Nadine heals–and sings–with love



Despite her flourishing career, the year 2017 was not an easy one for Nadine Lustre. Back in October, the singer-actress’ family suffered a painful tragedy as news broke out of her younger brother’s death.

Every bit heartbreaking, the passing of Nadine’s 16-year-old brother, nevertheless brought a pressing issue to the fore—the reality of depression among the youth—as fans and celebrities rushed to share in her grief.

As they consoled Nadine over social media, personal revelations, cries for help and an impassioned discussion on this alarming situation poured in—somewhat giving meaning to the teener’s untimely death, and hopefully saving other lives in the process.

Nadine Lustre goes into 2018 stronger and more determined to spread more love, even though her music

Through this difficult time, Nadine realized that “love is the answer,” be it in defeating depression and healing from grief. She received love but also gave much as she promised those who condoled with her, yet opened up their feelings, with a simple three-worded post: “I got you.”

Somehow making sense of her loss, what with the support of so many people, Nadine has gone into 2018 stronger and more determined to spread more love, even through her music.

As such, the young woman faced media with renewed energy last week, her long-time screen partner and real-life boyfriend James Reid beside her, to talk about their upcoming second major concert, “Revolution: The JaDine Concert,” on February 9 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

Many remember that JaDine, as this popular love team is called, headlined a record-breaking first concert in 2016, also at the Big Dome. Aptly titled “JaDine In Love,” the show celebrated the huge success of their TV series “On The Wings Of Love.” As tickets sold out in just one week, fans who had one felt they won the lottery especially since James chose that very night to announce that he and Nadine are very much in love in real life.

With the couple going from strength to strength, their second concert will celebrate James and Nadine’s love for each other in music. No movies or soaps to take away from their artistry and feelings for one another.

Asked why they chose the title Revolution, Nadine immediately said, “First of all, it has the word ‘love’ in reverse.”

She added that the Revolution also pertains to their evolution as artists, now singing with more grit and passion.

Lustre and James Reid promise their fans
for an upbeat production with romantic moments for their upcoming second concert

Watch them perform their hits, “Bahala Na” and “Para-Paraan” along with the hot new sounds like “Cool Down” and “IL2LU,” among others.

The couple promise of course that their fans are in for “some upbeat production numbers” and much-awaited “romantic moments.”

“It really is all about love,” Nadine ended.

Produced by Viva Live, “Revolution: The Jadine Concert” will have Sarah Geronimo, Sam Concepcion, Kiana Valenciano, Bret Jackson and Vice Ganda as guest performers. Overall direction will be by Paul Basinillo, with Teacher Georcelle as dance director and Jay Agustin as musical director.

Log on to Viva Live’s Facebook page for more information.


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