Napoles clams up at probe


(By Jefferson Antiporda, Jhoanna Ballaran AND Robertzon F. Ramirez, Headline, November 8, 2013)
To end pork barrel, vote buying and political dynasties, three optins must be considered by Filipinos. Reduce vote buying and political dynasty by 95% in the next election or two other elections. If vote buying and political dynasties are reduced by 95%, the PH will have elected candidates who are practically broke, who won their seats bcuz voters believed they can be trusted as they ran an honest campaign without the benefit of vote buying or political dynasty. Second, People’s Initiative sounds good but difficult to accomplish. Five million signatures are required and 3% of that must be registered voters in every legislative district. Third,the military (AFP) will be involved in exerting its own force as the ultimate protector of the people by allowing EDSA III if the people will stage one more People Power Revolution. Will it be door number 1, 2, or 3? My chose is door number 2.

Steve R,


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