• My take on Pacquiao-Mayweather

    Conrad M. Cariño

    Conrad M. Cariño

    (First of three parts)
    Fellow The Times columnist lawyer Eduardo Tolentino said it right in his column on March 6, 2015 that the Mike Tyson-Michael Spinks fight was one of the most hyped fights in modern history.

    But up to this day, I cannot forget how boxing fans like me were taken for ride by some boxing “analysts” to believe that Spinks had a chance to defeat Tyson in their heavyweight unification fight on June 27, 1988. When fight night took place, a hapless Spinks folded up and was knocked out in 91 seconds. Crap! And all that I was expecting, because of what some boxing “analysts” told fans like me, was Spinks put up a decent fight even if he loses. Even Muhammad Ali believed Spinks had a chance of winning. So much for believing the legends of the sports when it comes to fight predictions!

    Now, I’m not saying Manny Pacquiao will be mercilessly decimated by Floyd Mayweather Jr. on May 2. But to believe that Pacquiao can knock out, stop, or even score a wide decision win over the American, as some sports or boxing writers want us to believe, may be asking for the moon.

    While it is easy to be impressed by what we have heard and seen from the training camp of Pacquiao in Los Angeles so far, it is hard to get accurate information on what is transpiring in the camp of Mayweather. There were previous rumors that Mayweather was knocked out by a sparring partner, which turned out to be not true.

    Then there was news on Tuesday that Mayweather was reported to have sustained “hand and facial injuries” in his training, according to the article “Mayweather Working through Hand and Facial Injuries in Training Camp” posted at boxingnews24.com the same day.

    Turns out, based on the article, that nothing was structurally wrong with Mayweather’s hands and the facial injury was simply a split lip. The hand injury of Mayweather seemed to be scratches or bruises, perhaps sustained from hitting the heavy bag too hard.

    In Pacquiao’s camp, meanwhile, The Times reported in its Sports page on Tuesday the Filipino is nearing peak condition. The article “Pacquiao nears peak condition” quoted Pacquiao as saying “Freddie [Roach] and [conditioning coach]Justin Fortune have been holding me back a little to prevent me from over-training and peaking too soon. I feel great and I am very excited for May 2.”

    So it is obvious both fighters are pushing themselves very hard for their historical May 2 megabout. This is good for fans!

    But will the current pre-fight hype live up to expectations on fight night?

    That is the big question.

    I must admit—my heart wants Pacquiao to win, but my head believes Mayweather still has the edge here.

    To me (at least), it is very hard to ignore how Mayweather actually faced better opposition in his last three fights.

    In the first place, Robert Guerrero had good skills and was a southpaw (like Pacquiao), while Saul Alvarez was a bull- strong super welterweight. And it is foolish to overlook Maidana’s high knockout percentage and his ability to take punishment.

    On the other hand, Pacquiao’s last three opponents, Timothy Bradley, Brandon Rios, and Chris Algieri cannot be rated alongside Guerrero, Alvarez and even Maidana. Bradley and Algieri have very low knockout percentages, while Rios has poor defense.

    But then, we cannot overlook the fact that Mayweather is coming off two hard fights courtesy of Maidana. And hard fights can sap some of a fighter’s vitality that could affect the performance in his next fight.

    On the other hand, Pacquiao had an easy time against Algieri, and this gives the Filipino more physical and psychological reserves to push himself harder in training and during the actual fight.

    Those abovementioned arguments, however, are merely theories and boxing analysts (and even boxers turned analysts) could go wrong in their theorizing.

    (Part two: Why Mayweather is the betting favorite)


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    1. Arguably, Maidana won the first fight. Pacman is a few notches better than Maidana. Judges are chosen and Mayweather may have the advantage here. Pacman has to overcome this with clear-cut round superiority. But, Las Vegas betting venues have a big say on who wins (conspiracy theories abound); they won’t big money. In other words, if betting is lopsided in favor of one, Vegas ensures the outcome in their favor, so the saying goes. My instinct says Pacman will win this contest.

    2. Predictions….Mommy D will outshine them all come fight time. Mayweather’s father should watch out. Mommy D is on the prowl, loveless for quite a time. Never mind what is above the ring, it is a job both fighters are doing. Mind the eye contacts of Moomy D and Mayweather Sr. A perfect match made by boxing. GO Pacman…stay in boxing and preaching. Leave politics…and women save for your love ones.

      Manny should better win this fight…so he may be remembered as the Filipino who conquered the Americans on their soil. An uplifting passage to our History books.

    3. We should not be spending too much of our time talking about the Manny and Floyd fight. For God sake China is building airstrip for military purpose in our door step. That’s the fight we should be talking about!! China is building 3 aircraft carriers. If we don’t act now its too late. Americans will not help us. We have to help ourselves!

      The Manny vs Floyd fight is all about money! Filipinos money!! Filipinos love to see boxing especially if it’s our countrymen. All our TV stations have paid to broadcast this fight. Many Filipinos in the states will be traveling to Las Vegas to spend money. Business as usual. Bob Arum who is the promoters of course makes huge money especially on this event. It does not take a rocket science to figure this out.

    4. Its so difficult to evaluate a fight when your heart is concerned. I think you have written this article in a fair & balanced way. The one thing i didnt know before & found out just today that is in mannys favour is floyd is no longer enjoying fighting. He says now its just a job. He had this problem twice before & he retired to get his head right, which was the right thing to do. So thats in mannys favour. What i saw positive is he is doing other things in training to help motivate him, thats promising.
      What i hate is when idiots like the 1st to answer this article Val, accuses floyd of juicing & buying off usada & the judges. Now val has to be a filipina as they see cheating in everything as thats the norm here. They cant understand in other countries most cant be bought, where here everyone has their price. So if floyd wins that val wont give him the credit he will deserve & i hate that & i know a lot of filipinas are like that. Its a horrible side to the filipino

    5. Mayweather is determined to do everything to win this fight at all cost.
      The secret weapon: Money!, Armed with blank check (Mayweather believed everyone have the tag price) He negotiate with Memo Heredia to provide him the “power pellets” that Marquez used to KO Pacquiao. Then bribe the USADA. If there’s no KO, all judges will declare Mayweather the winner. The 3 blind mice and the referee were amongst Mayweather payroll. In case Pacquiao KO Mayweather, the USADA will declare Pacquiao blood test result will be positive on PED. Before the fight, USADA will draw lots of Pacquiao blood more than it required, they know that’s the reason Pacquiao lost to Morales 1.

    6. Hindi mawawala ang wresting,sa labang ito!
      Si maywaether ay sobrang gulang!
      Magkaroon ng desisyon at ito ang mahirap tanggapin ng mga tao kapag walang knockdown!

    7. All we can do is wait and see what happens in the ring. Ali was the underdog against Liston and Foreman – What were the results of those past fights? Anything can happen so follow your heart, plan for the worst and hope for the best.
      Pacquiao opened the eyes of the world. People around the world now know that Filipinos are great boxers if given the opportunity to compete against other boxers from around the globe. Hall of fame is waiting for the Pacman!!