‘Napoles hid wealth before asset freeze’

Janet Lim-Napoles, suspected mastermind of the pork barrel scam, having her blood pressure checked at the Philippine National Police General Hospital in Camp Crame last month. PNP PHOTO

Janet Lim-Napoles, suspected mastermind of the pork barrel scam, having her blood pressure checked at the Philippine National Police General Hospital in Camp Crame last month. PNP PHOTO

PORK barrel scam central figure Janet Lim-Napoles and her co-accused made withdrawals from their bank deposits before the Court of Appeals issued a freeze order on their assets and a Manila court launched forfeiture proceedings.

A 20-page forfeiture order from the Manila Regional Trial Court (RTC), a copy of which The Manila Times obtained, indicated that Napoles retained a much smaller amount in her accounts than the P10 billion she is said to have amassed from questionable pork barrel transactions.

The figures were submitted by the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) to the court, which issued the Provisional Asset Preservation Order (PAPO) covering the bank accounts and properties of the personalities implicated in the scheme.

The government is pushing the forfeiture of assets of Napoles and her family, Benhur Luy, Ruby Chan Tuason, Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) Chairwoman Zenaida Ducut and several others.

The AMLC said Napoles kept 11 bank accounts. Seven of them are under her name and the rest are joint accounts.

A total of $542,442 remains in the account bearing Napoles’ name, while the peso account under her name shows a balance of P1,307,705.

Covered by the forfeiture proceedings are Metrobank Card Corp Account No. 5218-2285-0101-5030 with P49,992.04 and Metrobank Account No. 7035533458 with P99,478.97.

Napoles had four dollar accounts in Sun Life of Canada Philippines Inc. with balances of $6,459.63, $6,459.63, $6,459.63 and $6,423.52. She had $501.39 in a Metrobank account.

In her joint accounts, the biggest amount is P1,007,908.36, in the account of Janet Lim Napoles TITF Magdalena Luy Lim Charity Foundation in the Service of Divine Mercy Inc. in Metrobank.

Napoles and her daughter Jo Christine also had a joint dollar account of $516,141.67 in Metrobank.

The biggest account of the Napoles family was with her children under Insular Life Assurance Co. Ltd.: Jeane Catherine Napoles with P5,100,000; Jo Christine with P5,150,000, a dollar account of $114,218.57, and John Christian Lim Napoles with P5,070,000.

Napoles’ Kaagapay Magpakailanman Foundation Inc. had P14,829,255.11 in a PNB account.

Benhur Luy has $15,008.90 in his BPI dollar account, P81.83 in UCPB, and P84.43 and P2,867.79 in two Metrobank accounts.

The government is also after Ruby Chan Tuason’s P10,000 left in her Metrobank account.

Former Agusan Rep. Rodolfo Plaza has a remaining balance of P2,000 in Metrobank, while former Pampanga Rep. now ERC Chair Zenaida Ducut has P33,817.38 also in Metrobank.

The government is eyeing the 36 lots and condominiums registered under Napoles’ name and that of JCLN Global Properties Development Corp.

It has also identified 10 vehicles owned by Napoles, the most expensive of which is the 2008 Porsche Cayenne V6 Wagon, and a 2004 Ford Lincoln Navigator under the name of her husband, Jaime.

According to AMLC, Benhur Luy owns a 2010 Mitsubishi Montero Sport G and a 2004 Toyota Altis.

Executive Judge Marino dela Cruz of the Manila RTC Branch 22 has found probable cause that the assets of the Napoles family, Luy, Tuason, Ducut, Plaza and several others were illegally acquired.

The court has set the hearing on the asset preservation on March 7.


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  1. Fernando Habito on

    Why only the assets of JLN are being track down and frozen….do it also to the big fish such as JPEnrile,Jinngoy Estrada,Bong Revilla and 38 other politicians.?Why are they exempted,there is no such fairness and balance of justice if the law always exempt them from the same process like other suspected criminals.

  2. angel in heaven on

    Maraming salapi at kaban ng bayan hinahakot sa ibang bansa lalo na sa amerika naglalagay ng mga business nilalagay sa pangalan ng kanilang kaanak kaya kaibigan ang mga politiko maawa naman kayo? Sana magawa ninyong maglibot sa mga barrio at mga sitio sa nasasakupan niyo at alamin ang kalagayan at stado ng pamumuhay walang ulam na makain wala pa rin bigas at gamot upang mailigtas sa saskit at karamdaman. Mga taong naghihintay na lamang ng malagutan ng buhay dahil sa karamdaman at kagutuman samantalang milliones kung di man billiones ang kinukurakot ng mga tulisang politiko at namumuno ng bayan….SAWA NA SA HIRAP ANG MGA MAMAYANG PILIPINO…..DAMING SALOT SA LIPUNAN

  3. angel in heaven on

    where are those sacks of money stored in the bath tub that overflow in their security cage? only residue left in the bank. Publicity comes first to freeze all bank accounts only cmall amounts was left..while majority of the pilipino are starving hardly to eat three times a day no fish or meat still hard to raised rice everytime during meal hour. Where is justice for the poor…. the corrupt people is more richer than the government ? GISING PILIPINAS

  4. Ano pa inabot nyo sabaw na lang wala yong laman. Dapat nong suspect pa lang nauna ang freeze order bago publicity. STUPID System. Sa mga senador naitago na nila at kahit makulong pa buhay mayaman ang angkan nila.

  5. Bilisan nyo naman ang pagkilos para naman matuwa ang taong bayan at maipagawa ng dagdag sshool buildings at mga pabahay sa mahihirap. plus pa yung assets ng 3 kawatang senador ubusin na yan para naman matakot na ang lahat ng magnanakaw sa gobyerno… Ngayon nabasa ko Binay for Pre. and Jingoy Estrada for VP. maawa na kayo sa taong bayan… Ang may karapatan lang na magiging pangulo ng Pilipinas ang si Mayor Duterte at si Madam Miriam Santiago ang VP..Bayan Gising na!!!

  6. Why is the stupid government not forfeiting the assets of the 3 senators accused in the P10 Billion Pork Scam? Why pick and choose, Abnoy and Leila de Lima?

    • Yes, a very good question.

      Janet Lim Napoles is the “Fall girl” in all of this, the Senators carry on regardless. This has to be addressed before real justice can be done!

  7. Why only now? Her assets should have been frozen long ago? Or she was given more time to hide them?

  8. Janet Napoles should stay in jail for the rest of her life.

    She should be not have any chance of parole. The enormity of the crime she has committed is unbelievable and she should be punished.

  9. There is no sense in giving Janet Lim Napoles special treatment and pprotectingher life fromthose who wil benefit on her death because it is clear that she is defying the government by refusing to name her coconspirators in plundering the government funds. She also made a fast one by hiding most of her wealth without paper trails. The only thing that the government can do now put her in jail with criminals of her kind and never hope she will spill the beans on any government official that benefited from her scams.

  10. What did I tell you? Please check Heritage Memorial Park mini mansion of the Napoles Family. They are all hidden on those unused niches. Please NBI, PNP, Justice Department or other government offices involved in the forfeiture and freezing of her assets

  11. As there is still no case filed for the plunder case by the Ombudsman, how can a court issue this order if the case being tried by it is for kidnapping/illegal detention?