Nadal on antibiotics before appendix surgery decision


PARIS: Rafael Nadal will follow a course of antibiotics for a period of four to five days before he decides whether or not to undergo an appendectomy, the Spanish star’s spokesman said.

The world number two returned home to Mallorca on Thursday (Friday in Manila) following his second round loss to compatriot Feliciano Lopez at the Shanghai Masters, stopping in Barcelona on the way to undertake medical tests.

Those examinations confirmed that the 28-year-old is suffering from an inflamed appendix which he hopes can be treated with antibiotics.

“His clinical progress is good. He isn’t showing any symptoms at the moment,” said his spokesman in a statement.

“He will continue the antibiotics treatment for 4-5 days and, depending on his progress, he will take the necessary decisions.”

Nadal only made his comeback from a wrist injury in Beijing last week after not having played since a fourth round exit at Wimbledon.

If he avoids surgery on his appendix, the nine-time French Open champion will hope to complete the 2014 season at the Swiss Indoors event, Paris Masters and then the World Tour Finals in London.



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  1. Well Madel is able to pay for the best possible care ..What about here in the Philippines

    My eldest daughter tells me –Well if you are poor –You walk slowly to the cemetery
    Ironically This appears to be true

    The costs are phenomenal –What if you need an ambulance –?

    Does this have to paid for up front?

    My wife had to be admitted to ICU -They wanted 100.000 peso s deposit–She had emergency operation —

    If we dont have the money what was going to happen?

    Is this a medical system–Or a money first operation

    How can anyone practice medicine under these conditions.?

    you dont have money to be admitted into hospital –They make you sign to say you are going against medical advice

    But that is not the case –you dont have the deposit you need to get into a room!

    Then your insurance wont pay because you went against..medical advice .

    -How can one reconcile ones ethics, and turn a bind eye to whats going on .

    Dr’s take an oath to put their patients welfare before anything else-

    if money is going o be the driving force behind medicine ..

    Then we we all be walking slowly to that cemetery

    I remain yours faithfully

    David M Meyer MD D.P.M PhD