• Napoles wants longer hospital stay


    Janet Lim-Napoles is yet to be discharged from the Ospital ng Makati (Osmak), where she underwent surgery late last month, because she has not settled her bill of P97,116.43, an official of the Philippine National Police (PNP) said on Wednesday.

    But Chief Supt. Reuben Theodore Sindac, PNP information chief, said Napoles has asked the Makati Regional Trial Court to allow her to stay longer at OsMak.

    Osmak officials on Monday told the court that Napoles could be discharged.

    Faye Singson, one of Napoles’ lawyers, said her client underwent a series of checkups and examinations.

    “It is imperative for Napoles to have a regular and routinary medical check-up, the schedule of which is, as follows: once a week for one month, once every two weeks, and once a month thereafter,” Singson said in a motion filed in court.

    She added Napoles needs a complete bed rest to enable her to fully recover from her surgery, in a place which is “more sanitized, hygienic and sterile.”

    Napoles’ extended stay at the hospital, Singson said, will not only be beneficial to the patient but it will also be a lot easier for her doctors, who will do the follow-up check-ups and her security personnel.

    “For easier mobility, practicality and convenience not only on the part of the patient and physicians, but more important, of the security personnel who will be tasked and burdened to transfer her back and forth to the hospital for her required routinary medical check-up,” the lawyer added.

    Bruce Rivera, another Napoles lawyer, said they asked for their client’s continued stay at the hospital or home care because her detention cell at Fort Sto. Domingo in Santa Rosa, Laguna, is not conducive for her recovery.

    He also cited the cost needed to transport Napoles from Fort Santo Domingo to OsMak.

    “According to the PNP, it is spending P120,000 every time they bring Napoles out of Fort Santo Domingo, it would be cheaper and we will be paying for it, so no expense for the government,” he said.

    When asked until when they think Napoles should stay at the hospital, Rivera said it will depend on the recommendation of her doctors.

    “Maybe a month because she will not be forever there. If she will be fully recovered she can be discharged,” he added.

    Judge Elmo Alameda is scheduled to hear Napoles’ motion on May 14, according to clerk of court Diosfa Valencia.

    Napoles, who is accused of engineering the pork barrel scam, was admitted to OsMak last month where she had her uterus and ovaries removed because of a pre-cancerous growth.


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    1. We are all being taken for a ride here. The PNP says Napoles cannot be brought back todetention because she has’nt settled her bill in the hospital. What! If she never pays her bill does that t mean she can stay in the hospital forever? Come on this reeks with
      Accommodation fellows and it is dictated from way up. The gall of the lawyers telling us that we should be thankful because it saves the government from spending for the
      Transfer to her detention. This Napoles has everyone by their balls its so disgusting
      The way people in this administration from a cabinet secretary to spokemen of the palalce to the police make excuses for her to be treated so well not even a former
      president is treated half as well.

    2. Stop molly coddleing this woman, do you think a normal woman in jail would get this treatment. She can get all the rest she needs in a normal jail. She could have the medical staff there check her, its not important to have the top surgeon give her this check up. I for one dont care if she dies, & if she does i hope its a painful long slow death. Its more than she deserves.