• Napocor to further energize Tawi-Tawi


    The state-owned National Power Corp. (Napocor) granted seven more generating sets to six small islands of Tawi-Tawi province to increase its operation from eight to 16 hours.

    Napocor President Ma. Gladys Cruz-Sta. Rita said the new gensets will benefit 4,657 households in the islands of Mapun, Manuk Mangkaw, Tandubanak, Sitangkay, Sibutu and Tandubas. West Simunul Diesel Power Plant, which serves 835 households, will also increase its operation from eight to 16 hours.

    She added that the additional gensets with 1.5 MW-capacity will enable the town of Bongao to meet its growing demand and improve reliability.

    Sta. Rita was in Bongao recently for a dialogue with the local government, representatives of Tawi-Tawi Electric Cooperative (TAWELCO) and some stakeholders.

    Though Napocor is able to sustain its 24-hour operation in Bongao, there are still incidents of brownouts traced to distribution line faults caused by trees planted near them and the refusal of some residents to trim them.

    “We at Napocor do our best to generate enough power to the island and so we are calling on the consumers and TAWELCO to protect the distribution lines. It is a shared responsibility towards a reliable power for the thousands of households here, we generate power and the electric cooperative sustains the distribution,” Sta. Rita said.

    Meanwhile, Napocor is set to deliver a gensets in Sacol Island, Zamboanga City, as it plans to expand operations in the city through building new power facilities in five small islands.

    In Sulu, Napocor will also be delivering two gensets with a total capacity of 240 kW in its Luuk Diesel Power Plant. The power plant services 3,783 households. A new power facility will likewise rise in Pangutaran Island.


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