NAIA cleaning attendant commended for honesty


A cleaning attendant at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3 who found cash amounting to P96,000 within the premises of the terminal was among the 31 airport workers who were recognized in a commendation ceremony on Monday.

Jennilyn Cruz was commended for honesty by the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) when she returned a sling bag she found at the pre-departure area of Terminal 3 early in December last year that contained the cash.

Cruz and other awardees were given certificates during the monthly flag- raising ceremony when all employees were gathered.

A complimentary breakfast buffet was also given to them by the MIAA General Manager Jose Angel Honrado.

“By means of this monthly commendation ceremony, I am hopeful that all those working at the NAIA will be inspired by your stories. Your presence at the airport is like a star guiding others in the right path,” Hornado said.

According to the MIAA, Cruz had returned gadgets and documents many times before.

The cleaning attendant was quoted as saying that she was clearing up the areas assigned to her when a passenger called her attention to a bag left behind.

“I asked for assistance from the airport police who eventually opened the bag at the Lost and Found Section,” Cruz said.

She added that when they finished counting the money, she knew that the amount (P96,000) was going to be used for something important.

“I was nervous because I knew my returning the money was going to mean a lot for the passenger who left his or her bag.”

The MIAA said the owner was later traced through his identification cards found in the bag, and it was later learned that the money was for the salaries of the owner’s employees in Davao.

Cruz, a mother of two, has been a cleaning attendant for seven years in NAIA.
This is the first time that she was given a certificate for her good deeds.


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  1. OMG someone finally found a honest employee at NAIA. Congrats, maybe you should run for he Senate or given Hornados job as director of one of the worst airport in the world.