My son would ‘whoop’ Manny Pacquiao – Floyd Sr.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. performs calisthenics during a public workout for his fight against Marcos Maidana.  Afp photo

Floyd Mayweather Jr. performs calisthenics during a public workout for his fight against Marcos Maidana. Afp photo

LAS VEGAS: Floyd Mayweather,  preparing for his May 3 fight against  Marcos Maidana, was humorously diplomatic this week when asked about promoter Bob Arum’s latest gambit to force a superfight between Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao.

Arum suggested this month that boxing fans should boycott the Mayweather-Maidana fight, suggesting they not buy tickets to see it live at the MGM Grand or watch it on Showtime pay-per-view.

“Only thing we can do is pray for Bob Arum,” Mayweather said this week during media day for his 12-round world championship unification bout with Maidana. “I don’t want to say nothing negative about Bob Arum. I wish Bob Arum nothing but the best. We’re doing what we’re doing over here.”

Boxing fans have called for a Mayweather-Pacquiao showdown since 2009, but repeated efforts to arrange that fight have failed for many reasons, among them disagreements about drug testing and how to share profits.

The luster of that matchup has dulled after Pacquiao lost two of his past three fights, the defeats coming in 2012 to Timothy Bradley and Juan Manuel Marquez.

Mayweather, who is 45-0, beat Marquez in 2009.

Floyd Mayweather Sr., far more bombastic than his son, said Pacquiao doesn’t belong in the same ring as Floyd Jr.

“Manny and Floyd? That would be the easiest fight Floyd could make,” the elder Mayweather said. “This [Maidana] fight right here would be harder than Manny, believe me. Floyd would have whooped [Pacquiao] anyway, but he’d kill him now because Pacquiao just got clipped by Marquez.

“Marquez knocked the . . . out of Pacquiao. So you think Manny could come back and whip Floyd after that? Come on. Little Floyd beat the hell out of Marquez. Don’t you worry about Manny. Pacquiao ain’t nobody, ain’t never been nobody when it comes to fighting Floyd. Bob Arum can talk all he wants.”



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  1. father and son mayweather should stop talking about manny. if his son could whoop it up manny so why not fight manny anyway. manny is even asking your son to fight for charity? your son is afraid of fighting manny, due to what manny did to the deformed face’s of margarito, cotto,de la hoya, diaz,rios and the rest of the boxer who had swollen faces and even marquez nose is bleed to death..most of floyd jr. fight is so boring…

  2. just let your son fight manny then everyone will be satisfied..your camp,manny’s camp and the fans.

  3. both father & son ( mayweather ) talked too much, but why, floyd do’nt want to face manny in the ring, is he really AFRAID of, manny? i ca’nt see any reason except that. right floyd?

  4. Arsenio Reyes on

    Mayweather is a legend … in his own dreams. Hehehe. Such a coward to face Pacquiao. Full of words always.

  5. both father and son mayweather has a big mouth. if the could whoop manny pacquiao why they are afraid to face him in the ring? every body knows only one reason, they are afraid of PACQIUAO.

  6. action speaking louder than words mayweather afraid to fight manny pacquiao and people watching boxing all over the world knows the truth if mayweather is not afraid to fight manny pacquiao let it happened let pacquiao and mayweather fighr inside the ring if there is a will there is a way alibi is un acceptable…you have the right to remain silent ..dont talk to me talk to my lawyer