• N. Korea warns of ‘merciless’ strike vs. south


    SEOUL: North Korea has threatened a “merciless” strike against the South after activists burned effigies of the ruling Kim dynasty on the second anniversary of the death of former leader Kim Jong-Il, officials said on Friday.

    The warning was contained in a message sent on Thursday by the secretariat of the National Defense Commission, the North’s highest military body, through a military hotline, the South’s defense ministry said.

    In rallies on Tuesday to mark the death anniversary of Kim Jong-Il, South Korean conser-vative groups burned effigies of young North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, his late father and granadfather.

    The North said the rallies had in-sulted the “highest dignity” of its leadership, and threatened to take “merciless” retaliatory acts without prior warning, the defense ministry said.



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