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    The first month of the year always indicates new beginnings. And new beginnings don’t always have to be about major life changes, it could be something as simple as choosing to have a different routine or even revamping your wardrobe.

    While choosing gifts over the holidays, I came across a fun new online store called Pairmates. What made Pairmates fun for me to give away was the fact that an entire family can actually wear it so mixing and matching isn’t just limited to moms and daughters but the whole family.

    Always in search for a good story, I found out that the story behind the creation of Pairmates is even more interesting. The woman behind the idea is Amy Revilla who actually lived and worked in Canada for 30 years before moving back to the country.

    |When she made the decision to settle here, a friend of hers saw her love for fashion and encouraged her to enter the garments industry over seven years ago. She started by supplying to middle and high-end boutiques and her desire to pursue quality and class instantly set her apart.

    Already a champion in the garments industry, Amy decided to make use of the strength she already had in opening her new business. The idea of Pairmates was inspired by her two kids: a seven year old boy and a two year old baby girl and drawn from a personal experience.

    She recalled, “I once bought and wore a matching outfit with my daughter to a party. I really enjoyed that experience with my daughter and always found it amusing to see other moms and daughters in matching outfits as well.”

    This became a light bulb moment that eventually launched the vision of Pairmates. She enthused, “More than looking good together, wearing matching outfits actually indicated an important bonding moment among family members.”

    Amy, with wisdom from her years in the garments industry, then channeled this vision into creating Pairmates. Today, the online brand aims to foster memories through coordinated clothing for not just mother and daughter, but the entire family.

    An excellent businesswoman, Amy says her secret in “doing it all” is putting her children on top of everything, “I make it a point that I spend more time with them than work.”
    And when asked how she stays motivated and inspired, she answered, “I am motivated by change. Creating opportunities out of the changes presented to me always inspire me as well as seeing my clients and staff happy.”

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