• Napoles shooting blanks – lawyers


    JANET Lim-Napoles has no records or documents of any sort to back up her allegations in her expanded affidavit that was submitted to the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Senate last week, lawyers for pork scam witnesses claimed on Tuesday.

    According to the lawyers, Napoles was practically “shooting blanks” because all the records of transactions involving the priority development assistance fund (PDAF) or pork barrel of lawmakers are with Benhur Luy, the businesswoman’s former finance officer who turned against her.

    “[No] supporting documents. And I don’t think she will bring out the only supporting document she has, her red book,” said lawyer Levito Baligod in an interview.

    Baligod told The Manila Times that the supposed “red book” contained transaction records that will prove that Napoles masterminded the scam.

    Raji Mendoza, Luy’s counsel, echoed Baligo’s claim, saying Napoles cannot substantiate her allegations because she only “copied” Luy’s previous testimonies.

    Mendoza dismissed as “hogwash” Napoles’ affidavits and her lawyers’ claims that they have evidence to support those allegations.

    “Kuwento lang si Janet. Parang ginaya niya yung flow ng kay Benhur. Wala silang documents or references to support her testimony [It’s just Janet’s story. She copied the flow from Benhur. They do not have documents],” the lawyer told The Times in a separate interview.

    He also dismissed Napoles’ affidavit as just a trick.

    “At nambobola pa din. Hindi pa niya inaamin na siya ang utak, operator at corruptor [Ans she even fools us. She refuases to admit that she is the brains of the scam and a corruptor ],” Mendoza said.

    On Monday, the camp of Napoles announced that they have documents that will back up her allegations that more than 100 lawmakers and several government officials got kickbacks in exchange for funneling their PDAF to bogus non-government organizations (NGOs) that she owned or controlled.

    Justice Secretary Leila de Lima has ordered the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) to get those papers that are seen to pin down the people implicated by Napoles in the pork barrel scam.

    But the Justice chief did not say where exactly the documents are stored or who their custodian is, saying the “NBI is now trying to get those documents from her, as part of the ongoing vetting/fact-finding process into the veracity of her allegations in the two affidavits.”

    No conspiracy
    Also on Tuesday, both the Napoles and witnesses camps denied they were cooking up a deal and that their lawyers’ supposed meeting at the NBI was only by “chance.”

    Bruce Rivera, Napoles’ lawyer, said they were only cooperating with the NBI, not with the camp of Luy.

    Lawyers for Napoles and Luy “met” at the NBI as de Lima ordered the release of the documents pertaining to the businesswoman’s revelations in her affidavits.

    The “chance” meeting raised speculations that the two camps were attempting to strike a deal, something which both Mendoza and Rivera have denied.

    “Attorney [Stephen] David told us that we will have a meeting with the NBI to help in the ongoing investigation. Actually, Mrs. Napoles does not know that such meetings are happening so [how could there be connivance]?” Rivera told The Manila Times in a phone call.

    Napoles has applied to be a state witness, claiming that she was “not the most guilty” and she can help pin down the real mastermind.

    “Actually we are offering our help that’s why we are talking to the NBI and the other camp to accelerate the process,” Rivera said.

    But Luy’s lawyer maintained that Napoles’ affidavits have “no value” and that she only wants to save herself.

    Mendoza said it is possible that Napoles was able to get a copy of Luy’s files and she merely copied them.

    Both the ‘Napolists’ and Luy’s digital files are almost identical when it comes to the names of legislators and Cabinet members allegedly involved in the pork barrel scam.

    “We respect their opinion. But[we are not coming up with names not backed by evidence]. I am just looking for the best interest of our client,” Rivera said.

    When asked when they will submit their supporting documents to the NBI, he answered: “We will talk to DOJ secretary first.”

    Rivera said they must secure Napoles and her files first, knowing that “malalakas ang kalaban [the enemies are powerful].”


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    1. This is another chapter of the Pork stage play, that is to confuse the public, By golly, there could have many subjects Napoles, PNoy and the rest of the administration could have discussed to soften up the case against Napoles. After all is said and done, it will not be a surprise that Mrs. Gloria Arroyo is fingered the one responsible for all the money stolen from the government.

    2. May kasabihan, “lutong macao” ang labas sa kasong ito. Maraming kusenero na nasa payroll ng palasyo. Bayan, hanggang saan tatagal ang iyong paciencia?