• Napoles dared to spill beans on ‘pork’


    Senate Majority Floor Leader Allan Peter Cayetano and jueteng accuser Sandra Cam on Friday said that Janet Lim-Napoles should tell all the untold stories of the P10-billion pork barrel scam including those people behind it.

    Cayetano, guest speaker at the University of the Philippines conference at the 5th Rippes International Meeting on Social Solidarity Economy, said Napoles “will not have a peace of mind unless she comes out to reveal all her cohorts.

    “Her religious advisers should advice her to tell all. No matter who gets struck,” Cayetano said.

    Cam on the other end at the Balitaan sa Hotel Rembrandt challenged Napoles:

    “This is her time to tell the untold stories on pork barrel. She should be brave enough to reveal who are the personalities behind the scam especially those government officials pretending they knew nothing.”

    Cam, a self-confessed bagwoman of jueteng operators in Masbate who in turn linked then Rep. Mikey Arroyo of Pampanga as one of the recipients of jueteng money sometime in 2005, also came into the open to tell all about jueteng.

    She even pointed to Rene Manlaque, now the Candaba, Pampanga mayor who was the bagman of Arroyo who allegedly collects protection money from jueteng operations.

    She said that Napoles should not listen to some people who wanted to keep her mouth shut using her constitutional rights that anything she says may incriminate her because the case is already filed before the Office of the Ombudsman.

    Cayetano for his part also said that the “threat of contempt of court should not hold fear for Napoles.”

    “It’s likely that she may want to be incarcerated in the Senate,” the senator added.

    “Senate is the proper venue to reveal the truth. Do not be cowed by some people who wanted to silence her. This investigation is open to the public and media is closely monitoring everything,” Cam pointed out.

    She said the Senate investigation could end speculation and debunk self-serving statements that some people have made in connection with the issue she is entangled.

    Cam clarified that she does not know Napoles but in her own initiative after making research and asking some people close to her, she found out that Napoles was very visible in big occasions of known politicians and government officials.

    “Pictures of Napoles posing with celebrities and politicians were published in newspapers and other media outfits. The picture speaks thousands of words. They cannot deny that they did not know Miss Napoles since the photos were taken on several occasions,” Cam stressed.

    Cayetano, meanwhile, is also confident that the Senate investigation either on Napoles or the Malapaya fund will be tackled before the end of the year.

    “But this has to cover only the year of 2007 to 2010 and on Napoles’s NGOs [non-government organizations]. But other NGOs also operated on that time and even after 2010. We will soon look after them next year,” Cayetano said.

    For Cam, Napoles should not hesitate to “spill the beans” because simply denying her involvement in anomalies will only give dirty politicians and government officials more strength to continue wrongdoings.

    “Do not waste the opportunity. This is the time to reveal what the people should know and at the same time will lighten her burden,” Cam stressed.

    Jing Villamente


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