• Nadine Lustre’s July recap


    After landing the No. 1 spot on FHM Magazine’s “sexiest woman” poll early this July, 23-year-old Viva Artist and ABS-CBN contract star Nadine Lustre continues to be hounded by detractors who say she is way out of her league in this department. Past winners had been Marian Rivera, Cristine Reyes and Sam Pinto, to name a few, and there are those who believe Lustre is the odd one out.

    At a partnership renewal event with Sony Philippines, The Manila Times finally had the chance to ask the young singer-actress how she felt about the continued bashing, to which she quickly replied she was unaffected.

    Lustre explained that while her physical attributes may not compare to past celebrity vixens, she believes her voters saw her unique brand of sexiness.

    “I feel sexy not because people think I’m sexy, but it’s because I know my flaws and I know how to handle them. I don’t let anything bring me down just because they don’t accept who I am,” Lustre elaborated.

    “For me a woman is sexy when you see her happy. Even just through a picture, you will see it in her eyes—happiness and confidence.”

    Besides the body shaming, Lustre also had to deal with the “live-in” issue these past weeks, after she expressed her opinion that to do so these days is no longer a big deal. Currently in a relationship with screen partner James Reid, netizens were quick to condemn her for taking such an arrangement lightly.

    Again, Lustre said she simply ignored the bashing that ensued.

    “Even if social media is a way for me to connect with all my supporters here and abroad, I don’t let online bashers affect me because I know I can’t please everyone. I’ve learned to ignore them because no matter what I do, there will always be someone who will say negative things about me.”

    In the midst of her ups and downs this July, however, the multi-media star said that she will still look back on the month with gratitude because her career continues to be blessed.

    “I can’t ask for anything more really,” Lustre shared. “Although I still have goals I wanted to achieve, there’s no rush. I’m reaching them little by little. Right now I am definitely happy with what I have—hosting in ‘It’s Showtime,’ an upcoming movie, and an album where I get to collaborate with James.”

    And yes, no matter what they say, who wouldn’t be thrilled to be the “sexiest woman” of all, and in love to boot. In hindsight, July wasn’t the least bit bad for Nadine Lustre.


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