• Napeñas: Purisima meddling imperilled SAF commandos


    THE “advice” of resigned Philippine National Police chief Alan Purisima to keep PNP Officer-in-Charge Leonardo Espina and Armed Forces chief Gregorio Catapang Jr. out of the loop in the Mamasapano operation put the police forces in danger, suspended Special Action Force (SAF) chief Getulio Napeñas said on Wednesday.

    Under intense quizzing from former military chief Rodolfo Biazon, Napeñas admitted that he usurped authority by following Purisima’s order not to inform Espina and Catapang about the covert operation.

    “In a meeting, there were four of us, facing each other. The President was there. We talked about coordination but when we got out, General Purisima and the President remained inside and talked. General Purisima then said to me, ‘Ako na bahala kay Gen. Catapang [I’ll take care of Gen. Catapang].’ Due to his closeness to the President, those words put us in a volatile and bad situation,” Napeñas said.

    The sacked SAF chief was one of the resource persons invited by the House committees on public order and safety and on peace, reconciliation and unity.

    Napeñas was referring to a meeting in Bahay Pangarap on January 9, 2015, wherein he presented to President Benigno Aquino 3rd a plan to capture Marwan.

    Purisima was suspended by Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales on December 4, 2014.

    Napeñas’ revelation incensed Biazon, who said Napenas defied authorities and betrayed his superior–Espina.

    Bakit ka naniwala eh advice lang ‘yun [Why did you obey him when what he said was only an advice]? You are mandated to immediately report to him since he is your direct superior. You violated the chain of command. He should be the one giving orders to you. You disregarded your superior,” Biazon said.

    But Purisima insisted that he did nothing wrong when he continued to be involved in the Mamasapano (Maguindanao) mission despite his suspension.

    He said the chain of command is a military concept that cannot be strictly applied to the PNP. He claimed that existing laws provide that command and control of the PNP are vested in the PNP chief, and that means direct control of tactical and strategic movements and deployment and utilization of any unit or personnel, as well as equipment, facilities and other resources.

    “The PNP command chain was not broken at any time during the mission. The force commander, in this case the SAF chief, executed a delegated power. This [execution of delegated power]is not affected by my preventive suspension,” Purisima added.


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    1. Alfonso Dubouzet on

      Why was Espina not included in the update at Malacanan? Purisima made it appear that his advise was already in the plan and it was only a reminder not include Espina and Roxas. It was really no longer an advise when Purisima owned the responsibility of informing the chief of AFP. It was a directive delegation of responsibility. O ito sa iyo,(dont tell Espina and Roxas) ito naman sa akin (Akong bahala kay Gen. Catapang). When delegating a task to a subordinate, that constitute an order.

    2. This is sheer BULLSHIT of Biazon. He is helping diver atention and blame from Aquino the BULLSHIT commander-in-chief. Napenas like a good soldier always followed his commander-in-chief who was always asking Purisima abut the operation from the time it began. Just 2 weeks before Napenas actually carried out Operation Exodus it was Purisima (even if he was already suspeneded) who was telling him (Napenas) to give updates to the BULLSHIT commander-in-chief. This happened twice and the last one was on January 9 when Purisima said Don’t tell the two (Roxas and OIC CPNP Espina and ako (Purisima) ang bahala kay Caapang. If Biazon were in Napenas’ shoes would he have gone against the order/advice of Aquno’s chosen pointman? I surely don’t think so!!!!

      Biazon knows about covert operations in the PNP and military. He is serving the campaign of the pro-Aquino BULLSHITTERS to make it appear that all the problem came from Napenas for violating the chain of command, which he (Napenas) did not do–his information-responsibility per the tactical plan was to tell various people at TOT.

      BULLSHIT Biazon!