Napolcom: Inefficient and most corrupt agency?


The Philippine National Police (PNP) was absolutely right in blaming the National Police Commission (Napolcom) on Friday over its snail paced action in terminating two police officers, accused in a robbery-holdup incident in 2012.

The policemen were also involved two weeks ago in another robbery-holdup incident in San Juan that went viral after a netizen caught the crime in his camera and posted it on social media.

PNP Spokesperson C/Supt. Reuben Sindac said SPO1 Ramil Hachero and PO2 Jonathan Rodriguez should have been out of the service in 2012 if only the Napolcom did its job.

The PNP leadership back then recommended the two policemen dismissed from the service on administrative charges for extorting money from a civilian in 2012.

The Napolcom, created to administer the PNP entrance exam, conduct pre-charge investigation on erring cops, and the dismissal of rogue policemen, has failed to do its job these days due to widespread corruption within the said agency.

An official of the PNP, who asked not to be identified, claims police applicants these days do not have to worry if they fail the test given by the Napolcom so long as they have the money, they will still be recruited in the force.

While erring policemen recommended for dismissal by their superiors to Napolcom for major offenses, such as absence without leave insubordination, robbery, extortion, and grave abuse of authority, more often than not, get reinstated in the service after allegedly paying off members of the appellate board of the agency, said my source.

A Filipino-Chinese businessman, who happens to be my friend, fell victim too to robbery of two Quezon City cops in 2005. Despite an order for their dismissal by the PNP top brass back then, and strong pieces of evidence against the said policemen, the Napolcom ordered them reinstated back in service with full benefits and back pay three years later.

My friend’s ordeal was very much like the recent robbery hold-up incident in Edsa. Six cops in plainclothes aboard four unmarked vehicles waylaid his car near the La Loma police station.

However, instead of stopping, my jeweler friend and his brother sped off to the police station to ask for assistance, hoping the armed men would no longer chase them and leave them alone.

But to their dismay, the group followed them to the La Loma Police Station, and two of the armed men alighted from their car and identified themselves as SPO4 Celso Jeresano and PO3 Isias Merced, assigned at the Quezon City Police Headquarters.

The stupid La Loma cops, upon learning that the armed men are police officers too, left the two businessmen in the hands of Jeresano and Merced.

The rogue cops immediately ransacked their car and took off more than P10 million worth of jewelry from my friend claiming they were confiscating it as part of evidence on a robbery case.

The victims reported the matter to then PNP-NCR Chief Gen. Vidal Querol, who immediately had the two cops suspended, and later on dismissed from the service.

However, three years later, my friend was so surprised and got a scare of his life upon learning that the two cops were able to return to work compliments of the Napolcom Appellate Board, who dismissed the cases against them.

Fortunately, former Interior Sec. Jesse Robredo, who was also the chairman of Napolcom, upon learning of the said incident, directed the agency to have Jeresano and Merced dismissed from the service without any more appeals.

So, if you become victims of police abuses or corruption . . . you have a better chance of having these erring cops dismissed by the Ombudsman rather than by the Napolcom.

The Napolcom has become the protector of rogue cops . . . so it seems.


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  1. $$$$$ lang.What is our DILG SEC doing? PNP chief was also implicated over d “25m Crame Mansion”If d boss is “equally corrupt and inefficient” what can we expect from his subordinates! “birds of d same feather flock together”..

    Btw lets keep on exposing any anomalies in govt agencies/departments.Mr.Edwin Tulfo has been doing that for umpteenth years(but no punitive action taken in most cases) and he has d guts unlike others.Cheers!

  2. pnp is the biggest crime syndicate in the philippines today. armed, financed and protected by our taxes. send in the marines.

  3. Saturn kay da Valdez parepareho lng sila Napolcom at yang sa mga namununo ng PNP mag kakakutsaba..ring telephone si General Ito may problema yong bata ko bahala ka na sa kanya, gawan mo yan ng paraan..”pardrino system” padin sng umiiral yan ang norm ng ating kapulisan kaya bulok.. O kaya may dalang resita galing kay C, PNP, tongressman, bahala ka na dyan sa bata ko, mabait yan! Tama mabait yan na maglagay..

  4. All of this is the norm. Its how it has always been so to get it changed is very difficult. Cops for ever in this country have been corrupt. Everyone knows if you are stopped for any offence just give the cop P100, or P200 pesos & he will let you go & nothing will happen. Now thats just at the lowest grass roots so obviously there is greater corruption where more money is involved. They need to be caught & the corrupt officials in napolcom also need to be caught & jailed. But it will take years to get corruption right down as its in the very fabric of society & everyone knows & accepts it. The normal guy going about his business who as per usual drives like an idiot in this country when he gets caught would rather pay P200 to a bent cop than P2,000 in court plus a day off work to attend court. I know friends of mine with their wives with them in the car when stopped for doing nothing wrong have paid money for the policeman to let them off, i would rather go to court & argue my case in court & i would urge everyone to get an on board cam to film events then when in court show the lying policeman & he hopefully will be charged for corruption.

  5. I do not believe we have rogue cops. I believe that the criminal cops are organized. What we have is the PNP completely taken over by organized crime.

    • Incredible taking over of the police organization by police mafia. Needs investigation and clearance of individual members of the police force from top to bottom. All must have a new security and moral clearance.

  6. Your right. You open a pandoras box full of worms that actually eroding the police force. The one needed for a “lifestyle check” are the officers of this corrupt entity from a certain Escueta. This guy leads the pack of wolves in sheep’s clothing since he was appointed by Gloria Arroyo. Please look into this matter as destroys the credibility of an Institution where majority are decent and hardworking government servants–PNP.