NAIA security personnel are extortionists!


Is Transportation Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya proud that his agency has made the headlines again. It’s not about another Metro Rail Transit train breaking down again, which is no longer news.


It’s about the Office of Transportation Security (OTS), a branch of the Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC) tasked with security in some areas at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).

Several OTS personnel are clearly involved in the so-called “Laglag-Bala” extortion racket at NAIA terminals which has victimized a number of travelers, including foreigners.

The modus is exactly the same as that employed by unscrupulous cops who plant illegal drugs in the person or persons they arrest.

At NAIA, the crooks at the arrival and departure areas simply slip a “live bullet” instead of drugs inside the airline passenger’s belongings prior to x-ray inspection.

Of course, the metal object seen through the x-ray would be cause for physical search and, wella, you have a case of “illegal possession of live ammunition.”

This was the modus 20-year-old American Lane Michael White was subjected to when he arrived last September 13 on his way to visit his Filipino family and friends in Palawan.

White, who turned out to be a Christian missionary, said a security officer pulled out a .22 caliber bullet from the pocket of his luggage after repeatedly scanning it on the X-ray machine.

During their conversation, the security personnel told him that his problem will be settled for P30,000 but White insisted that he is innocent.

‘’God endured the pain when he was being whipped at the cross and if I need to be detained for six days and bitten by ants, mosquitoes, bugs, so be it,” said the missionary.

Abaya and the rest of the official First Family of Noynoy Aquino ought to be proud for yet another milestone in the areas of transportation, tourism and human rights .

This is the problem when crooks at all levels of the governments operate with impunity.

Kahit ano’ng gusto nilang gawin para rumaket, gagawin nila kahit kanino.

“Kung dala po namin yun, paano po yun makakalusot ng Jacksonville Airport which is a military airport?” White’s stepmom Iloisa cried.

It turned out White’s case is not an isolated one.

Filipino-American Rhed Austria de Guzman also complained of a similar experience, which she posted on Facebook, which has been shared over 70,000 times and counting.

She said a NAIA Terminal 2 OTS staff asked her for P500 so he would not squeal on her after finding two bullets in her baggage through the x-ray machine.

The wheelchair-bound De Guzman vehemently denied owning the bullets but said she decided to hand him the P500 bribe so she won’t miss her flight back abroad.

At least two airport employees were relieved from duty pending investigation.

Airport sources disclosed that the so-called ‘’Laglag Bala’’ modus has been done for years. “May butaw po yan sa mga opisyal,” one insider source said.

Before the latest cases were exposed, these culprits were reportedly planning to prey on delegates to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meetings.

“Mga magnanakaw”!!!!

* * *

Wang Bo coddler eyes bi post
What’s this I heard that one of the Bureau of Immigration (BI) officials who coddled notorious fugitive Wang Bo is being groomed by Malacañang to replace the straight-going Commissioner Siegfred Mison?

This followed Justice Secretary Leila de Lima’s announcement of her resignation from her post prior to announcing her senatorial bid. The BI is an attached agency of the Department of Justice (DOJ).

Mison’s departure and the arrival of a gambling lord coddler commissioner may yet signal BI’s return to its old glory of corruption that rivals that of the Bureau of Customs.

So much for matuwid na daan program of good governance. Bad guys back, good guys out of BI.

The crook who will take over BI is said to be a rabid Liberal Party fund raiser, who will welcome back extortionists, fixers and human traffickers at BI.

“Happy days are here again,” ika nga. Merry X’mas!


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  1. naalala ko na one time umuwi ako sa pinas ng palabas na ako ng airport dala ko na yung mga bagahe ko at pasalubong may dadaanan ka doon na dalawang tao taga custom na magcheck kung ilang bagahe ang dala mo pati mga passport mo kung natatakan na kuno ng immigration then pag ka bigay sa yo ng passport mo sabay sabi “maam wala po ba kayo dyan kahit $10 man lang pambili ng meryenda” kung makahingi ng pera akala mo namumulot ka ng pera sa ibang bansa its way back 2005 pa di mo maiwasan matakot sa kanila dahil sila sila magkakasabwat di mo alam kung kanino ka lalapit na humingi ng tulong this the big problem ng pinas kaya na wonder kung one day wala ng turista pupunta dito dahil ang tingin nila sa mga pumapasok sa airport galing ng ibang bansa marami pera nakakahiya dahil karamihan na ba sa mga pinoy ngayon lalo na sa government “patay gutom sa pera”

  2. It is getting to the point where the scams in the Philippines affect foreigners both leaving and arriving, and in a world where news is instantly spread through social media and people check it before they plan their travels, the Philippines will be affected if it doesn’t come out publicly with a concrete plan to deal with these corrupt officials. It’s like they believe screwing up someone’s life is like pasalubong. They should be instantly dismissed and prevented from ever having a job in any position involving the public every again. And have any pension terminated. I have friends who refuse to visit the Philippines because of what they have heard. And their answer….why should I put myself under that kind of threat when there are plenty of islands on this planet that cost less to get to and are stress free and unpolluted! Sorry but it seems the opinions held by those in the tourism department are not listening to the world out there and still believe it is ‘more fun in the Philippines’….as long as you aren’t a foreign tourist! Many things to fix and the point of arrival is where to start.

  3. If and whenever the yellow communication group spokesman Sonny Coloma, presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda and deputy spokeswoman Abigail Valte speaks in their Malacañang Palace organized pres-cons, they all started their defences with, “The Palace is not affected by the allegations of corruption;….it is just a rumor;….no strong evidence;…they are only doing they jobs;…and many other WTF etceteras of yellow lies and denials.

  4. Sabi no Mr Coloma, isolated case daw yang laglag bala.Papaanong magiging isolated case ito, eh ilang beses ng nangyari sa NAIA at ngayon isa pang Christian Missionary ang naging biktima. Sa nangyaring ito, hindi nakapagtataka kung iisipin ng mga dayuhan na sagad na sa dami ng mga mandurugas ang ating bansa.

  5. Some government agencies are good but for some reason, the Dot mmda employees are prone to corruption. This is a management problem that is whr companies pay managers big salaries. The biggest solution to punish corrupt govt emploees is to terminate their services and remove their pensions. Only one proven offense, terminate. That is the main reason that US govt employees are so scared to do bad things because they will lose their job and their pension in only one proven offense. If it works there, try it here.

  6. since 2008 sa experience ko nangyayari na yan na nangangapkap sila ng pera at pag may nakita sila ay sasabihin iwan na yan at hindi naman magagamit sa ibang bansa yan..

    hINDI LANG 2008, NUONG 1972 PA!

  7. Itong mga taong ito ang nagpapasama sa imahe ng Pilipinas. Tapos yun mga nakaupo sa mataas na puesto sa gobyerno natin walang gingagawa…Kotong Pa More!

  8. NAIA 2 personnel are notorious in their rackets. Big and small things they have no respect. Arriving from Bangkok last Monday night Sept. 21,2015 at 10pm, my tag name was detached from my Suitcase. It may look simple but wala na ba silang respect on whatever things they get fancy on it.
    One time travel also my swiss knife was taken out from my Suitcase.
    When will we ever be honest and sincere with our work?

  9. Asa pa kayo? Ang mga lahi ng taga Malacanang ang impluwensiya ng lahat ng kapalpakan at nakawan sa gobyerno natin…ang tanging maaasahan sa mga opisyal ng gobyerno ay sina: ALCALA, VIRGINIA TORRES, PUNO, TOLENTINO, ABAYA, LLAMAS, former PNP Chief PURISIMA, ROXAS, NOYNOY, SOLIMAN, LACIERDA…kapag ito ang namuno sa bansang Pinas tiyak! Tiyak! Tiyak! Alam nyo na, di ba? Kailangan pa bang sabihin? TSAGANGGGGGGGGGGG, Boooooommmmm! Sabog tayo…ha ha ha! Makakapal ang mga mukha! Sobra, oo nga pala, isama nyo na si Drilon na napakabait na tao…ha ha ha, bwahahahahahaha!

  10. NAIA was rated the dirtiest airport with smelly toilets now its also crime ridden airport in the world. so this is what they say lts more fun in the Philippines. lollllllllll

    • Management problem. If you have good managers, things will be clean. Do not blame employees, they are just following orders, if boss is lazy, employees are also lazy.

  11. It’s plain and simple… the manner and conduct of Abaya’s leadership is a reflection of his office. So, if his subordinates are “Extortionists” so as he.

    • Abaya is the head of the money making liberal party. He is untouchable. Imagine Bitangcol was terminated, Abaya was not terminated. He should have been the first being Dept. Of Transportation head. He signed the MRT maintenance contract and he did not even check that one of the officer of that company is a relative of Bitangcol. This is a multi million pesos contract and he did not check. This is a clear mismanagement action on his part. These are the employees that destroy Pres. Aquino image. Last word… shame on you Mr Bitangcol, the corruption is very clear and you have the nerve to be interviewed by ABS and lied and lied. I am ashame that you and i graduated in the same school. We were not taught to be corrupt. We were taught to be good honest leaders. You have destroyed the good name of our university. Please do not mention were you graduated.