‘Mystery shoppers’ bare graft in LTO, Customs


The Civil Service Commission (CSC) over the weekend confirmed the description of President Rodrigo Duterte that the Land Transportation Office (LTO) and the Bureau of Customs (BOC) are corrupt agencies.

In fact, Maria Luisa Salonga-Agamata, CSC’s Public Assistance and Information Office (PAIO) chief, over the weekend said the LTO and BOC appeared to be the two leading corrupt government agencies since the two have the biggest number of fixers who work illegally to earn money.

Agamata added that the Civil Service has discovered a prevalence of fixers in the LTO and BOC after the commission conducted an operation on government agencies through a “mystery shoppers” mechanism.

The mystery shoppers, she said, are CSC investigators who go to the LTO, BOC, and other agencies where they pose as clients who transact with government agencies.

Thus, according to Agamata, the findings of the CSC were strongly valid and reliable because they were sourced through direct transactions with the fixers.

Fixers are not allowed in all government offices since their job is illegal, therefore, against Republic Act 9485, or the Anti-Red Tape Law.



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  1. I agree with LBM and I add:
    These offices have to publish the requirements where are seen prominently and maybe even in the internet. The requirements should be clear and concise so that no government employee would make their own rules and requirements just so you pay “lagay”. Transparency is what is missing in the the offices of the Philippine government. If the rules and requirements are clear the public can then know who of these personnel are not doing their jobs. They could be reported either to their bosses or if those bosses are part of the problem then to the press.
    Hopefully President Duterte can tackle this bureaucratic (lagay) problem. I’ll be satisfied even if he just cut in half the graft and corruption in the country.

  2. Maria stevens on

    Very interesting..but we already know..corruption is what makes this country tick.

  3. I have dealt with LTO , it is true, there are many fixers in LTO , check Las Pinas LTO, the fixers are in the streets looking for customers. There are in Zapote Road LTO. Very corrupt. Pnoy is so stupid, he cannot stop these people. In Sukat Rd, very noticeable, no more children at night scavenging garbage. Good Work , Mayor.

  4. I have a little suggestion, if this is feasible. If you enter a certain office you get a number then there a televised number where it buzz and twinkle when its your turn (you can also apply in the enternet first, it’s more faster w/ number also). Before you enter a certain office there is somebody who will give info for forms that you need so that before your number is buzzed or called everything is ready and submit including payments if there is, and you will have to be back on the said date. When you go to that office is like One Stop Shop, you can get everything you need without going to other gov’t. offices. What I mean other gov’t. offices will have satellite offices in that certain agency. Thank you

    • You can more or less do this at the main NBI office except they don’t have an electronic numbering system.