#NagaLeaks and the unraveling of the Jesse Robredo myth



IT is easy for Robredo partisans to act desperate and irresponsibly, by threatening known critics like me with legal suits, or by moving that I be declared as persona non grata in Naga City.

They did not know what hit them.

Anonymous writers came from nowhere to bring havoc not only to Leni Robredo, but to Jesse too, and in the process revealed a narrative that in its first installment alone has already effectively destabilized the foundations of a myth. And to think that there are four more installments coming.

#NagaLeaks has become a riveting, raw, well-researched piece that tells about power, greed, corruption and murder. It talks of the Robredo-Villafuerte political dynasty, and how it took control of a city despite its own internal cleavages and fractures. It talks of how the Robredo brand has effectively created a mythology, of Jesse Robredo in his tsinelas and shorts, to cover up what was alleged by its authors as a tale of political corruption.

What is painted in the expose is a Jesse Robredo who branded himself as a paragon of good governance.

In political science, governance is defined to be good if it possesses three important characteristics – transparency, accountability and participation. On the surface, Jesse Robredo was imaged as one who championed these in Naga City. He became the darling of the intelligentsia as a shining example of what we can only teach as ideal text book constructs. Academic papers were written about him. One paper entitled “The Robredo Style: Philippine Local Politics in Transition” written by Takeshi Kawanaka, was published in Kasarinlan, Philippine Journal of Third World Studies, further affirming Robredo’s sterling performance. In fact, De La Salle University has renamed its Institute of Governance after him to honor his brand of governing.

In August 31, 2000, Jesse Robredo was conferred the Ramon Magsaysay Award for Government Service, in recognition of his brand of leadership, which the award-giving body saw as embodied in “his giving credence to the promise of democracy by demonstrating that effective city management is compatible with yielding power to the people.”

Yet, #NagaLeaks appeared to have demolished the basis for this adulation.

Stories of hidden wealth and properties listed to dummies undermine claims that Robredo personified transparency.

It is also alleged that Jesse Robredo’s reign as mayor was almost like a functional dictatorship without the overt acts of tyranny, with him possessing full control of all political organs in the city. Dissent was allegedly meted out with exclusion and even persecution, and in the case of the unexplained disappearance of Emilio Aguinaldo, it may have even led to a political execution. If true, these would undermine any claim to accountability.

What could further undermine accountability are the reports, if true, of his inaction on the proliferation of illegal gambling, and his alleged tacit tolerance of the vices of his political allies, which, according to the report, could have even included drug use and trade,

It is claimed by #NagaLeaks that Jesse Robredo hand-picked his political lieutenants, from barangay captains to members of the City Council. He allegedly exacted loyalty. This clique mentality, if indeed true, could effectively prevent meaningful participation. Political participation could not just rest on voters giving him resounding electoral victories, where his ticket claimed victory after victory brought about by a city mesmerized by the public transcript of his political brand. Meaningful political participation also entails a process that truly accords dissenters their voice, that they are taken seriously, and that they are protected.

Allegations made in #NagaLeaks require further substantiation, and it has to be done since the claims are serious.

It is indeed easy for a Robredo partisan to dismiss the claims made in #NagaLeaks as mere political slander. It is convenient to accuse it as a craven attempt to besmirch the reputation of a dead icon in order to smear his widow who happens to be the Vice President of the Republic and a prominent member of the political opposition.

In the end, what will validate the allegations are the people of Naga themselves.

And already, people are coming out to validate the stories.

All over Naga City, people are talking, in cafes, in dinner tables, in sari-sari stores, in wakes.

Young people ask the old to tell them the truth. Older people grapple with the pain of being told of things which they knew about all along but just kept to themselves, perhaps due to fear, partly due to hesitation to blurt out an inconvenient truth and slander a popular brand.

But now they are talking, not only in whispers or hushed voices, but openly. Justice has finally come for Emilio Aguinaldo. That is what they say.

These are signs that monuments built on lies are beginning to fall. The foundations of a myth have been undermined.

It is therefore understandable that those who held Jesse Robredo up so high are now disoriented, and irrationally angry. If the allegations made by the writers of #NagaLeaks are true, then indeed they have been deceived.


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  1. Danna Michelle Sagario on

    This would sound trivial, but the reason for my distaste in following local news is our proclivity for keeping up with Western trends over serious issues. Nagaleaks vis a vis Wikileaks, eh? Corny.

    I know, I know, that shouldn’t pose even the slightest concern amidst the allegations at hand, but it seems to be more of a clickbait, thus decreasing its credibility at first glance. But that’s just me.

    • Felicitas Manasseh on

      That is true but in life what goes round comes round. Karma is real. You reap what you sow. The difference between imelda and Leni , Mrs Marcos never disrespected the dead.

  2. Dapat i-confront nya ang mga accusations sa kanyang pamilya at sagutin bawat isa ang mga iyan. Pag iniwasan nyang sagutin, isang lang ang gustong sabihin niyan, TOTOO LAHAT ANG IBINABATO SA KANILA.

    Saka, doon sa part 1 ng #nagaleaks series maraming mga tao ang konektado sa kanila ang minention. Bakit hindi sila lumabas at pasinungalingan ang mga paratang sa kanila dahil nakakasirang puri. Isa lang ang gustong sabihin niyan. TOTOO ANG #NAGALEAKS.

    Taga-naga city ako kaya alam ko po ang totoo!

  3. Desperate times indeed Mr Contreras! How much? What’s in it for you? I’m not surprised that people still read this gimmicky news site. Mga b0b0 kasi. The Marcoses’ loot is overflowing pa di ba. Never again.

  4. Kayo lang naman ang napagpepeke nila because you don’t know who really they were/are. Before the elections, i posted in fb the real personality and character of leni robredo but only few believed me. Many still voted for her. Only several months after the elections they knew who really she was and regretted they voted for her. Also before the nagaleaks, sometimes i gave hint to my fb friends who are jesse diehards when they asked me kung kilala ko si jesse robredo by telling them like this: Maraming puso ang mawawasak pag nalaman nila na ang isang tao na iniluklok nila sa pedestal upang tingalain at sambahin bilang isang modern day hero ay di pala siya sa tunay na buhay. They asked me why. My only response to them was it is up them if they believe me and better they research who really he was.

  5. Thank you sir, for your article. It is very interesting to know if this will come out the truth of the myth. Do you think this doesn’t warrant of shall we say Senate inquiry ???


    To Mr. Contreras,
    Im so sorry to disagree with you. The late secretary deserves the award. He has served the country to the best of his ability and nobody can take that integrity he built for himself he is an inspirational guide to the everyone. Not just to me but to my husband and my kids as well.

    • Irene, the first stage in grieving is denial. You’re in that stage right now. Grieve all you want for now because fairly soon your inspiration will turn into a nightmare.

  7. Nancy Rimarim on

    I sincerely hope that WAC will investigate and publish the details around the murders of Jesse Robredo, the pilot and the co-pilot. It is extremely suspicious that the lone “survivor” was the police captain in charge of securing Robredo. The police captain narrated that all the three were wearing seatbelts while he was standing up when the plane crashlanded on the water. Fishermen and residents in Masbate recall that the plane was afloat for several minutes before it started sinking as per aircraft design. Anybody standing up during a landing would feel the greatest impact but in this case the one standing up survived and the three who were strapped to their seats died. There was no autopsy report and the government quickly closed the “investigation”. An American diver who participated in the rescue and recovery was later killed.

    • I already had the suspicion he is not really the “good” type. Everyone felt he was underdog when he & Puno co-handle the DILG. We were wondering how he could cling on to this post while Puno has all the blessings from Noynoy. He didn’t care at all because he was already given the “entire Naga” to enrich himself. I see.., I see. He succeeded in creating such good impression. He fooled so many people. As for his wife, she’s a big fake & only thinks of herself & good publicity. All she could do is Talk&Talk & give interviews everywhere. Has she done anything or even started something concrete since she became VP????

  8. There must be some reasons behind why PNoy didn’t like Jesse in the first place? Contrary to Leni’s run under LP during the last election? Time for PNoy to come out clean and give light to all of these!

  9. Dear Mr. Contreras,

    Madali naman magtahi ng kwento, ang tanong kaya nyo bang patunayan? I am a Nagueño and I don’t agree with what you’re saying that we are disoriented right now. Perhaps the Villafuerte loyalists are rejoicing but not us who know the truth about Jesse. Please stop spreading lies because you will just regret it in your death bed.

    • You have the right to disagree, BUT have you read the details of the allegations? Names, places, events are cited with mainstream media previously published referenced to. Hey, we are in a democratic society, so freedom of speech is our inherent constitutional and human right. Deleting and silencing anti-NAGALEAKS articles only heightened the curiosity of the Filipinos. Have you asked yourself one primal question? If the allegations are false indeed, then why not rebut it? Or better yet, why shot down an article about the evils of the Robredo family? Care to comment on my question? After all, we are invested with the right to speak.

    • MIK,

      Yes I have read the fabricated story and I know the characters personally that why there’s no way that I’m buying it. If I would invent a trash news about you or your family, would you waste your time rebutting my argument or would you just take it to the proper/legal platform?

    • Ang mga taong tulad mo ay nagkakalat ng kasinungalingan dahil ayaw nyo kay Duterte at gusto nyong maging presidente si Leni. You keep taking the line “I will kill you” out of context. Pinagtanggol ba ng mga tulad mo at ni Leni Robredo ang mga biktima at pinatay ng mga drug lord, drug pusher, at drug users? Pinagtanggol ba ninyo ang SAF 44 at mga namatay na magsasaka ng Hacienda Luisita? Patay na si Jesse Robredo nang mangyari ang SAF 44, pero buhay pa sya nang mag-alsa ang magsasaka ng Hacienda Luisita. May narinig ka ba na opinyon nya o ni Leni Robredo sa mga isyung yan?

      I won’t be surprised if you insist that De Lima didn’t benefit from the NBP drug lords. You’re entitled to continue believing that, but if you wish to know the truth, talk to former NBP inmates and they will tell you that she is guilty. Sadly, dahil kapartido ng mga dilawan, kinukunsinti at pilit na tinatago ang baho ni De Lima via EJKs. Naging pulitiko na si Leni. Gamit na gamit na political capital si Jesse Robredo, hindi lang nya kundi ng LP mismo. Matagal nang may EJKs sa Pinas, maski sa panahon ng mga Aquino nangyayari yan, hindi lang binabalita.

      Paki-temper ang hypocrisy at double standard nyo na mga dilawan. Pag kayo ang tumitira ng kalaban, dapat paniwalaan kayo. Pag kayo ang tinira, sinungaling ang kalaban. Yeah, right.

  10. Mabuhay ang mga bloggers na nagsisiwalat ng katotohanan. Ngayon hindi na monopoly ng Mainstream Media ang balita. Marami ng alternative ang mga tao na mapag titimbangang balita. Looking forward to read the different political personality of people in real life.

  11. Cecille Deelctor on

    I am glad, Prof. Contreras that you and your companions are exerting efforts to inform the public. Do not be dissuaded by negative reactions. We want the truth to come out. For 30 years the Filipinos were fooled. It’s time we know the truth.

  12. Please expose this myth with a series of litmus test of analysis unraveling this neo-type of scientific methodology of bureaucracy that could be relevant if not a cure all for the hypocritical of the so called the people’s government. Any conception on accumulation of material reality for the bearer and its parties no amount of myth is qualified for it is still a con in its entirety. A dumb population is address here while the not so dumbs are subdue. This con works in centralizing of political control. When slaves exist tyrants flourish. As slaves are educated, enable access to undiluted infos such myth fades.

    Awaiting more of your unraveling this Naga-leaks.

  13. Considering that xPNoy ran his administration like a criminal syndicate, the revelation that Jesse, was a member of the gang all along is not surprising.

    Had Jesse not suddenly died and then elevated to myth-hero figurehead status to serve some redeeming purpose to the yellow cult, his incompetent handling of the Luneta Massacre would forever taint his gov’t career as it did for Alfredo Lim’s political image.

    Jesse Robredo political career was finished after the Luneta massacre, guess somebody in the xPNoy administration thought to salvage the situation, get the meaning.

  14. Please expose this pretentious myth with a series of litmus test of analysis unraveling this neo-type of scientific methodology of bureaucracy that could be relevant if not a cure all for the hypocritical of the so called the people’s government. Any conception in the accumulation of the material reality for the bearer and its parties no amount of myth is qualified for it is still a con in its entirety. A dumb population is address here while the not so dumbs are subdue. This con works in centralization of political control. When slaves exist tyrants flourish. When slaves educated, enable to access undiluted infos such myth fades.

    Awaiting that next installment on Nag-leaks.

  15. Puro ka imbestiga imbestiga, kung tototo yan kwentong pagong mo magsampa ka ng kaso sa korte! Wala kang pinagkaiba sa dutertrolls like mocha at sasot puro paninira lang sa lahat ng nag ooppose sa EJK.

    • Wow, you just showed your ignorance. Before you spew your mouth with gibberish comment like that, read the article about nagaleaks first. Wait, you won’t cause you are blinsided by the hoax Robredos, completely fallen for their trap. This is not an investigation. Did you know that? This nagaleaks was an expose. Do you know the definition of expose? What do you know about EJK yourself? Do you have access to the statistics? The kind of reply you have show how tunnel vision you are.

  16. The reason I don’t want people bashing Marcos is because I personally believe that all politicians are corrupt in some manner or form and also to a certain degree. Others may be more corrupt than others but it doesn’t mean that the less corrupt is not corrupt. Almost all politicians have their private armies, especially in the countryside. Almost all politicians are part of the political clan and dynasty. Would they run for office and use up a lot of their own money since contributions won;t be enough if there is nothing in return. I have no faith in human nature.

    • Wait until We are Collective give their second installment on March 10. Be careful though cause the pro-Liberal Party are spreading FB copycat pages. You’ll soon find out….The best is yet to come.

  17. pablo sanchez on

    uy Patrick! okay lang kung ano pinaniniwalaan mo. ang sa #nagaleaks lang eh parang kay Ninoy lang yan na itinuturing na bayani pero isang hudas at makapili pala. dala lang ng pamumudmod ng perang galing sa nakaw ang pundasyon para sila’s santuhin ng mga sunud sunurang bayaran.

  18. It is indeed unfortunate, very inappropriate, if not cowardly, to make accusations and slanderous statements of a dead person.

    It is unheard of in local journalism. Poor taste.

    But then again, I guess, it’s too much to expect from someone disguised as “righteous”, masquerading as a “scholar” only to be revealed as an “advocate” of losers and a losing cause.

    There is no more sacredness in their deeds when they desecrate the dead. Where is honor and dignity here? Clearly, there is none!

    Just dirty politics.

    Jesse, obviously, can no longer defend himself of baseless, recycled claims. Naga Leaks is fictional — created by warped minds under pseudonyms, a concocted telenovela, editorially “dramatized” by those who seek the limelight, published in “Fakebook pages” and whose goal is to malign his memory, provoke and discredit those close to him — probably a “test case” for “enforcing” revisionist ideas, eventually target (by creating doubt on) a well known democracy icon — with the end goal of setting the stage to rewrite Philippine history.

    All these efforts will fail and backfire and Divine justice will reign.

    Readers, beware of writings with false revelations and carefully crafted venomous language of wicked thoughts embedded in hallow and empty logic.Their ideas are not scholarly, factual and certainly very deceiving.

    Simply, they’re false.

    • And how do you call when you shout Hukayin! on the issue of Marcos burial? What a double standard. Lost cause? Whose on the loosing side at this time? Just asking.

    • We cannot always discount the spirited defense to be put up by the Jesse Robredo fanatics in the face of an expose covered by the #Naga Leaks. But the series of revelations involving a certain Gabby Bordado who is by nature a man gifted with his writing skills who was behind all the “dirty works” to make Robredo successfully vie to become an awardee of the prestigious Ramon Magsaysay award is by itself something that can convince even the most unbelieving Robredo partisan/fanatic to change his view about Robredo. It was after Robredo was already 6 feet below when Bordado finally got what he truly deserved to be awarded with the fruits of his sacrifices to be a diehard loyalist of Jesse Robredo. When Robredo was awarded the Ramon Magsaysay award which also granted him (Robredo) the cash award of $50,000, Bordado was only given a free trip for two (for him and his wife) to Hong Kong which in Bordado’s estimate would only amount to roughly
      $1,000 because Robredo at that time can get discounted plane tickets due to his closeness to some travel agencies. But the most unacceptable reality there is that Bordado was shortchanged because prior to that Ramon Magsaysay award and after he (Bordado) has exerted so much effort with his writing talent and resourcefulness he was able to make a deal with Robredo that if he wins the Magsaysay award because Bordado knows there is a corresponding cash award of $50T that they should equally divide it between them by which Robredo only smiled which could probably mean “yes.” But it only shows Robredo’s kind of personality that he cannot be trusted when it comes to money matters because what came out after all was that Bordado was clearly shortchanged.

    • pablo sanchez on

      There is no more sacredness in their deeds when they desecrate the dead. Where is honor and dignity here? Clearly, there is none! – and what do you call those yellowtards insisting to unbury marcos?

      how can you say that nagaleaks is fictional whereas the facts are already there and you are just blindsided to admit that jesse is like ninoy portrayed as a hero by the yellow party and bias mass medias.

    • Yeah, dirty politics indeed. I read the remarks here and seen how people easily get manipulated. The intent to besmirch the image of the Robredos was so obvious that there really is no need to believe these lies. They never have a good intent. The purpose is to create enough lies and use a university professor to make it look credible. I don’t think it worked. And yes they are shamelessly attacking a dead guy who cannot defend himself anymore! How utterly embarrassing!?

    • Felicitas Manasseh on

      Are you serious? You think it’s unfortunate, inappropriate and cowardly to make accusations and slanderous statements of a dead person?And you think it’s unheard of in local journalism? You make me laugh. The Liberals have been doing it to President Marcos for decades with the help of the local media. Just recently you wanted to unbury his body.How much more disrespect can you do to a dead man? Please stop with the hypocrisy. Those holier than thou incompetent idiots from the yellow party and the so called intellectuals who blindly supports the inhumane treatment of their enemies will get what they deserved. Karma is here.

  19. Butch Mapayo on

    For awhile I thought I was reading Mr. Contreras article as Davao Leaks. It’s almost the same here when the Dutertes suppressed all forms of political freedom and opposition all in the name of Malasakit and Pagbabago. Handpicked barangay leaders, rubber stamp council and political dynasty. Ruled by one strongman with dictatorial tendencies. It’s also a myth here brought about by the likes of selfie king and queen Contreras ,Rivera and Mocha.

  20. Not even Noynoy Aquino thought very highly of Jesse Robredo. Noynoy practically ignored Robredo and deferred to Robredo’s Undersecretary, Rico Puno, when he dealt with DILG. Aquino also preferred to deal with PNP Chief Alan Purisima, who was Robredo’s subordinate, than with Robredo. It got so bad that, before Robredo died, Robredo thought about resigning from DILG. Apparently, Robredo didn’t have the gravitas to run DILG, and Noynoy Aquino thought so. Robredo would have only been a footnote in DILG history had he not died. Ironically, it was death that made Robredo seem larger than life.

    • So how exactly did Robredo get the coveted DILG post if not by political clout, which is the only currency in the corrupt ridden Aquino administration. Jesse’s rise to the top was by hook or by crook until fate intervened when he bungled the Luneta massacre, the Chinese demanded blood for blood, of course PNoy was not going to spill his own so Jesse became an instant martyr.

  21. You will never be able to make a Bicolano believe your lies. At Emilio Aguinaldo pa ang ginagamit mo. The first Emilio Aguinaldo killed Andres Bonifacio and Antonio Luna such fitting symbols. Then you will come out with a fake sex video. He he he. We have seen it all. Ngayon may treat naman about Jilian. Nothing is sacred even children. Dig dig dig dig pa. so will we now imprison Leni for involvement in drugs? E si Jessi patay na e. Maybe we can dig him out and give him lethal injection?

    • Please do not insult all Bicolanos by effectively saying they are all blinded fanatical followers of the Robredos. SO VERY FAR FROM THE TRUTH. Not even all Ilokanos, for all their clannishness, are behind BongBong Marcos.

      Exaggerated nonsense.

    • You probably missed a very important point when you talked about Emil Aguinaldo, the man who rose from ranks as head of PISSTON and who was unorthodox in the way he carried out himself as a City Councilor where he could be seen using his tricycle going to the city hall wearing a barong terno which appeared crumpled and mistaken to be “borrowed from a funeral parlor.” And in going home Aguinaldo will just wear his sando without the barong terno. He was by the description in the story a man of action who doesn’t care what people say about him as long as he was doing his job with the interest of his constituents foremost in his mind. What turned out to be his biggest mistake was to stand in the way by exposing the “secrets” of Jesse Robredo which probably caused him to disappear one day of June 8, 2008 when he took a bus ride to Manila to follow up his charges in Manila against Robredo filed with the Ombudsman. His wife even revealed that her husband Emil had to sell 3 pigs as his pocket money for the trip but since then, nothing was heard of him. And there was a certain Totoy Ona who was a known hired killer at that time whose track record as such was already a byword in Naga City as an option of “last resort” by politicians or some wealthy persons to “silence” some people who appeared hard to discipline.

  22. Nilo del Mundo on

    very good article
    sober warning
    those who appear humble and down to earth might have a dark heart but just knows how to shield it from praying eyes

  23. Alexander Demetria on

    Coming from Naga City, there is truth on the contents of the Nagaleaks. A lot of Naga residents are wondering why the clamour, adulation to Jesse when he died. Necrological services and interment nationwide telecast. I recall when Transportation Sec. Arturo Enrile was being buried, FVR was teeing off with Tiger Woods in Mimosa. Even the awards of “Pogi”, the sources of which are questionable. He has done some good though. Magduman kamo tabi digdi sa Naga (come visit Naga please) to know the real truth about Jesse. There is even a story that he owns a property within Ayala Alabang Village. Forced property owners here to sell their properties in the guise that their properties will be used for “urban housing projects”. City government will pay the property below market value. Later the property owner after selling his property would be shock, since insread of urban housing projects being erected on their former property; what would be constructed are shopping malls/commercial buildings.

  24. Alam mo sir, matagal na po naming alam yan. Kilala po BIL nya na drug dealer dito sa amin.But then politics always win so wala na lang pong nagrereklamo kasi maimpluwensya si mayor jesse, RIP. Btw, hindi po maganda ang naga nung sila ang nagpapalakad, after nila mayor jesse saka first lady leni, ayun umayos na ng konte.Nahiya nga po kami nung nagclaim si leni na at par or mas safe ang naga sa davao.Wish nya lang.Anyways sir, dai ka po sana magpundo magsurat ta makusog po ang buot mo magsabi ning totoo.Dios mabalos po!

    • Talaga druglord si Robredo kaya itong asawa si Leni galit na galit ke DU30. Nabibisto na siya at nawalan na ng delihensiya! Dapat talaga tangalin si Leni Robredo. Nakatapos nga ng pagka abogado BOBO naman. Walang pakinabang!! salamat at nabibisto na ang kasamaan nila!

  25. D ba dapat ito ang ini embistigahan dhil seryusong usapin ito?….at bkit pinindown nila ang page ng naglabas ng #nagaleaks imbes na sagutin ang akusasyun?…..for 30 yrs nabuhay tau sa panloloko tpos ito na nman?….well hindi habang buhay manaig ang kasamaan sa kabutihan…..lalabas at lalabas ang katotohanan…..

  26. leni waged a war for the truth and the good, pero kung marami kang baho at skeleton nakatago, kilabutan ka. Awaiting for the deep dark secret about her daughter jillian…..

  27. Patrick gonzalez on

    Mr contreras ang kolum mo ay parang sa kwentuhan sa inuman , seryoso sa tingin ng mga lasing na , pero pag nahulasan, walang laman naman talaga. Pero nakakabilib din ang paniniwala mo sa sarili mong mga pananaw.

    • Ahpmyn Delfin on

      Hahahhaha kaya pala takagang pinilit nilang matanggal ang page ng WE ARE COLLECTIVE? Mga takot ba sila? Kwentongnpagong lang ‘to pero di nila masagot at madepensahan sarili nila kaya qyun pinatanggal ang page, sino Diktador ngayon? Samantalang sa mga page ng KULAY TAE, walang pakialam ang mga DUTERTARDS.. #KwentongPagong na nakakatakot
      #NagaLeaks – paimbestigahan


      sinagot naman po ni madam Leni ng… we will not be silenced… lol

    • Mr. Contreras is doing a dangerous game if it’s not true pero napapaidip ako talaga dito.. things are linking real good..

      1. Unknown disappearance of Emil A. when the unexplained PHP 1B worth of condo unit is abt to be unveiled.
      2. Illegal gambling and drugs under his command and leadership, just like when Roxas and De Lima are commanding/leading their respective depts.
      3. Unexplained plane crash leading to his death.
      4. Participation of Ric Puno behind his questionable entry or is it destroying of evidence to the case of JRob..
      This story is thrilling and chilling and we cannot just leave it unfinished till the story is solved..

      Sensational Hero or Crime Story??????

      Magaling si Contreras if he will be able to complete the story and unveil the whole truth” Fallen Monument built on Lies or Truth??