NAIA worker returns P120K


An airport worker on Friday returned a pouch containing cash and valuable items owned by a Chinese tourist.

Jose Angel Honrado, general manager of Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA), on the same day lauded pushcart retriever Porferio Lavado Jr., who had found the cash in various currencies, in-cluding Chinese yuan, Hong Kong dollar and Philippine peso, amounting to P120,000 at the arrival ex-tension of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 1.

Aside from the cash, the pouch also contained 20 assorted ATM and credit cards.

Lavado, when interviewed, said he immediately sought the assistance of airport police officer Pablito Seno before bringing the cash and other items to the NAIA’s intelligence and investigation authorities for proper identification of their rightful owner.

The passenger, who was later identified as Xiren Wu, was able to retrieve his belongings after he heard his name being blared out through the airport’s public address system.

Wu was very thankful to Lavado and even gave the worker P10,000.

“Honesty at work is surely being the norm at the airport. MIAA has diligent employees such as Lavado and Seno to thank for continuously upholding such commendable standard of service,” Honrado said in a statement.

He added that other employees will be recognized for their honesty in a program next month.


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  1. vagoneto rieles on

    Vice-President Binay, Ex-Mayor, Dr. Elenita Binay, Mayor Jejomar Junjun Binay… are you paying attention? You might learn something from this humble airport worker.