Napoles discharged from OsMak


Janet Lim-Napoles left the Ospital ng Makati (OsMak) late Thursday night after a Makati City court ordered her immediate return to her detention quarters at Fort Santo Domingo in Santa Rosa, Laguna.

Napoles was strong enough to walk from the hospital entrance to the van that took her to the detention facility.

There were initial reports that the main respondent in the multi-million pork barrel scam case had left the hospital earlier without the media knowing it. Her lawyer, Bruce Rivera, had said the transfer back to Fort Santo Domingo was deliberately kept under wraps for “security reasons.”

“Maraming kalaban (Too many enemies),” Rivera explained, an apparent reference to the people Napoles had implicated in the scam.

But the Philippine National Police confirmed that Napoles was still in the hospital, and that she would be transferred to her detention facility later in the night.
She left the hospital under heavy police escort at 9:37 p.m.

On Thursday morning, OsMak officials presented the discharge order for Napoles and a progress report on her medical condition to the Makati Regional Trial Court, and the court ruled that the order “must be implemented immediately.”

Napoles stayed for more than month at the hospital following surgery to remove a tumor in her uterus on April 23. Her stay at OsMak has been prolonged after attending doctors said she had vaginal bleeding and it was too risky for her to be transferred back to Fort Santo Domingo.

The discharge order and progress report indicated that the bleeding had subsided enough for Napoles to be discharged.

Dr. Perry Peralta, OsMak director, said the latest report on Napoles’ condition, covering May 26 to 28, was prepared by Dr. Florentina A. Villanueva, the hospital’s medical team leader.

The report said Villanueva visited Napoles at 2 p.m. last Monday to check on her
bleeding and how she responded to her medication.

Napoles said “konti na lang ang bleeding [the bleeding was minimal].” On Tuesday, Napoles told Villanueva that she has not worn a pad since morning.

On Wednesday at 4 p.m., Napoles was lying in bed, reading a newspaper, “in a sad mood and crying,” Villanueva reported.

“She said nobody wanted to believe her and that everyone was making fun of her and making her life a circus,” the doctor said.

Doctors Elsie Badillo-Pascua and Efren Domingo instructed Villanueva to order Napoles’ discharge after she updated them by phone on Wednesday.

The doctors recommended that Napoles have a follow-up examination with a private endocrinologist and cardiologist.

They prescribed aftercare instructions such as “Mrs. Napoles must have a regular guard, preferably a nurse, at all times,” the report said.

The patient must also be stress-free and must not lift anything heavier than five kilos.
Villanueva and the attending physicians are confident that the bleeding will not occur again if Napoles complies with the aftercare prescriptions.

“She [Napoles] must be kept in bed most of the time with toilet privileges for at least one month,” she said.


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