT A LOWER CLASS CITIZENS” (eg. term of Third Country Nationality=lower class citizens)

  2. I say let us allow Digong to do his work| we ain’ t the President anyways, but He is. The Pilipinos are paying him to be the Leader of PH, and we should just let him do what he think is best for Pinas. For, at the end of the day| Digong will just face Jesus Christ in the other Life if the PH President is and will be doing something not within the Laws of Christianity. I heard Duterte saying He is a Christian, therefore| let us leave all the judgement and punishment on all sins done to Jesus Christ.

    As for the ordinary citizens like us, we need to focus on our families and ourselves: for a better society| Family is the Primary Unit of the Country’ s Community.

  3. A tactless president that acts in a non statesmanlike manner to the world community is a embarrassment to the country he leads…He was likely elected by voters desperate for change turning a blind eye to his character unfit for a leader of a nation..
    This guy does not lead by his brains but by his mouth and braggadocio,,,A leader of that type is more fit to lead a baranggay or a town never a country that had maintained good relations with their allies for decades..

  4. What bad did Obama do to our country to get this bad words from Duterte? This Obama is a total polished diplomat. Watch what Hillary do to our country if she wins. Americans are a very proud nation. Obama is black that is why he can take the insults. Hillary is white and we cannot get any sympathy from this next US president.

  5. Thank you for the report Manila Times. BTW, Mr Heydarian, what world are you talking about, the US & the West, that ain’t the world at all. There’s China, India, Russia, France, Japan, Cuba. Indeed, time for change!

  6. Its not your big mouth but your IQ is the problem. Your IQ is so low you don’t know what you are talking about. You have too much air in your head to harass the stupid Filipino people criticize you. Duterte’s presidential campaign was financed by China and the Chinese in the Philippines that’s why you never heard any Chinese drug lords and pushers killed by the cops. Ang pilipinas ay para lang “kuto” sa buong mundo pero ang president at ang mga tangang “allies” at sobrang yabang. Let us all pray to save the Philippines from this evil President and his allies. Pray that they will soon evaporate the soonest.

    • Daniel B Laurente on

      Mas kulang ang IQ mo cmpara sa Presidente ng Pilipinas. Total andyan kana huwag kang makialam sa Politika ng Pilipinas…Hindi kana tinay na Pinoy half half kana lang.