• Nancy trains guns at COA


    FRESH from her attacks on some of her fellow senators over the way they handled the blue ribbon committee hearing on the supposedly overpriced Makati City Hall 2 and Parking Building, Sen. Nancy Binay on Sunday trained her guns on the Commission on Audit (COA) that is currently conducting a special audit on the controversial structure.

    Binay especially set her sights on COA Commissioner Heidi Mendoza whom she described as a known adversary of their family.

    She, however, stressed that she sees nothing wrong with the conduct of special audit “as long as it is being done fairly and objectively.”

    The senator said Mendoza is an attack dog of their political enemies and was mainly responsible in filing a graft case against her mother, Dr. Elenita Binay, in her capacity as former mayor of Makati City (Metro Manila).

    The senator, in an interview aired over radio dzBB, declared that “she [Mendoza] is out to destroy my family.”

    She urged COA chief Grace Pulido-Tan to concentrate on investigating bigger cases such as the controversial Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) and the Priority Development Assistance fund (PDAF) releases made after 2010 instead of the Makati Parking Building.

    “I hope the interest given by COA Chair Tan in conducting a special audit on the Makati building will also be given to the conduct of the special audit for DAP and PDAF,” Binay said.

    She noted that it has already been more than a year since the probe on the PDAF or pork barrel scam and the expose on allegedly illegal releases of the Malampaya fund but until now COA has not given the public even a summary of its audit report covering the years 2010 to 2013.

    DAP beneficiary
    Tan, during a hearing on the 2014 General Appropriations Act (GAA) last year, admitted that the commission received P143.7 million from the DAP in 2012.

    She also admitted that she wrote the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) requesting funding for the upgrade of COA computers and the procurement of other equipment and services.

    Tan was responding to queries of Sen. Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada, who questioned the objectivity of COA in its audit on the propriety of the DAP.

    According to Estrada, COA cannot be objective in its audit on the DAP because the agency itself is a recipient and beneficiary of the controversial spending mechanism.

    According to Tan, part of the DAP money was used to buy service vehicles for the agency’s head and commissioners, while P68.3 million was used for the agency’s information technology (IT) infrastructure program.

    “I’m still hoping that COA will be fair on its special audit in Makati,” Binay said.

    Meanwhile, the senator also expressed belief that the ongoing Makati building probe could further bring down the ratings of the Senate, because of the perception that some senators are using the chamber for their personal interest.

    Binay said the people elected senators to help pursue needs of the majority, not serve the senators’ personal ambition.

    “I don’t know if the Senate can still get out of its current image, which is all about personal interest and ambition,” she added.


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    1. Rocky Coronel on

      There you are Nancy, showing us a preview of Jojo’s presidency. Between you and Heidi Mendoza, the public would believe Heidi because of her fierce and determined fight against corruption. Heidi has already made a lot of enemies, all of them corrupt and dishonest public officials. Now that you, Nancy opt to align with these corrupt people make us conclude the kind of character your family has.

    2. Joey Archangel on

      Senator Binay if you are clean nothing to worry, let the people know the truth, the way I see it you are paranoid, stop talking and let the people know the truth.

    3. Nancy Binay, you are not elected solely to protect the integrity of your family. Do your senatorial job. Perhaps, you are not qualified for the senatorial job. QUIT before you damage your reputation … Whatever it is. Your entire family has questionable reputations … NOT SO GOOD.

    4. “I don’t know if the Senate can still get out of its current image, which is all about personal interest and ambition,” she added.

      Binay family’s personal interest and ambition is shown by the Political Dynasty they have created. Political Dynasty is self serving and bad for the country. It deprive better qualified Filipinos to seek for elective position because this has been reserved for a family member, irrespective of qualification. Nancy Binay is a good example of unqualified family member being elected to a highly sensitive position through manipulation of the corrupted election system. Obviously, instead of doing her work as a senator, her efforts are being used to protect her corrupt family. What a waste!

    5. bobo-tante will decide hahahah the fate of the binay’s – u-lol
      gumising ka juan dela cruz!!!!!

      imelda – tongresswoman, imee gov’nor & bong senatong – hahahah u-lol
      gumising ka juan dela cruz huwag kang BOBO – ters.

    6. tacochoco dep on

      Nancy Binay train her gun to COA Auditor. That is against the Law. What will COA and the Police will do on this ? Scare because she is a Senator. She is trying to intimidate the Auditor by her gun.

    7. risalino mercader on

      how can we say they are fair kung ang coa itself ay namumulika you will not get a fair tratment besides bondging drillon and cohorts are againts binay so wake up binay

    8. The Binays will really take the heat from COA commisioners Grace Pulido Tan and Heidi Mendoza. Mendoza a third rate COA auditor then owed it to Pnoy by crying in the senate against the AFP generals which ended miserably in the Sandigan courts. I won’t be surprise if Heidi Mendoza will be impeached after Pnoy stepped down by being unreasonable or failure to passed a psychological test.

    9. Makati Mafia coming down.Iron Lady COA Chairman Pulido tan on the move.Sen. Binay ay parang nasa turo turo restaurant,turo sa Dap,turo sa pdaf,turo sa malampalataya,pero hindi turo sa overprice makati building.No reatreat Sen.Trillianes no let up,also sa dalawang matapang na attorney keep it going dont stop.

    10. You defense is out of line Nancy!!! Your family worms are out of the can…The best way to get them back is to present any reputable valuer, engineer or developer who will and can argue well with what Mr Cervo (? or Cuervo) stated that the value or cost per meter of the Bnay carpark building is only around 25,000 pesos instead of 84,000 that Atty accuser alleged thereby arriving at a bukol of 2 billion pesos against the people of Makati…

    11. Sen. Binay should shut her mouth and let the COA do their job. It appears the parking structure is too overprice.

    12. rene catalasan on

      Kung ang isang tao o isang pamilya na tulad nina Binay ay malinis ang konsensya ay wala silang dapat ikatakot sa anuman investigation na gagawin o kaya ginagawa sa kanila. On the contrary, they should be thankful for this ongoing Senate hearing.
      Common sense lang ito!

    13. Now having another Binay (Nancy) in the Senate proved the keen political foresight of VP Binay to have his daughter fielded as a Senatorial candidate in 2010 Election under UNA, like the a Estrada’s (Jinggoy) and Enrile ( Jackie) so that the can have a protector and defender in the a Senate whèn time like this arises! Now even VP Binay doesn’t appeár or show in the corruption hearing of which he and his don arei the subjects?! he would not budge an inch coz there is Nancy Binay to take the cudgels for them. What a brilliant political foresight coz VP Binay and his son, no matter what type of corrtion they commit there is a political family party who can defend them still all times. I call this as family conspiracies to commit graft and corruption with impunity coz there is álways someone to take the heat for them, a close member of the family at that! Who won’t betray them at all times! In same wave length and strategies are the Enrile’s and Estrada’s, who created family dynasty for protecting family interest. I am happy this expose of Binays corruptions are happening, also Estrada’s and Enrile’s shenanigans coming out to the fore. They must all end up in jail and end their political dynasties! Imagine, how could Nancy Binay qualify as Senator when she has no experience and educational competence. All the Binays’ from VP Binay, his wife Elinita, Jun Jun, Abigail and now Nanćy as accomplice after the fact, are all students and embraces corruption as a way of life! Bring down the BINAYS!

    14. Why are the Binays so defensive? If they have not done something wrong, let the investigation run its course and have the last laugh after evrything has been proven. Have they not realized that it is for their benefit if nothing comes out of the investigation? They can continue their dynasty because the more people will realize that their clan deserved the people’s trust.

    15. When someone in the legislathief branch is in a bind, they immediately invoke “fair play.” The Binay’s have been displaying their wealth so openly that it is their fault when the Coa or BIR for that matter will look into how and where they got so much wealth by being Mayor, Vice-Mayor, Countcilor or barangay captain in Makati.

    16. You can only destroy a family if they are weak morally, emotionally unstable and if they have something to hide. If the Binay family has nothing to hide this audit should be a welcome undertaking to really show that they are deserving of trust from the people. On the other hand the audit should fair and quick and not let it drag on.

      • Sama ako ng sampu dyan Pete. Sabi nga ng matatanda ” Kung may Usok, may Sunog “. Wala naman papatayin Sunog kung wala naman USOK, di ba Nancy? Bakit kayo matatakot sa audit KUNG WALA NAMAN KAYONG TINATAGO, Di ba Pete?

    17. The Binay family has nothing to worry, no matter who the auditor will be, if you are transparent and nothing to hide, but if you have something to hide obviously you become paranoid. Try to do your job well for the people who elected you instead of worrying about and trying to preempt what Ms. H. Mendoza will find in her audit. What have really done for the country lately? that is the question you should ask yourself, instead.