• Napoles’ lips will be sealed


    Even if she appears at a Senate inquiry, Janet Lim Napoles cannot be forced to divulge information on the alleged questionable releases of the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF).

    Napoles’ lawyer Lorna Kapunan on Friday served notice her client will invoke her right against self-incrimination if and when she appears before the Blue Ribbon committee.

    “Ms. Napoles will invoke her constitutional right against self incrimination,” Kapunan told The Manila Times.

    She made the statement after Senate President Franklin Drilon on Wednesday said he has signed a subpoena for Napoles to appear Blue Ribbon panel.

    Kapunan said Napoles would rather submit a sworn statement to the Office of the Ombudsman “which is the appropriate venue,” than revealing all she knows about the pork anomaly in the Senate.

    Napoles and some lawmakers and government officials have been charged with plunder before the Ombudsman for allegedly funnelling billions of pesos of pork barrel funds into sham non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

    Kapunan said she will write the Senate to explain what Napoles plans to do.

    Napoles is jailed in Fort Santo Domingo in Santa Rosa City in Laguna on illegal detention charges.

    The Makati City Regional Trial Court (RTC), which is handling the case, is waiting for the request from the Senate to summon her.

    Makati RTC Branch 150 Clerk of Court Josefa Valencia said the Senate needs authorization from Judge Elmo Alameda “since the court has jurisdiction over Napoles.”

    “Because of her pending case with us, it is just proper that the Senate should ask for a clearance for her to attend the probe in the Upper Chamber,” Valencia told The Manila Times.

    The judge has to carefully study such a request to determine if it will affect Napoles’ case.

    “All factors should be considered, like the security of Ms. Napoles or if it will affect her ongoing case,” Valencia said.

    Instead of being tightlipped, Napoles should tell everything she knows about the pork barrel scheme and name all the people involved, Senate Majority Floor Leader Allan Peter Cayetano and whistleblower Sandra Cam said on Friday.

    Cayetano, who was spoke at the 5th RIPPES International Meeting on Social Solidarity Economy, said Napoles “will not have peace of mind until she reveals all her cohorts.”

    “Her religious advisers should advise her to tell all,” Cayetano said.
    Cam, who was a guest at the Balitaan sa Hotel Rembrandt, challenged Napoles “to tell the untold stories on pork barrel.”

    “She should be brave enough to reveal who are the personalities behind the scam especially those government officials pretending they knew nothing,” Cam said.

    Cam, the self-confessed bagwoman of jueteng operators in Masbate, had pointed to then Pampanga Congressman Mikey Arroyo as one of the recipients of jueteng funds.

    She also said Rene Manlaque, now the Candaba, Pampanga mayor, was the bagman for Mikey Arroyo who she alleged collected protection money from jueteng operators.

    Cam said Napoles should not listen to people who wanted her to keep her mouth shut when she is summoned before the Senate inquiry.

    “The Senate is the proper venue to reveal the truth. Do not be cowed by some people who wanted to silence her. This investigation is open to public and media is closely monitoring everything,” Cam said.

    She urged Napoles to “spill the beans” because simply denying her involvement in the pork barrel anomalies will only embolden dirty politicians and government officials.

    “Do not waste the opportunity. This is the time to reveal what the people should know and at the same time will lighten her burden,” Cam said.

    Cayetano is confident the Senate will open its inquiry into the pork barrel or the Malampaya fund before the end of the year.


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    1. Her silence will only bolster ou suspicion that this administration has a lot to do with her!

    2. If I were Napoles, I will tell everything kung sino-sino ang mga nakinabang kesa naman pagdusahan niyang mag isa ang anomalyang yan at pati buong pamilya niya pagdudusahan ang scam na yan habang buhay!

    3. If I am Janet Napoles, I will tell the whole truth. Why should I keep silent to protect who? Even the President can not protect you now. You can not get off the hook by keeping silent. The people will not believe you anyway. Remember one thing Janet, your whole family, specially your children – they are already drag into the mud, give them a chance to live clean. I honestly believe that you are not the origin of this corruption – you were drag into this mess by these corrupt officials. They only used you and they are the ones who put you to jail and wants you to keep silent for them? No way – come clean, “comes hell on high water”. In the end the people will admire your courage and forgive you.

    4. What this Cam is asking Janet to go to senate and tell all is just going to be another drama that the press and the people will eat up like a day time soap opera. Nothing happened to those people she blew the whistle on, they are still powerful, and most likely still doing dirty deeds. If she will be tried in court, will it be any better. We all know that this senators and congressmen who were mentioned by name involved in this shameful conduct will never step down, because they do not have any integrity, no loyalty, no shame and they know for sure they will prolong this and before long people will forget about it. The people now demonstrating for heads to roll will grow weary, will just go home and again accept that this is the way it is. I blame us the Filipino people by letting this thing to happen.

    5. so they think she should listen to her religious advisers, are you crazy, if she had any religion in her at all she wouldnt have done this. People like her have one god & thats money. It overides everything else. Yes when they get caught they then try to tell you how they erred, well i would give her 120 years in prison to help her repent oh i forgot to mention with hard labour & having to eat bread & drink water.

    6. Its disgusting enduring this moro-moro about Napoles appearing in the Senate. First there is Drilon refusing to sign the subpoena giving the excuse that he has to seek clearance from the ombudsman then amid public criticism and clamor he signs saying that (yuk!) he has all his life adhered to the ru,jle of law. Meantime the are these Senators posturing like they are not part of the Pdaf thievery like Cayetano who urges Napoles to tell all (kuno) and Revilla “para lumabas na ang katotohanan”, i.e., he is guilty but so are many others. Now there is daw a need for the Makati RTC to give its clearance but in the remote possibility that it will allow Napoles to go here comes finally Kapunan saying that Napoles will keep her lips sealed on the basis of her right not to incriminate herself. Kapunan is part of the moro-moro lets not kid ourselves and all of this is for fear, as Bobby Tiglao says, that Napoles will implicate some very highly placed persons if given the chance.

    7. virginia guevara on

      Could it be that Napoles want a Reward for Spilling ALL the Beans? Or she wants Exchange favors just Like her so called business with the “Rouges in Robes”!

    8. Benny Bagamaspad on

      At this point, Napoles’ words do not have “currency” left; no matter what she or her lawyer decide to tell or not to tell, it will only dismissed as “water under the bridge” that would not mean anything. There’s no court in the land to base her words in convicting anyone. The revelations of the whistle-blowers should be more than enough to burn these thugs in a stake. What nees to be done that has to do with Napoles is to jail her husband; he is just as culpable regardless of what anybody says. Whatever sentence they will impose on Janet should be the same as her husband, brothers, sisters and adult children. The job at hand should be confiscating everything the Napoles have and anything they gave to charity and to their secondary relatives. And for that matter, anyone of the senators and congressmen who will be found guilty should give back the stolen money they took plus interest. Doing all these will not only show the country and the world that the Filipinos is turning a new chapter in “reviewing” the institutionalized culture of thievery the country is known for.

    9. As said before, the PNoy government will do all the tricks they can muster to delay, delay and elay the process. Maybe they are targeting 2016 as the time for Napoles to squeal.