• Napoles may have dipped into ‘insertion’ funds


    ASIDE from the priority development assistance fund (PDAF), detained businesswoman Janet Lim-Napoles may have also handled transactions involving funds sourced from “congressional insertions” introduced by lawmakers during deliberations on the national budget, Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th said on Thursday.

    According to Trillanes, congressional insertions are considered as additional funds of the lawmakers on top of their annual PDAF or pork barrel allocations—P200 million per senator and P70 million per congressman—to help them push projects for their constituents.

    But unlike the PDAF, which can be monitored and checked, “insertions” are difficult to track down because they are included in the national budget.

    Insertions are funds intended for special projects identified by lawmakers that will then be released to government agencies that are supposed to carry out the projects.

    In the end, the funds will be divided among the lawmakers who are responsible for pulling off the insertions, government officials and other individuals involved in the racket.

    Trillanes said the possibility that Napoles dipped her fingers into the insertions is the reason why it is important for the Senate to recall the businesswoman and find out from her directly if there are lawmakers who are involved in the insertions.

    “That is why it is important for us to hear Mrs. Napoles, because regardless if the funds were sourced from PDAF, DAP [disbursement acceleration program]or insertions, the bottom line is how much did [Napoles] give the senator and if (she) has evidence to support it,” Trillanes said.

    DAP funds are under the direct control of Malacañang.

    Napoles last month met with Justice Secretary Leila de Lima and expressed her intent to apply for immunity in exchange for revealing all she knows about the pork barrel scam of which she is the alleged mastermind.

    She also submitted to de Lima an unsigned affidavit purportedly containing a list of lawmakers who received kickbacks from ghost projects funded by their pork barrel.

    “The sooner we can get this issue out, the better. And the sooner we get Mrs. Napoles in the blue ribbon investigation, the better also,” Trillanes said.

    But the committee headed by Sen. Teofisto Guingona 3rd may need more time to decide if it will invite Napoles or not.

    ”The blue ribbon committee has opted to take the prudent course regarding this matter. We will wait for Secretary de Lima to finish documenting the supposed disclosure of Janet Lim-Napoles,” Guingona said.


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    1. Bago tayo malinlang ng ating pagiisip na si Napoles at 3 senador lang ang may kagagawan ng malakihang anomalya ito, sana ay mabigyan natin ng pagkakataon ng tanungin natin ang ating sarili ng mga sumusunod.

      1. Magagawa ba itong anomalyang ito ni Napoles at ng 3 senador gayung hindi na naman sila ang nagtatago ng pondo ng ating bayan?

      2. Kung ang executive branch ng ating gobyerno ang siyang nagtatago ng pondo ng ating bayan, bakit hinayaan nh executive branch na magpalabas ng pondo ng ating bayan para sa mga NGOs ni Napoles gayung peke ang mga ito?

      3. Hindi ba responsibilidad ng ating executive branch na alamin at usasain ang mga NGOs para masiguro na lehitimo ang mga ito bago magpalabas ng pondo ng ating bayan para sa mga ito?

      4. Kung talagang peke ang mga NGOs ni Napoles bakit hinayaan ng executive branch mag release ng pondo ng ating bayan para sa mga ito?

      5. Hindi ba ang pinakaugat ng lahat ng anomalyang ito ay dahil na rin sa kapabayaan ng ating executive branch na gampanan ng tunay ang kanilang tungkulin?

      Kung mahal talaga natin ang ating bayan at mabigyan natin ng pagkakataon na makaahon tayo sa ating kahirapan, sana ay matanim natin sa ating isipan ang mga anomalyang ito at tayo ay pumili ng tunay at tapat na magiging leader ng ating bayan sa susunod na eleksyon. Huwag na tayong magpauto sa ating emosyon, sa mga taong popular lang pero walang kakayahang mamuno ng tapat sa ating bansa at sa mga politiko na mahilig lang umepal para makipili tayo ng tunay at tapat na maglilingkod sa ating bayan.

    2. What good is an unsigned affidavit. Surely its not worth the paper its written on. If she made an affidavit why didnt she sign it, was she told not to sign it. Is there sinister forces at work here. It seems no one in the philippines is to be trusted. These people in power say one thing one day & another thing the next day. There is no chance for this country as you people keep voting the wrong people into power. I was looking at what pay a senator can get & his monthly pay is P90,000, but with all his extras & bonus’s or whatever you want to call them it goes up to over P1,400,000 per month. Thats much much more than a politician gets in the uk. No wonder crooks want to get into politics, its easy money. But your votes you will soon get all your money back with many times the interest. But you deserve what you get, you vote for these scum then you deserve what you get.

    3. Oportunista on

      Tama na ang hospital arrest kay Janet Napoles,ipasok na dapat siya sa ordinayong kulungan