• Myrna Segismundo goes to Escolta

    Celebrity chef Myrna Segismundo serves up ‘Lasang Pinoy’

    Celebrity chef Myrna Segismundo serves up ‘Lasang Pinoy’

    The Peninsula Manila’s all-day dining restaurant, Escolta, plays host to visiting celebrity guest chef Myrna Segismundo from for the rest of June as she celebrates the rich flavors and culinary traditions of the Philippines’ 7,107 islands in a two week-long food festival aptly named “Lasang Pinoy.”

    Chef Segismundo, managing director of multi-awarded Restaurant 9501—the exclusive executive dining establishment of ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp.—and Kulinarya author famous for her signature adobo pâté, promises to brings exciting new dishes to the restaurant’s buffet selection that will put a modern twist to classic Filipino fare.

    An accomplished author, chef, restaurateur, ambassador of Filipino cuisine, she has made it her life-long mission to promote Filipino cuisine with her signature dishes.

    Chef Segismundo’s version of the Tokwa’t Baboy, for instance, offers a completely new take on the pulutan favorite with a refreshing mix of silken tofu and crunchy pork bits served ceviche-style. Her Paella Binagoongan is a riot of flavors with shrimp-paste flavored rice topped with pork, salted egg and mango strips. The Crusted Pork Estofado is a sweet-savory specialty with tender pork pieces encased in a buttery pie shell. Carnivores will have a field day with her perfectly cooked and flavor-packed Roast Beef Adobo.

    Vegetarians, ovo vegans and pescatarians will be well provided for with Dulong with Olive Oil, Assorted Seafood Kinilaw, Lumpia Spring Rolls with Honey-Patis Dressing, Seafood Kare Kare, Baked Laing with Shrimps, Salted Egg Rice among many others.

    Making the offerings even more appetizing will be a selection of condiments consisting of different varieties of vinegar, fish sauce, shrimp and fish paste, among others, sourced from different regions of the country.

    These are perfect when washed down with unique and refreshing kamias [cucumber tree], guava and siniguelas (hog plum) fruit coolers.

    Panghimagas or dessert lovers can cap their meal with Filipino sweet treats such as creamy Leche Flan (caramel custard), Banana and Jack Fruit Turrones (crisp rolls) and Budin (bread and butter pudding with dried fruits) or create their very own halo halo ( mixed fruits and beans in shaved ice) at a Halo Halo Station. Paired with a bracing cup of freshly brewed Batangas kapeng barako (coffee) or soothing salabat (ginger tea), these are dessert options that will not be soon forgotten.

    Lasang Pinoy at Escolta of The Peninsula Manila is available for lunch from Monday to Saturday. For inquiries call 887-2888, e-mail diningpmn@peninsula.com or visit peninsula.com.


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