• Namfrel to help audit 2016 votes manually


    SAYING it wanted 100 percent accuracy, the Commission on Elections (Comelec) on Thursday said it would conduct a more comprehensive random manual audit (RMA) of votes in the May 2016 polls with the help of the National Movement for Free Elections (Namfrel).

    The RMA is meant to determine if the vote counting machines (VCMs) supplied by election provider Smartmatic Corp. are counting the votes correctly, according to Commissioner Luie Tito Guia, chairman, RMA Committee.

    The Comelec, Guia said, has accredited Namfrel as the lead election citizens arm of the commission to do the RMA.

    The poll body, he added, has more than tripled the number of clustered precincts that would undergo manual audit to 715 from only 234 in the 2013 elections.

    “Before, it was one precinct per legislative district, now we’re going to have at least one precinct per legislative district and there can be more in proportion to the number of clustered precincts. So you would have legislative districts with two or three or even four precincts, the [election]results of which would be audited,” Guia said.

    The random audit, he pointed out, is very important because “it will assure the public that the [vote counting]machines will count the votes correctly.”

    Guia said the random audit would entail the manual reading of ballots that pass through the VCMs to ensure that what has been read is exactly what is written on the ballots.

    He added that the increase in the number of VCMs that would be manually audited resulted from a recommendation of Namfrel and the Philippine Statistics Authority, among others.

    “What is important is the randomness of the selection. Of course the more the precincts, the lower the margin of error,” Guia said.

    He added, “We were told that having about 700 precincts for audit is already enough to represent the entire population, 92,000 precincts.”


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    1. We dont need NAMFREL.. ito ang nandaya nuong snap election, Hindi pa tapos ang bilangan nagdeclared na sila na nanalo si corykong… kaya we dont need namfrel. Mandadaya uli ito…. It was conception who is the chairman of this namfrel. Concepcion became the Secratary of Chamber of Commerce na siyang nagpayaman sa kanya the time of Corykong.. This is very clear…connivance of this yellow noytard regime..

    2. Bonifacio Bangayan Claudio on

      Bautista approved disabling the “voter’s receipt”. So much so that manual random audit by Namfrel would read the “unreceipted” ballots !!! Bautista is wrigling heaven and earth to justify his having disabled the “securities” for transparency & reliability of the election machines in the reading and counting of votes. To borrow the words of one critic “KASADO NA ANG DAYAAN SA HALALAN MAY 2016 !!!

    3. well informed pinoy on

      The COMELEC announced this new gig, by reassuring the public that it wanted a 100% accuracy by conducting a more comprehensive random manual audit (RMA) of votes in May 2016 polls with the help of NAMFREL.

      People like myself, can easily misguided by some of the statements and will say that this additional safeguard the COMELEC implemented will give assurance that votes will be manually audited after it passed through VCM.

      In reality, They will be selecting and manually auditing RANDOMLY. They will be doing this task in a “random” manner. This means, a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Patikim tikim lang po! and out of 92,000 precincts, only 700 precincts will be selected for random testing. In other words, only about 7.6 % of the total precincts will have a “random” reading of ballots, and they claimed it is already enough to represent the entire population. This is amazing, but I, personally, not amazed at all.

    4. ernie del rosario on

      The number of precincts to be RMAed is another guesswork again just in the 2010 and 2013 (which is devoid of the correct mathematical/statistical basis) even it if is increased to more than 715. Comelec MUST use the Risk-limiting post election audit method (or formula) to make sure that the number of samples required is enough to meet a certain confidence level (normally 95% or maybe even 99%). The other parameter or variable needed to estimate correctly the number of samples or in technical terms, audit units using the risk-limiting formula is the initial margin (or an estimate of it) between the just winning candidate and the just losing candidate (the top two in short). Otherwise the RMA results cannot stand the rigor of scientific review or verification. Also, you cannot use just ONE sample size for all races for there are different statistical “universes” (domain being sampled). These are the national races (nationwide races = 1 universe), the gubernatorial (provincial races = 81 universes) and the city/municipal races (city/town = @ 1,500 universes). Otherwise the correctness of the RMA results will be indefensible in the context of statistical soundness because for some races the number of samples are over-estimated (which is OK but wasteful of resources) while some may be short of the number of samples needed (which will have a low confidence level) which end up in inconclusive outcomes.

    5. Makiki alam na naman ang NAMFREL? Diba ito yung hindi tumapos ng pagbilang at nag walk out noong 1986? Hindi tio magpagkakatiwalaan.