Napoles ‘pork’ list has 16 senators – Lacson


Former senator and now rehabilitation czar Panfilo Lacson on Wednesday disclosed that Janet Lim Napoles identified 16 senators who allegedly received kickbacks from their priority development assistance fund (PDAF) or pork barrel, correcting his earlier statement that 13 senators were implicated in the scam.

Lacson had said the number of senators in the pork barrel list given to him by Napoles through her husband Jimmy was enough to constitute a quorum.

“What I said was wrong when I said enough to constitute a quorum. Actually [it’s] enough to ratify a treaty,” Lacson told reporters in a chance interview.

There are 24 senators, and it would take 16 senators to ratify a treaty. The minimum number required to constitute a quorum is 13.

So far, only three senators—Juan Ponce Enrile, Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. and Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada—have been charged with plunder at the Office of the Ombudsman in connection with the pork barrel scam.

Revilla said he received information that Malacanang is rushing the filing of a complaint against them at the Sandiganbayan.

“I have received information that because of calls for the DOJ [Department of Justice] to release the list, Malacanang is now rushing the filing of our cases,” the senator told reporters.

He said the Ombudsman may file the complaint on Friday or early next week to divert the attention of the public from the Napoles list.

Revilla said with the way things are happening, it is clear that he and the other senators charged will not be accorded justice.

Days after Justice Secretary Leila de Lima announced that she got a signed affidavit from Napoles as well as a list of lawmakers who reportedly got huge commissions from projects funded by their pork barrel, Lacson came out to say that he got the same list in March, several weeks before de Lima got hers. He said he was also given a USB stick that he initially thought contained documents.

Lacson said he does not know why Napoles gave him a copy of the list. He also is not aware if the jailed businesswoman gave another copy of her list to Sandra Cam who earlier this week said there are about 100 legislators in the document.

The former senator said he was told that he had the only copy of the pork list.

Lacson, an ally of President Benigno Aquino 3rd, added that he did not inform Malacanang about the list because he believed that the documents were not complete.

He said he already asked for affidavits, exact special release allotment order numbers and supporting documents.

”I wouldn’t just bite on the basis of the mere say-so of Napoles,” Lacson noted.

Lacson also downplayed concerns that Napoles may be playing games.

”She’s the one in jail, after all,” he said.

”I know how to evaluate documents. She cannot trick me because I really asked for documents. It cannot be say-so, it cannot be narration, it cannot be unsigned affidavits,” Lacson added.

De Lima has refused to release details of Napoles’ sworn statement despite the clamor from lawmakers that she make the documents public amid fears that it could be sanitized.

But Lacson believes that de Lima will not clean up the list to exclude allies of the President.

“Knowing her, she would not clean up the list,” he said.

Still, Lacson noted that he will “call the attention of authorities” if the DOJ sanitized the list.

Summon Napoles
At the House of Representatives, Minority Leader Ronaldo Zamora said Napoles should be summoned to identify the lawmakers who benefited from the PDAF scam.

“Why not [have her here in Congress]? The whole objective is to get to the truth. Right now, we’re getting different versions of the truth,” Zamora also told reporters.

He supported a resolution filed by Rep. Tobias Tiangco seeking a congressional inquiry into the matter.

Tiangco’s resolution, Zamora said, should be referred to the House Committee on Good Government or the House justice panel.

“That would be the proper venue to call not just Napoles but the other whistleblowers,” he added.

Zamora urged de Lima to reveal the contents of Napoles’ affidavit.

“The best thing to do is to just show [the list]. The longer you talk about it and you don’t see it, speculations will only grow,” he said.

Rep. Silvestre Bello 3rd of 1-BAP party-list agreed with Zamora, saying de Lima’s apparent reluctance to bare the list already puts her in a bind.



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  1. Kaya walang nangyayari sa Yolanda victims sa Visayas, kesyo wala daw general plans. Eh sino ba ang tinanyag na rehab CZAR e di itong pakialamerong binigyan daw ng listahan ng asawa ni losyang Napoles. Imbes na trabaho niya sa mga nasalantalang mga biktima ng bagyo a asikasuhin eh nakikimeron pa sa Napoles isyu. Tapos magrereklamo pang walang general rehab plans, edi gumawa ka ng plano diba ikaw ang rehab czar.

  2. Out of desperation, PNOy and DeLima forget that Napoles organized a conglomerate of fake NGOs, assigned her drivers and maids as their corporate officers and used these to come up with fake project reports and liquidations, while she and her family bathed in cash and lived like celebrities and partied and threw parties for celebrities in Hollywood.

    Soon she will be just like Tuason, free from charges.

  3. Avery Bradley on

    ONLY NOW THAT THE GOVERNMENT IS BEING RESPONSIBLE??? — “It will be irresponsible if the names are made public without being vetted. That is the essence of the appeal of Secretary de Lima, for her to be given time to vet the list,” Coloma said.

  4. Napoles Files..ohhmmm a very good working title for a book ala Ludlum ang dating. and the epilogue should read ” and they rode away to the sunset, heads held up high, holding hands, giggling like delighted toddlers…leaving on their wake the forsaken country that was RP”

  5. Imbes na sina Drilon, Abad, Alcala ang nasa listahan ni Napoles ay papalitan ang mga ito nina Delima, Malacañang at ka-alyado nila ng mga pangalan ng undersecretary at chief of staff nina Drilon, Abad, Alcala.

  6. Well let us see what Lacson would do if Deleila sanitized the list, hope he’s still got his balls intact to tell the public that his list is the true “tell all list”. Abnoy would not be happy if Lacson spills the beans but his name would surely pop up as one of hottest names for 2016 elections.

  7. Where do you start with this horrid mess. Different people all getting lists, its very strange. Lacson could speak with sandra cam & they could confer over their lists. First one gives a name off their list then the other gives a name off their list & see if it matches. I know lacson said he trusts de lima not to doctor the list but im sorry i dont trust anyone in the philippines.
    Now revilla has said they are rushing this, so what if they are, isnt in the countries best interest to get this sorted out or does he want it as it has usually been in the past where you can have it drag on for years & years & end up with nothing done. I have very little doubt any of the 3 named are not guilty. To me if you take an ammount of money from the government & it is supposed to be used for a certain project its your responsibility to see it through. Be it on your head the outcome. If it works you get the accolades & rewards if it fails for whatever reason you face the consequences. To say i didnt know what was going to happen to it im afraid is a shallow excuse. They were trusted with the countries money & they failed in that trust that alone is guilt.Its not as if they dont have time to follow up where the money is being used, & they could share the follow up with members of their staff. & that should be compulsary, the follow up. They are quick to claim credit when something has been done in their name ( for instance build a walkway over the rd, ) they soon advertise built by ******* to claim the credit. So its because of that im convinced that they knew when the money was given to those fake ngo’s they were stealing it for a share of it. I stioll cant understand why a lifestyle check hasnt been done on every single politician to see if their ligfestyle is in accordance with their income, & i mean check all bank accounts. Every politician should sign a bank secrecy waiver & should be checked out to see if they have dollar bank acounts.

  8. apolonio reyes on

    Sa akin lang, maski na sumumpa si De Lima sa lahat ng demonyo, wala maniniwala sa kanya na di nya isasanitize yon Napoles lists pagkat alam naman ng lahat ng Pilipino sa apat na sulok ng daidig mula North Pole hangang South Pole na walang miembro ng KKKK na pinakasuhan si Pnoy. Si SECXY DE LIMA LANG ATANG PILIUPINO ANG HINDI NAKAKAALM NITO. Di Ba SECXY D5? LABAS MO NA D5 ANG NAPO-LISTS BAGO MAGKAGULO GAYA NG SINABI MO, PLEASE D5..

  9. Hunghang na Noynoy on

    Noynoy, De Lima, and Lacson have one thing in common: madaldal at ma-gimmick dahil kulang sa pansin ang mga ito!

  10. Mama mia!! What a bunch of idiots if they did this.. Anyone proven guilty should be behind bar and confiscate all their properties.

    • i will support on this……if napoles saying that senate and congressman involved in this mess why the doj release this names and the sandigan bayan ,ombusdman and supreme court order the all involves to put in jail and make an investigation. confront the whistle blower,napoles and all involed in this mess in court….period …in front of gut jose rizal in all pilipino people and televise live….