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    It seems that the web of transactions between legislators, implementing agencies and Janet Napoles has caught more names in its coils. We have heard much about the several lists being floated around ranging from Napoles herself, from Sandra Cam to the ones being revealed from Benhur Luy’s files.

    The existence of a supposed list became even muddier when former senator, now the Yolanda rehabilitation czar, Panfilo Lacson announced that he has obtained a copy of the said list. He initially dragged his feet in revealing names saying that it might trigger the “collapse” of the Senate. However, he still managed to bare the names of 12 current senators, two Cabinet secretaries, and several more members of the House of Representatives earlier this week.

    President Aquino did not make things easier when he admitted to seeing at least two versions of the said list. He noted that the versions he saw had some differences. Secretary Leila de Lima of the Department of Justice (DOJ) obtained a list from Napoles but did not release it to the public by saying that she would have to go through the list and vet the names who were there.

    This led credence to suspicions that the Palace is out to sanitize and select who would be included in the “final” list. Protests held a few days ago stemmed from the refusal of Malacañang and the DOJ to make public the list of beneficiaries and conspirators in the pork barrel scam. Some of the protesters pointed out the similarity of these tactics to the Hello Garci scandal where there were two tapes: one was real and one was not.

    Recent reports of the contents of BenHur Luy’s files came out with details the transactions done with each actor. Several names came up that were also included in Lacson’s list but there were also others who are currently the President’s own men.

    Ordinary people would encounter several problems when comparing the lists since these are either kept secret or only partially revealed. Napoles, Luy and Lacson were also not so clear as to the span of time covered by their records. Unless the President orders the DOJ to reveal in full an unsanitized list, we are left to wonder who are on it?

    Of course, we hope that the so-called “Napolist” would cover everyone involved in Napoles’ machinations up until the present regime. But can we figure out from available data who should be there? Fortunately, the Commission on Audit Special Audits Office Report No. 2012-03 does give us a basis on who had initial dealings with the so-called Napoles NGOs from 2007-2009.

    A quick look back to that file will reveal who among the congressmen and senators had dealings with the eight NGOs mentioned by COA Chairperson Gracia Pulido-Tan in the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee. These NGOs according to Pulido-Tan are: the Agri and Economic Program for Farmers Foundation, Inc. (AEPFFI), the Agricultura Para sa Magbubukid Foundation (APMFI), Countrywide Agri and Rural Economic Development (CARED) Foundation, Masaganang Ani Para sa Magsasaka Foundation, Inc (MAMFI), People’s Organization for Progress and Development Foundation (POPDFI), Philippine Agri and Social Development Foundation Inc. (PASDF), Philippine Social Development Foundation, Inc. (PSDFI), Social Development Program for Farmers Foundation, Inc. (SDPFFI).

    How many senators and congressmen are linked to these NGOs? There are three linked to AEPFFI, two for APMFI, 10 for CARED, 11 for MAMFI, seven for POPDFI, two for PASDF, 10 for PSDFI, and 13 for SDPFFI.The number of unique names in this list is 27. I will leave it to the resourceful reader to visit our work at visualizing these NGOs at http://www.visser.ph/pdaf2 to figure out the names.

    Note that this covers only the 2007-2009 report of the COA on the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) and Various Infrastructure, including local projects (VILP). We expect that there will be more. We still have spotty information, outside what Luy admitted in the Senate, on the Malampaya scam and their other dealings.

    Of course there are other NGOs which have not yet been under the microscope unlike those operated by Ms. Napoles and her staff. We have yet to look at the dealings of the other NGOs. According to our clustering algorithm, there remain 4-5 more groups of NGOs catering to a set of common congressmen with regard to the PDAF.

    Surprisingly, in the PDAF scam (note that there are still the Malampaya and fertilizer scams), it is not the Janet Napoles NGOs that come out on the top in terms of the number of legislators from whom they received PDAF money. The Kabuhayan at Kalusugan Alay sa Masa Foundation, Inc. (KKAMFI) received PDAF from 34 legislators, the Farmerbusiness Development Corporation (FDC) from 27 and the Aaron Foundation Philippines, Inc (AFPI) from 26.

    If it takes so long for the government to investigate the Napoles group, when will we get into looking at the other NGOs and other legislators? This foot-dragging and “list making” obfuscation only adds fuel to speculations that the motives behind prosecuting Napoles is political and the delay is to shield government allies from blame.

    The call is simple: make the list public and prosecute all of those who are at fault. Stop all forms of pork whether through the PDAF, the DAP or other presidential pork.

    It is high time the people brought back our voice in the debate as we did in the several marches against the pork barrel system.


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    1. Helen Ramos on

      I can only compare this government to Humpty-Dumpty. It had a great fall, and no matter how the president, his men, and all the conniving senators and congressmen try to put the pieces together, it will never be whole again – not without everyone responsible, from the president down to everyone implicated, answering for their crimes of commision, collusion, or simply turning their faces the other way, allowing the crime(s) to take place. To add to injury, they are now trying their damndest to muddle the list. I would not be surprised if in their desperation to cover up their crime, they try a bloody act, just to get our attention away from this disgusting affair.

    2. Giovani you are right in saying the only thing that matters is in quick time show us the full lit of everyone implicated, then again be as quick as possible in cheking them all out. Its quite easy to find those that have dealt with these fake or bogus ngo’s & if they have then they are guiltyu. Ignorance is no defence. Its their duty as custodians of the peoples money to make sure it does good & goes to the places they designated it to go to & does the things they intended it to do. To tell me its up to others to check not me is an insult to my inteligence. They knew when they used a bogus ngo that money wouldnt go to any other good cause than the person running the bogus ngo’s & themselves. The sooner these scum are in jail for the remainder of their lives without any pardon for any reason at any time during their sentances. The only way out of prison for those scum should be feet first when they die. Then bury them in a paupers grave. They deserve no respect, no sympathy & most certainly no leniency.

    3. Daniel B. Valdez on

      To start with and to simplify, let us get the names of legislators and government officials contained in all the lists of Lacson, de Lima and Cam. Certainly, there must be names mentioned in common in all those lists. From Daniel B. Valdez, Camiling,Tarlac

    4. In the movie “Spartacus,” the Romans asked their captive who among them was Spartacus. Several of the slaves came forward to claim the name thus foiling the attempt of the captors to identify the leader of the rebellion. Likewise, with several “Napolists”” being dished out, we may never know which is genuine among them.

    5. nelson z. valles on

      Nakakahiya ang gobyerno natin sa mukha ng buong mundo. Mga garapal, swapang, at halang ang mga bituka. Dagdag pahirap sa kalagayan ng bansa. Kung lahat ng nakulimbat ng mga hinayupak na yan ay ginamit lang ng matino sana naibsan man lang ang kahirapan ng bansa natin..

      Dapat sa mga yan ay bitaying lahat!