NAIA 3: Most dangerous airport in the world?

Erwin Tulfo

Erwin Tulfo

Four died and several others injured when a lone gunman fired several rounds of ammunition targeting the mayor of Labangan, Zamboanga Del Sur and his family just outside the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3 arrival area in Pasay City last week.

Witnesses said the suspected gun for hire, dressed in police uniform, open fired on his victims at close range also killing a baby nearby and injuring scores of arriving passengers waiting for their ride.

The suspect casually rode on a waiting motorbike and sped off. The airport police arrived at the scene minutes after the suspect was gone.

Unfortunately, the whole incident was not captured by the airport’s security cameras because there were none at all.

Relatives of the victims now want answers as to how it happened when security should be tight in and around the international airport?

They also want NAIA Gen. Manager Angel Honrado to explain why does that particular airport have no security cameras or CCTV to monitor the safety of both departing and arriving passengers?

The absence of close circuit television in NAIA terminal 3 was also questioned last year when my brother, Mon, and husband and wife, Raymart and Claudine Santiago, had a brawl near the baggage carousel area.

No one can tell who started the fight since there were no security cameras installed in the area.

The airport management promised to immediately install cameras inside and out of the terminal building after the incident.

Surprisingly, to this day, no cameras have been installed in the area where Mon and the couple exchanged blows, and even outside the terminal building.

Questions were also raised following the shooting at the terminal last week regarding the whereabouts of the members of the Philippine National Police (PNP) assigned at the airport .

The PNP has a contingent of cops in all the airports of the country, particularly in terminals 1,2 and 3 of NAIA.

However, an official of the PNP Airport Security Group, who requested anonymity, said Honrado came out with a memorandum circular removing all PNP personnel at the x-ray counters at the entrances of the three terminals last year.

The same PNP officer said that there was no reason given by Honrade why the cops were removed from the terminal building.

Aside from missing cops and CCTV at the terminal building, arriving passengers have to watch out for scrupulous cabbies who charge exhorbitantly.

Arriving passengers, especially foreigners , are targets of hold-up men lurking just outside the airport terminal.

These problems have been in existence since Honrado was appointed as NAIA head for years now, but it seems that he is inutile in fixing it.

Honrado has to be replaced!!!


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  1. The sorry mess NAIA Terminal I is in presently – with inadequate security and having the tag as the world’s worst airport today, is simply a reflection of the incompetence and lack of vision of the present administration of PNoy. All branches of the present government – Executive, Legislative, Judicial and military are all run by mostly corrupt and incompetent people.

    I had done my share of travelling too and had used NAIA I a few times. My experiences while coming and going out of this airport were not something I would relish telling my friends about. It’s like being in a chaotic, dirty small-town “palengke” with it’s stinky toilets, faded paints, hustling baggage personnel asking to carry my bags for tips, inadequate seats for departing passengers, lack of waiting area for those meeting incoming passengers, etc.

    Does anyone wonder why PH is considered a Third World country? NAIA Terminal I is one of the reasons why.

  2. On October 23, 2013, I arrived back from a trip to America. I landed at NAIA Terminal #3. There were NO PNP Personnel at the entrance or scanning area. I got back into the terminal all too easily. I use to be security chief in Iraq for helicopters and airplanes landing on the American Side of Baghdad International Airport (BIAP) for 2 years.
    Outside the terminal was poorly or not lit at all. IT’S NOT MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES.! IT’S MORE DANGEROUS.
    If the anonymous source information is credible, then NAIA Gen. Manager Angel Honrado, would have a lot to explain for this huge crime committed outside the terminal. If that had happened to me, I would have been charged under U.S. Law. Mr. Honrado should be held to account, but iut won’t happen.

  3. Ronito Amigable on

    I agree with you that Mr. Honrado should voluntarily resign and be replaced with a competent administrator. I hope, and pray, that he is not a yellowish crowd member in which case, his yellow-ribbon wearing president, B(enigno) S(imeon) Aquino III, will not only protect but defend him as well. Oh well… By the way, I think you meant “unscrupulous” cabbies. Merry Christmas. God bless us all.

  4. Why we should blame those people? Pathetic, you place them on your votes, now face the consequences. How I wish, Honrado himself will be the next target.

  5. correction Mr. Tulfo, a close inspection or curiosity of a radio reporter found out there was this humungous CCTV installed! problem is, you guess it right just like everything else in an airport most if not all of the equipment/facilities IS NOT WORKING!

  6. Jose A. Oliveros on

    NAIA Gen. Manager Honrado inefficiency is just a reflection of his Boss – PeNoy. Both are like the letter “p” in the word “psychiatry” – useless.

    • Bakit sila magkakaiba, dapat pareho sila, MAGKAMAG-ANAK, Nabasa ko nuon sa isang newpaper report na s Ret, Gen. Angel Honorato ay ang dating Chief Security Officer ng Hacienda Luisita bago ma appoint na NAIA General Manager, Tutoo ba ito, Tanong lang? Kung tutoo, KKK din pala kaya makapal din ang mukha at di mag re-resign.

  7. Replace Abnoy now. Erase the image of the Phl as violent, corrupt, ruled by inept and uncaring politicians.

  8. the official is incompetent at best and is an extension of the incompetent appointer in malacanang. if this official is to be replaced, the appointer needs to go as well to avoid repeat of the act in appointing another incompetent official.