• Napoles list to ruin Senate, Ping warns


    The Senate’s blue ribbon committee starts today its closed-door caucus on the list prepared by Janet Lim Napoles naming lawmakers who profited from the pork barrel scam, as former Sen. Panfilo Lacson warned that the list could ruin the chamber.

    In a radio interview, Lacson acknowledged that the list would further erode public confidence in the Senate once it is made public, but he said he is willing to submit the documents in an executive session.

    Lacson had said that Napoles’ husband Jimmy gave him the list along with other documents that detail how the scam was carried out.

    Lacson, who never touched his Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) when he was a senator, sees the release of the list as a national security issue.

    “The Senate may collapse if the

      is released to the public,” he said.

      Lacson had said Napoles named 16 senators, three Cabinet officials and dozens of congressmen who received huge kickbacks or commissions from projects funded by the PDAF.

      “The scam,” he added, “started in 2000 and included former and incumbent members of the Senate and Congress.” He refused to identify these lawmakers.

      Lacson said it is still the senators who will ultimately decide whether to make the list public.

      Already, two senators are calling for the release of the list and documents.

      Senate Majority Floor Leader Peter Cayetano over the weekend said he will attend the caucus and will insist that the list be made public. Cayetano cited the need for a public hearing and to invite those concerned who are privy to records of the case.

      The blue ribbon panel, which is headed by Sen. Teofisto Guingona 3rd, earlier looked into the reported highly irregular diversion and disbursement of the PDAF from the Senate and House of Representatives.

      Cayetano insisted that the pork barrel scam must be investigated and Napoles and government officials implicated to the scam summoned to testify. Among the officials he identified were the heads of the Budget and Justice departments, Commission on Audit and the Office of the Ombudsman.

      Sen. Francis Escudero stood firm on his decision to have the documents released to allay speculations that “they are being withheld.”

      Escudero reacted to a statement of Justice Secretary Leila de Lima that the Senate has to compel her to make the list public, saying, “I think it’s unfair for Secretary de Lima to say [that, . . . she can do it anytime she wants to.) She already announced to the press that she has the list. Why then [require]the Senate to compel her to make public the list?”

      De Lima had announced that she, too, was handed the list during a five-hour meeting with Napoles at the Ospital ng Makati (OsMak) where the businesswoman had surgery to remove her ovaries and uterus on March 31.

      So far, only Senators Juan Ponce Enrile, Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada and Ramon “Bong” Revilla have been charged at the Office of the Ombudsman in connection with the pork barrel scam.

      Lacson added that the Senate inquiry of the pork barrel scam “could even be held in a small room at the hospital for the convenience of Ms. Napoles.” The businesswoman is still confined at OsMak.

      The opposition coalition in the House of Representatives on Sunday batted for a thorough investigation of lawmakers who are reportedly on the Napoles list.

      Navotas Rep. Tobias Tiangco, United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) secretary general, said the probe must be honest, objective and above-board.

      Tiangco expressed disappointment with the alleged indifference of the House leadership to calls for a parallel inquiry on the pork barrel scam.

      He had filed House Resolution 1082 requesting Congress, in aid of legislation, to conduct a full investigation based on an affidavit executed by Napoles.

      But House leaders and administration allies said such a probe would only duplicate efforts of the Senate.

      “What are the administration allies afraid of? It is the integrity and reputation of the legislature that are at stake here, and we’re just here on the sidelines silently watching the show,” Tiangco said.

      If the Aquino administration is serious in its campaign to rid the government of corruption, Congress must do its share in exposing and castigating even administration allies who have misused government funds.

      Tiangco’s resolution cites “a compelling need for the House of Representatives to protect the integrity of every member by conducting an investigation and directing the Justice secretary to disclose the affidavit of Napoles containing the names of lawmakers and government officials identified by Napoles in her sworn statement.”

      Other members of Congress have filed similar resolutions urging the House committees on public accountability and ethics to look into the pork barrel scam, which they described as “criminal plunder.”


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      1. Frederick Atulas on

        The Napoles list is NOT going to ruin the Senate but it will clean it up! Stop delaying the release of the REAL list, the Filipino people wants to see ONE list and that should come from Janet Napoles herself, not from de Lima or not from Lacson! Itong mga iba-ibang listahan panggulo lang mga Ito!

      2. Luis Sanchez on

        I am a fan of Sen. Lacson, however, I felt that he is wrong in his comment that Senate’s credibility will be affected by this Napoles list. For me, it is only these corrupt senators that will be affected on this Napoles list.

      3. bakit hindi natin ayaan si napoles mismo ang magsalita, bakit kalilangan pang idaan kay de lima o kay lacson o kung kani kanino. magkaka conclict lang mas makakabuti sa taong bayan na kay napoles mismo mangaling. nililito at pinapahirapan niyo lang ang usapan

      4. Mr Lacson, stop protecting your former colleagues in the Senate. There could always be a special election to replace the pork barrel senators if need be. Otherwise, your talking ruins the whole country.
        Or better yet, just shut up.
        Pay attention to your job of Yolanda rehab.

      5. Mr. Lacson, you were appointed to be the Rehabilitation Czar of Yolanda-hit areas. Do your job instead of dipping your fingers into graft ridden politics. The victims of Yolanda need someone who does their job. If you can’t do the job, let me know. I’ll take over your post.

      6. butch hirro on

        let both houses collapse. who cares? neither one has done nothing for this country but rob its people. i just hope that if that happens that Pnoy will not run the country by decrees. now that would be scary.

      7. Roldan Guerrero on

        Ang nakatira sa malakanyang ay kwuago, sa senado naman at kongreso ay mga bwuya at mandarambong…paano na tayo?

      8. Ruffy Calibugan on

        The Senate will be converted into Jail when majority are included in the List.
        Make the list public and publish in all Newspapers then let the Honorable Senators
        and Congressmen defend themselves. We can also read their justifications that they
        are not thieves.

      9. We will NEVER forget what Lacson said that “MERON ISANG SENADOR NA MAS MALAKI PA ANG BINULSA (compared to Enrile, Estrada and Revilla).

      10. Marami pang daldalan. Kung ilabas , ilabas na. Lahat gustong malaman na ito ng taong bayan. Puro pa pogi lang lahat lalong lalo na malapit na naman ang election.
        Sino ba ang maniniwala gayon sa Senado o sa Kongreso karamihan sangkot sa
        Pork Barrel, Dap at Malapaya. Kay sa Administration o sa Opposition. May oras din kayo. Timing lang lahat at malapit na ang katapusan ng pag abuso sa kaban ng
        taong bayan.

      11. Gulay na Utak on

        Aanuhin mo naman ang integrity ng Senado versus ang dapat malaman ng taumbayan? Gunggong at initil itong mag-isip itong nagga-galing galingang Lacson na ito. Sabihin mo na kasi…buking ko na yung sinabi ni Aquino, para walang paniwalaan sa listahan kahit ano sa inyong kopya ni Napoles para burado na ang lahat dahil maraming LP ang kasama doon.

      12. So what if the entire houses of congress collapse it doesn’t serve the purpose anyway instead of sending the nation to progress it regresses. Blood, sweat and tears of the tax paying nation are at stake here.
        How affordable for Ping Lacson to toe the dictum of Malacanang whims and act like a chameleon characterized by their ability to change color at any given time. From Recovery and Rehabilitation Czar of Yolanda tragedy to Custodian and Caretaker of Napoles “Tell All” disclosure. We the manipulated/exploited nation would surely loved to see these houses of congress be abolished entirely without hesitation as it not only defeating its real purpose to maintain “check and balance” from abuses but rather making it as an ideal Laboratory where they formulate and concocted the most appealing thievery guises as LGUs program so they can take the people’s money free from liability.

      13. Kung ibinabalik na ba sa kulungan si Janet Napoles, mababawasan ang inet ng ulo ng taongbayan sa gitna ng mainit na panahon

      14. Kayang-kaya ni Napoles na bayaran ang hospital bill niya. Dami niya ninakaw na pera ng bayan

      15. Do you think majority of Filipinos still have trust in Senate and Congress much more in Philippine government institution. The only people (more than ,likely) that trust the government institution are those in power and or the rich (because they can control) the corrupt personality.

      16. Antonio Javier Belzunce on

        In divulging the Napoles list and statements that it may ruin the integrity of the Senate and maybe a matter of National Security, it is another political maneuver to mislead the public of threats of full government collapse. The true main question here that everyone needs to question, Is the crackdown of officials and politicians that are allegedly corrupt being pursued properly with no influence of whitewashing?What are we doing about it? Is the constitution complete enough to address the possibility of government collapse that supposed to legally guide what action (judiciary process) is needed to immediately suspend these people from influencing the present running of government. Too much discussion and innuendos are taking place showing that there are no policies and procedures that clearly defines the proper action to be taken in situation like this. It maybe the reason why corruption thrives for years in the government of the Philippines. No doubt that it has now exposed the incompleteness and inadequacies of our constitution in addressing corruption by government officials and politicians. No one is in proper control of the situation.
        It would be nice if the government form an investigative commission formed by a representative from the Executive branch, the Congress and Judiciary, to monitor and audit the integrity of promptly reviewing and auditing, that proper action are being taken to ensure that due process of law is being prepared properly and abuse of maneuvering and whitewashing does not occur. This would be the most responsible course of action the government should take and address the insecurity of the public towards the integrity and functionality of the current government.

      17. The guilty will now be trying their hardest to find a way to somehow cover this up & or to try to wiggle out of it. I agree with lacson in that it might destroy this country & it should as these people who have stolen all this money know full well what they did but didnt care less, all they cared about was getting their share of the countries money in their bank accounts. I wonder how many of these people have dollar accounts that cant be even told about, thats why they have this bank secrecy law, to protect money like this that has been stolen. Its not there for any other reason. I think those found guilty of this should be charged with crimes against the state & it should be punished by death. Thats what these people deserve. They have the thick neck to look filipinos in the eye & say ” i am an honourable man/woman.

      18. Jose A. Oliveros on

        With the above statement of former Sen. Lacson, I am once more reminded of the late American humorist and columnist Art Buchwald’s statement that when he learned that Rome had a Senate, he was not surprised at all that Rome fell.

      19. Tommy Reyes on

        What’s wrong if an institution that is corrupt collapsed? It would be a great service to the filipino people. It’s the filipino people’s money that is being used to pay for this corrupt institution. Might as well do without it. Is this institution more important than the filipino people?

      20. Carlos Martin on

        Since many government officials , both in the Senate and in the House of Representatives, are involved in corrupt practices, before and now, I think it is just proper for the poor the suffering masses to think of changing the type of government we have. The Parliamentary form of government, I think is a much better alternative of government for us, since it can more easily remove corrupt officials from the government than it is in the Presidential system of government. While the Presidential system of government is suited for the western mentality, the Parliamentary is more suited to the Asian and particularly the Filipino way of thinking.

      21. Ano pang dinadakdak mo Lacson na magko collapse?
        Sira na talaga!!!
        At kung me natitira pa nga, let it be done!!
        Alin mas mahalaga, senado o ang publiko?

      22. I find it inane that Ping would say “Napoles list to ruin Senate” .

        But it is already ruined. They sold themselves to PNoy when the voted to to impeach Corona in exchange for “releases of around P150M” each . Now this list will name 16 senators who with Napoles stole our (taxpayer) money.

        The senate should be abolished. These thieves should be prosecuted then jailed.

        And we change the government to a unicameral system with a prime minister and president. We would be much better off.