Napoles lawyer slams Luy testimony


The lawyer of Janet Lim-Napoles on Friday cast serious doubts on the credibility of whistleblower Benhur Luy as a prosecution witness in the graft case against Napoles.

Interviewed on radio dzMM’s Dos Por Dos, Stephen David said the prosecution was relying too much on the testimony of Luy during Napoles’ bail hearing at the Sandiganbayan.

“I wanted the prosecution to present their strongest evidence. It so happened that its strongest evidence is Benhur,” David told program host Gerry Baja.

He said Luy fared poorly during the cross-examination. “His memory seemed to have failed him. When I showed him the foot-high stack of evidence, he couldn’t remember who gave him specific documents. He couldn’t say who made deposits or who handed him money,” the lawyer said.

He added that he was sure Luy meticulously kept records of the transactions. “You definitely will record the amounts you claim you gave to congressmen on Napoles’ instructions,” David said.

Napoles is being accused of masterminding the multi-billion-peso scam involving the funnelling of pork barrel allocations to dubious or non-existent organizations she owns or controls.


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  1. Benhur is a perrenial liar. His so called excell listing in his laptop can be compared to worksheet list that Chavit submitted in court then. I sincerely believe that at a certain point Benhur was the one operating these scam when Napoles discover it. The problem now is will the court order Benhur bank accounts opened when the guy was given immunity from suit by Morales? As of now, the thrush of the ombudsman is too prolong these trials so the 3 senators will be in jail until 2016. Ginawa Ito ni Pnoy para Kay Roxas.

  2. Eddie de leon, you are right & the law also states that to be a state witness you have to tell everything you know. The public should know what he was paid both by napoles & from other transactions he may have undertaken on his own, & im sure he did those as wasnt janet even thinking he was doing deals behind her back so he got all the kickbacks & excluded her, thats why she detained him.
    But then to go to the prosecution well in a court case they will ask indepth questions & not being a proper company i suspect his record keeping wont be as meticulous as a huge corporation. Plus when being questioned most times you wont have your records there with you but your questioner will have all the information in front of him, & surely we all know a good prosecutor could even find jesus christ guilty of something.

  3. Eddie de Leon on

    Ben Hur Luy did good for revealing the existence of the PDAF scam, But his bank accounts should also be searched. Even if he has been made immune from prosecution, how much money he pocketed should be made known. And he shuld be pressed to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. As it is he and Ruby Tuazon are just tools for the Aquino-Liberal-Party-Abad-Drilon et al. conspiracy to destropy the political fortunes of their rivals. We should have the names and the facts about the corruption of allies of the Aquino-LP conspirators so that the next administration can really make the Philippine Government clean. That Aquino-LP team of conspirators must not be allowed to protect their dirty and corrupt friends, allies and co-operators in Malacanang and Congress.

    • If the state witness found out to be lying, what would happen to him? At papaanong tinanggap ng Justice Dept, Ombudsman at Sandigbayan ang hearsay evidence? Somebody please answer.