• ‘Myths of Love:’ The dance of romance


    “Myths of Love” is a dance-theater event that tackles human being’s notion of romance. Based on the book, “Seven Myths About Love…Actually” by British author Mike George, it talks about why it seems too challenging too get a hold of genuine love.

    For so long, people have equated love as approval and assumed that love and happiness were found in relationships, acquisitions and even places. However, the satisfaction was fleeting and the disillusionment was bound to happen and used to be recognized that they are blind alleys. As what George said “You don’t have to seek love anywhere as it is already found in our own heart.”

    Marge Enriquez

    Performers for the Myths of Love are Marge Enriquez, Rose Camacho, Katherine Trofeo and Jed Amihan.
    Directed by Melvin Lee, the show will happen on October 5, 7:30 pm at the PowerMac Center Spotlight, Circuit Makati.


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