• Napolesgate? Napoles: Star witness . . . vs Aquino?


    If we had an independent Congress, one with integrity and balls, President Aquino would be most certainly impeached in what would be his “Napolesgate.”

    In the infamous 1970s Watergate crisis in the US —for which the suffix “-gate” has since been used to refer to political scandals—President Nixon was impeached for obstruction of justice. This was because for nearly two years, as Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein painstakingly uncovered, Nixon covered up his staff’s complicity in the break-in on the opposition Democratic National Committee headquarters in Watergate hotel, undertaken obviously to gather information that could be used against the Democrats in the 1973 elections.

    In the case of Mr. Aquino, we really don’t need much investigative journalism to uncover our president’s own obstruction of justice. Aquino’s and his justice secretary’s babblings and actions are evidence enough.

    What however would make his impeachment almost certain would be the testimony of Janet Lim-Napoles, demonized now as the brains behind the wholesale theft by legislators of funds intended to help their constituencies.

    In fact, the only way Napoles could now evade spending the rest of her life in prison would be for her, in impeachment proceedings against the President, or in criminal proceedings after he steps down in 2016, to reveal the deal she struck with the President when she talked to him on August 28 when she surrendered to him in Malacañang.

    There’s a precedent for that. Former governor Luis “Chavit” Singson admitted to getting bribes from jueteng operators in his province, and to have siphoned off money from the tobacco excise tax.

    Napoles in Malacañang August 28, 2013 when she met with President Aquino. Photo has Cabinet Secretary Rene Almendras and Spokesman Edwin Lacierda, left, Napoles seated and her former lawyer standing. Did Napoles give the very first “list” to Aquino, for which she was given special treatment and escorted by Aquino himself to police headquarters in Camp Crame?

    Napoles in Malacañang August 28, 2013 when she met with President Aquino. Photo has Cabinet Secretary Rene Almendras and Spokesman Edwin Lacierda, left, Napoles seated and her former lawyer standing. Did Napoles give the very first “list” to Aquino, for which she was given special treatment and escorted by Aquino himself to police headquarters in Camp Crame?

    But, he cleansed himself of all his sins, as it were, and even became a hero of sorts—after he felt he was being set up for assassination—by spilling the beans against his friend, former President Estrada, and testifying that he personally delivered to Estrada his part of the loot from jueteng and tobacco tax proceeds.

    In Aquino’s case, it might not be as brazen as a president receiving boxes of graft money. But obstruction of justice is just as much an impeachable violation of his oath, for which Nixon was impeached and driven out of office.

    Consider these facts.

    Napoles last April 22, before she was put under the knife for hysterectomy, gave Justice Secretary Leila de Lima a sworn affidavit listing legislators and other government officials with whom she connived while undertaking the pork barrel scam.

    De Lima of course just had to boast that Napoles “confessed” to her everything, and after her five-hour meeting, she rushed to tell Aquino what the woman revealed.

    Of course, everyone demanded that the justice

    secretary must disclose the list, which Senate Blue Ribbon Committee chairman Teofisto Guingona III did after de Lima was subpoenaed for it.

    Lo and behold, Napoles’ list of pork-barrel grafters she connived with includes not only the five opposition senators, whose names the media have barraged the people with in the past nine months, but also 20 other incumbent and past senators, 70 congressmen, and more than a dozen officials, many of whom are with Aquino’s camp.

    Napoles’ list includes key Aquino allies in Congress and high priests of his tuwid-na-daan cult: Budget secretary Florencio Abad, Agriculture secretary Proceso Alcala, and TESDA director-general Joel Villanueva as well as senators Alan Peter Cayetano and Francis Escudero.

    Another list drawn up by the Philippine Daily Inquirer, based, it claimed, on alleged whistle-blower Benhur Luy’s computer files, included Aquino’s political mentor, Senate President Franklin Drilon, whose photos of him and his wife holding hands with Napoles had convinced the public that he was close to the “pork-barrel queen.”

    Aquino then implicated himself when in a press briefing on May 11 on the sidelines of the 24th ASEAN Summit in Myanmar.

    “I think I have physically seen two (lists) and they don’t agree with each other exactly, “ he said.

    Aquino said one list came from de Lima, while the other was given to him “directly” even before the justice secretary spoke to Napoles.

    “Directly”? Aquino’s own statements points to the distinct possibility that it was Napoles herself who gave him the first list when she surrendered to him in Malacañang in August last year.

    That explains why Aquino agreed for her to be taken to the Palace, to talk to her extensively (even over lunch, an allegation made by one columnist which had never been debunked conclusively), and even — in the wee-hours of the morning, and with the scantiest of security precautions — to ride with her in the residential limousine to the Philippine National Police headquarters in Camp Crame. These acts made up a very clear message to Napoles from Aquino, which could only be personally delivered by the President to be credible: “I will take care of you.”

    In exchange for what? Recent events clearly have shown: In exchange for not implicating his people.

    Why did Napoles nine months later summon Secretary de Lima to her hospital room to give her not just a list but also an affidavit purportedly revealing details of the entire pork barrel scam and all those involved in it?

    The most probable, logical explanation: She felt that Aquino wasn’t “taking care of her” as he had promised last year. Aquino wouldn’t even allow her to have surgery at the hospital she liked. She also felt at grave risk, as anything could happen to her during surgery. Having run the scam operation for a decade, Napoles obviously is a clever lady, and one you can’t run circles around.

    She gave the list to de Lima, on the calculation that the justice secretary would show it to Aquino and remind him to take care of her. Note that de Lima had not claimed that Napoles asked her to submit the list to the Ombudsman.

    Napoles’ Plan B was to give Senator Panfilo Lacson a copy of the list, which she did earlier than her hospital meeting with de Lima.

    Since Lacson had become such a big supporter of the President that he was given the post of rehabilitation czar for areas hit by typhoon Yolanda, Napoles calculated that he could be relied on to give the President the list — and the blackmail message it in effect really was.

    If de Lima, and later Lacson, had just kept their mouths shut that Napoles had made a list, no one would have known about it.

    Napoles however miscalculated that the justice secretary would keep the list secret. But it was after all it a fantastic opportunity for de Lima to be in the limelight, to be portrayed as the sole official in government Napoles could reveal her secrets to.

    De Lima probably thought that if an obscure justice secretary in 1962 — Jose Diokno — could be catapulted to fame and the Senate by going after big-time corruptor Harry Stonehill, she could too with the Napoles case that has gripped the nation’s attention for months. Senatorial elections after all are just two years away.

    She blabbered that Napoles gave her the list. But that points now to the very real possibility that Aquino for nine months has known that among Napoles’ accomplices are his own people like Secretary Abad and Secretary Alcala.

    Then Aquino kept that knowledge to himself, and most probably ordered de Lima to focus on compiling evidence against the three opposition senators, so they’d be put behind bars and presented as Exhibit A of his anti-corruption campaign in his fifth State of the Nation Address in July.

    That’s a flagrant case of obstruction of justice. Nixon tried to cover up for his operatives involved in the Watergate break-in. Aquino tried to cover up for his officials and allies involved in Napoles’ pork-barrel scam.

    It would be Napoles of course who could confirm beyond a reasonable doubt this narrative, as she could tell the world what she and Aquino talked about in their meeting in Malacañang last year in August.

    Napoles should really, really think about it. She could rot in jail for years, or she could redeem herself in the way Chavit Singson did in 2001.

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    1. Allen Llamr on

      You are right ” Voice of wilderness”, I would really be disappointed with our protector of the people(military) if they just close their eyes and pretend nothing is happening. While during the past presidents, especially our past lady president, military never stop antagonizing her. What now military…. busog na ba at di na makatayo sa upoan.

    2. Diego Silang on

      Anywhere else in the civilized world, criminals who confess to their crimes are thrown in jail without any fruther ado. In the Philippines, however, they are placed in hospital suites and lavished with special treatments. Case in point, JL Napoles has made sworn statements, essentially confessing to her crimes & unequivocally admitting guilt. This sub-human person should be locked up in jail with common criminals already & stop this endless charades of lists & affidavits. What a mockery of justice. I think this is what happens when a democracy is corrupted into a d_mock_razy. You get a crazy president and a screwed up form of government.

    3. Deo Veloria on

      Lahat ay nakatuon ang panahon kay Napoles. Ang palabas na iyan ang wakas ay walang kasong maihahabla sa bawat panig dahil sa kawalan ng pagkakaisa ng mga Pilipino na maralita. Paghahari ng mga iyan ay hindi magwawakas dahil karuwagan ang namamamahay sa puso at isip ng maralitang Pilipino pinapahalagahan ang buhay na kahit yurakan ang dangal at gawing parang basahan ay di alintana ang mahalaga ay buhay katuwiran ng mga ibang maralitang Pilipino at mga ibang pilipinong medyo nakakariwasa sa buhay ay basta nakakain sila. Kung ating sususriin palabas lamang iyan ng kasalukuyang pamahalaan upang di mabatikos ang ginagawa ng mga Tsekwa na unti-unti na tayong sinasakop at inumpisahan na nilang lurayin ang ating karagatan, Itoy paglampastangan sa kakayahan ng ating hukbong sandatahan na sa palagay ng mga Tsekwa ay inutil ang ating mga sundalo dahil sa ang namumuno ay isang kinapos ng katalinuhan kaya hindi magawang makipagpingkian salita man o sa gawa .Kaya alipin ang nakaamba sa ating mga anak.Wala ng natirang dugo nina Andres Bonifacio at Jose Rizal upang ipagtanggol ang ating inang Bayan dahil sa ating karuwagan kaya huwag tayong magreklamo kung isang araw ay sakop na ng china ang Pilipinas at tayoy gagawin parang isang aso na sunud-sunuran sa ipag-uutos sa atin dahil yan mga mandarambong ng bansa ay luluwas ang mga iyan oras na matapos ang kanilang termino bilang isang mambabatas at silay maninirahan sa ibang bansa hakot ang pera ng bansa

    4. This is a clear obstruction of justice and would entail impeachment, but the problem is impeaching him is a numbers game, and Congress and Senate have been demonized already so medyo malabong umusad yon….tama ka, the most feasible solution is people’s initaitive…we have already proven time and again that we Filipinos can do it…speak now or forever hold your peace…

    5. jose hernani m. parco on

      point is to have the impeachment complaint filed. it doesn’t matter if he will be impeached at all!
      “it’s when you know you’re licked before you begin but you begin anyway and you see it through no matter what”!

    6. Mr Tiglao, your comments today might be a product of your imagination based on the information that you earlier received. At any rate, this info is well worth to ponder, considering the action taken by Pnoy, when he and mar roxas personally escorted napoles to camp crame, when the later surrendered to him. It is really a 64 dollar question as to why the president of our country have to escort a fugitive to her cell in camp crame that wee hour in the morning, that can be done through the president’s instructions to his law enforcers.

      • Kailangang mag-escort si President Pnoy. Baka sisiponin pa si “Ma’am Janet”. Magmadaling araw na kasi.

    7. For those who are participants in this unfolding weave of corruption their days of reckoning will surely come. Kahit ‘lintik’ naekukulong din.

    8. So be it let us impeach aquino. But with our present congressman and senator who are involved in the scam (which is almost consist of the majority) , the only way to do it is by the peoples’ initiative. Let us all rally together to ask the president to step down.

    9. Toti de Guzman on

      The PDAF scam proved and established the ff:
      1. All and I mean all members of the government are corrupt.
      2. Justice is slow, weak or all together non-existent for the poor and unconnected.
      3. No one will face the consequences of this scam.
      4. The president lacks leadership. All talk no action. Not all that clean as he portrays himself to be.

    10. If we had an independent Congress since 1946, we will never have a Carlos Garcia, Dadong Macapagal, Macoy, FVR, erap and Gloria as Presidents nor scalawags as Justices in CA and SC. We should have been the first Singapore.

    11. When these politicians are interviewed why doesnt anyone put these hard questions to the politicians. We know they will waffle to get around it but you have to keep on attacking & get it published as there is something to what you say here. I dont think anyone in this or previous governments are totaly innocent of stealing as its the way of life here. Its what they go into politics for, to get rich from the countrys money.
      As i have said many times i dont know where you should begin to sort these scum out as your country is overrun with these scum wanting everything taken in taxes from the people put into their own bank accounts.

    12. Jose A. Oliveros on

      Impeaching PeNoy now is next to impossible because of his complete domination and control over members of the House of Representatives who had or have been receiving either monetary or other forms of benefits from him; or he has the goods on most of them that PeNoy holds like a sword of Damocles over their heads.

    13. Voice from the Wilderness on

      Impeaching this present inept president in malacanang ala Nixon will be a difficult enterprise because a Napolese testimony implicating this inept president will not be enough in the absence of a corroborative evidence like an audio recording of their dealing like in the Nixon case where the Whitehouse tapes were subpoenaed by the special congressional investigating team which after playing it in public doomed the fate of Nixon. This same audio recording almost brought down CGMA in the Hello Garci controversy if not for the massive pork barrels dispensed to manipulate the lower house to torpedo its independence that junked the impeachment case against her.

    14. Resty Taruc on

      It appears to me that your analysis of the “napolesgate” makes more sense. I really wondered why Mrs. Napoles surrendered personally to President Aquino in the first place. Is there any cover-up or deals made between the President and Mrs. Napoles? The Philippines House of Representatives from both houses must search for the truth in any way possible as the “Napoles List” is getting out of hand.
      I’m a Filipino Canadian citizen concerned about what’s going on with our beloved country.

    15. Migs Doromal on

      Same here, RT.

      Janet Napoles’ “move” to “release the list” was a simple ruse to remind our inept and anNOYing president about the deal they struck between them. The move was a veiled threat. Janet was simply unhappy with the crappy treatment she has been getting since her surrender to Boy Sisi.

      If Janet was serious about spilling the beans and to hell with everyone, she could have simply leaked the list to all major print and broadcast media.

      But, let us not forget that she is a leech, a giant one. She’ll go down sucking off and in this case as it were, still haggling and negotiating with Boy Sisi for his forgotten promises.

    16. Hindi lang obstruction of justice,si abad,alcala,roxas,ay kailangan niyang iligtas dahil kapag tuluyan silang nabilad,lahat ng kagaguhan at masamang ginawa ni. noynoy,ay lalabas! Dahil silaay executioner ng lahat ng ito,kaya ganyan na lamang ang tindi ng pagtatanggol ng mga alagad,sabi nga ang utak nasa ulo,iyon ang pangulo.malamang ang pusong pagkababae niya ay lumabas,dahil walang lalaki ang hindi nangarap magkaroon ng pamilya at babaeng asawa!!