• The naked truth in UP and Quiapo


    ONE cannot praise nonagenarian F. Sionil Jose (FSJ) enough. I am a fan. But, I cannot see why every chance he gets he would bash Cory. He again, in the Star, last Sunday, characterized her as “unable to understand [Edsa ‘86, and] turned it [into]a restoration of the oligarchy that Marcos had emasculated.”

    I credit her, who was at Edsa for close to 14 years, and many others, for restoring democracy. I wonder what FSJ did to help restore it. I never heard of him during the dark years using his mighty pen for democracy and human rights. Very articulate, unlike Justice Potter Stewart, who conceded that he could not intelligibly define obscenity, and sighed: “But I know it when I see it.”

    Year after year, there’s an Oblation Run in Diliman. Fratmen wearing nothing but smiles run in UP. No one dare prosecute Ang Mga Anak ng Diyos, who reportedly make young women shriek in orgasmic rapture serene. If we in San Beda start our own Oblation Run, in birthday suits, there probably would be arrests and prosecution of Bedans, being children of a lesser god.

    I am more concerned though for the arrested young naked dancers in Manila doing it for a living. If we won’t prosecute the Oblation runners in their birthday suits, why go after the girls who are following the first law of mankind: survival? APO – mga Apo ng Diyos. The dancers – mga apo of a lesser god? Where’s equal protection?

    An emailer wrote, blaming Jojobama, maybe unfairly: “It was obviously Jojo Binay who was speaking through his naked Alpha Phi Omega (APO) brods at the annual Oblation Run, APO’s only claim to fame. Their call for the rule of law is obviously a dig at the Senate sub-committee investigating their brod Jojo for corruption as well as what Binay’s camp consider to be the `railroading’ by the PNoy administration of the plunder cases versus UNA stalwarts. APO has again revealed itself as a good for nothing fraternity.”

    In Manila a “resto-bar raided for staging nude shows; 18 arrested,” said another report. Triggering this email: “So what’s the difference between the 12 young female models who dance their way in the nude to feed their families and the APO frat members who run in the nude, against corruption daw and watched by shrieking young female students right at the UP campus, a govt property? Why only the women were arrested? Aren’t both acts violations of Article 201 of the Revised Penal Code (immoral doctrines, obscene publications and exhibitions and indecent shows)? Is UP Administration, by allowing it, complicit? “

    It seemed an anonymous text message to Manila police had reported that live nude shows were taking place inside a resto-bar in Sta. Cruz . . . called Bahay Kubo (Nipa Hut) early Thursday [last week], police said. The text, which complained about live nude shows and alleged prostitution inside a restaurant-bar. . . was sent to an officer of the Plaza Miranda precinct on Dec. 10, said the precinct commander, who immediately went to the establishment. . . . There, he saw female dancers performing naked on stage. After gathering photographic evidence, the officers raided the establishment and arrested the dancers and staff.

    The dancers would be charged with violating Article 201 of the Revised Penal Code on obscenity.

    What about the 40 naked APO members streaking around Palma Hall of UP, during the annual “Oblation Run”?

    The frat even called for the upholding of the “rule of law” in light of corruption scandals such as the pork barrel scam. “We, the men of APO, denounce the constant defilement of the country’s rule of law. Perpetrated even by the people to whom we entrust the execution of law, these violations have detained Filipinos in fear and doubt, not only of transgressors of law, but not of its enforcers. . . . [T]his year’s Ritual Dance of the Brave [-SusMariano!] carries with it the call for accountability and sustained actions on the part of those in power to respect the rule of law. Ours is a republic built upon laws. It can only be strong as our collective ability to respect, abide by and defend those laws,”

    Fine, but why do it naked? Making women shriek, not think. Ang lalakas ng loob. Ang kakapal ng mukha? Ang tapang ng APOg?

    Even more obscene, from where I sit, is what the House is not doing with Rep. Manny Pacquiao, said to fight Floyd Mayweather on May 2, 2015. Millions may enjoy seeing the two hurt, even knock out, the other. Manny’s human and constitutional right. But he should stop knocking and degrading the House. He should resign now and focus on the manly art of modified murder on the installment plan. Else, he should be suspended and eventually expelled.

    He has also toyed with the materialistic PBA, as a rookie at 36, who led Kia to elimination by stealing a slot for someone younger, hungrier, better and qualified. The NBA respects the fan, and won’t take in Floyd as a member say of the Detroit Pistons at 37. The PBA is awed by Manny’s billions. He may be our No. 1 Senator in 2016, as the voter sees his wealth, not his indolence as Cong.

    Josme naman, Jojobama. In 2022, the whole enchilada, the presidency? Well, Manny should retire or be expelled now for defiling the House of Congressmen Enchong Sumulong, Turing Tolentino, Jovy Salonga, Nep Gonzalez, Co., four Rizalians and bar topnotchers, who did the House proud. Di mga pinabili lang na suka. Savvy Cong. Amang Rodriguez of Rizal also served well in the House, even with his fractured English (“May sunog? Call the bombers.”)

    Last Tuesday, after dealing with an agrarian dispute in Malolos, I finally was able to visit the church in Barasoain; moving, if we do not remember the past, we’d be condemned to repeat it. But, we need to be circumspect and selective.

    Manny should be commended for budgeting millions for a church. Tim Tebow of the US National Football League also deserves kudos for his Davao hospital to be inaugurated early next year. Like me, he was born on August 14, in his case, 1987, in Makati; sadly, he is now the target of Internet rumors on a tryst with a prostitute. Was Magdalene? But, she repented of it, and was saved.

    Merry Christmas.


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    1. I salute you Rene Saguisag, at least mayroon isang katulad mo na columnist na objective sa mga pinagsasabi mo sa MT. Ang iba kasi diyan sa MT ay masyadong halata na pro-Binay tulad nina Makabenta at Tiglao na masyadong obvious na kinakampihan ang mga maling ginagawa ng mga Binay . Magkano kaya ang bayad ni Binay kay Tiglao at Makabenta. Pray to save the Philippines from the Binays.

    2. Thanks Rene for bringing this issue, though I may not be that concerned about the oblation run. What annoys me is the interviews on whom I suppose were APO leaders, openly declaring the same line of Binay, “leave that to the OMB & the courts”. Sen. Peter was right in pointing out that without the participation of media most of the celebrated cases went in favor of the one who holds the treasure. With so many corrupt justices, prosecutors and paid witnesses, the balance is always tilted in favored of the rich. And this is the only option left for Binay. He cannot face a direct investigation. He has no defense except delay and use of money on his favor. Shame on these APO leaders, woe to this frat and all frats who favors affiliation over truth and justice. May you group go down and disappear.

    3. People who run out of arguments always resort to name calling. If pointing out that Cory restored the oligarchy is obscene, what do you call the restoration itself?