Nation gagging on Grace Poe, vomit her out


This, I submit, is the true solution to the moral dilemma we are facing in Grace Poe’s case: of excluding Ms. Poe as a candidate in the May 9 election because of her constitutional ineligibility to run; or allowing her to run simply because the Supreme Court says she can run despite what the Constitution explicitly bans.

The moral dilemma arises from the conflict between principles: (1) the principle that the Constitution is supreme in our country, to be upheld always and without exception, and (2) the principle that the Supreme court is the highest interpreter of the law.

When faced with such a situation, we are counseled by the Harvard political philosopher Michael J. Sandel in his book, Justice, what’s the right thing to do?, as follows: “we must try to figure out which principle has greater weight, or is more appropriate under the circumstances.”

Clearly, the Constitution has more weight than its interpreter. I will go farther to say that excluding Grace Poe from the electoral process is the most appropriate solution to our quandary. Indeed, no less than the Holy Bible counsels that we Filipinos ought to vomit her out.

Jonah and the whale
To understand my point here, start by recalling and re-reading the story of Jonah and the whale in the Old Testament.

In the Biblical story, Jonah, a Hebrew prophet, is thrown overboard from a ship, and is swallowed by a great fish. For three days and three nights he languishes inside the belly of the fish, which found him increasingly too hard to bear, and then finally vomited him out on dry land.

The Filipino nation finds itself today in the same situation as the fish. Grace Poe is a modern-day female Jonah in the belly of our constitutional system. We are gagging or choking on her.

If the fish could vomit Jonah out, so can the nation vomit out this woman of unknown origins.

We can do this because in the first place Poe wormed herself into the insides of our democracy by deception and subterfuge.

And this is documented in the records of the Comelec and SC decisions.

And now she stands at the forefront of a crooked scheme to capture the highest office of the land by hook and by crook.

She is challenging the nation to stop her.

Supreme Court fails the nation
The nation is caught on the horns of her ambition, because instead of bringing the controversy to a proper conclusion, the Supreme Court ran away from its sworn duty to defend and protect the Constitution.

Instead of shutting down Poe’s nefarious scheme, the Court joined her in violating the Constitution, and usurped the powers of Congress by legislating for her sake.

At the hearing of the motions for reconsideration of its March 8 decision in Baguio last week, the Court doubled down on its errors in the majority opinion instead of correcting them.

Instead of supporting the well-argued decision of the Comelec to nullify Poe’s candidacy, the Court rendered last March 8 an inconclusive and questionable ruling that she can run, but without resolving the questions about her citizenship and residency.

No wonder, the controversial verdict was appealed and challenged by two motions for review and reconsideration.

Rising public outrage     
Last Saturday, the Court announced its decision to deny both motions, and its resolve not to entertain any further motions on the issue.

Yet the tough stance resolved nothing because, in fact, the court did not address the questions whether Poe is a natural-born citizen and has 10-year residence.

Members of the court will continue to debate the ruling.

Grace Poe has boasted that with the court notice, nothing can stop her now from running.

But lawyers groups, journalists and many citizens will continue to brand her as an imposter and a liar. And many are now planning to mount organized action to defy or set aside the Court’s verdict.

Public outrage is setting in where there was only confusion before.
Conspiracy against the nation
Developments over the weekend suggest that the nation faces here a full-blown conspiracy against the national interest, with President Aquino himself involved.

One development is the report of my colleague Kit Tatad in his column yesterday, wherein he reported that he had received reliable information that Aquino had a meeting with Grace Poe on the eve of the SC deliberations in Baguio.

While Aquino was hiding in his foxhole from the tragedy in Kidapawan City, he found time to plot with Poe to frustrate the review and possible reversal of the March 8 SC decision.

At the meeting, Aquino committed to ensure that the justices he had appointed to the court would remain steadfastly on Poe’s side. Poe in turn pledged to ensure that Aquino would not be charged for his crimes if she wins election to the presidency.

Aquino committed to doublecrosss his anointed, Mar Roxas, and transfer his support to Poe in the May election.

Brion blasts Baguio ruling
Equally disturbing are the criticisms leveled by Justice Arturo Brion against the SC session in Baguio City, which the Daily Tribune editor Niñez Cacho – Olivares documented in a fine column yesterday.

Brion raised the following issues:
1. The Court did not follow its rules and procedures in resolving the motions for reconsideration.

Brion recounted at the court’s first meeting in Baguio City for its summer session, one of the items taken up was the case of Poe. He said in the usual course, the respondent would have been required to comment on the motions for reconsideration filed.

Yet no comment was offered. To the surprise of those who dissented from the majority’s ruling, the ponente (Associate Justice Jose Perez) simply recommended to the court en banc the outright dismissal of the motions for reconsideration through a minute resolution, which is a simple resolution denying the motions for reconsideration for lack of merit.

“We pointedly asked if the ponente would write an extended resolution that would at least explain the reason or reasons for the outright denial. The answer was a simple ‘No,’” Brion said.

Second, the Court did not issue an extended ruling or reasoning that can be read by the public as a ponencia coming from the court.

Brion said this was a strange stance for the majority to take because their decision has been “questioned by different sectors for the confusion it sowed, and their avowed mission, among others, is to educate the bench, the bar, and members of the public on matters of law.”

He charged that the demeanor of the majority has “led to more questions about the court.” Third, Brion claimed that the Court has assumed the character of the House of Representatives, which uses the tyranny of numbers to grant the wishes of President Aquino, who has tapped Poe as an alternate candidate.

Under the circumstances that the decision was made, Brion said, the SC “has not fully discharged its sworn duty in ruling on this case.”

A recipe for crisis
These developments are a recipe for a constitutional crisis.

With a Supreme Court unwilling to do its duty, the people, who are the true sovereign, can do what it wills and what it must.

The course is open for defiance and challenge of the court ‘s decision.

The people can themselves order the Commission on Elections to discharge its constitutional duty to conduct the May elections, and expunge Grace Poe from the balloting. While her name can no longer be removed from the ballot, her votes will not be counted. This way, Aquino and Poe will not pocket anything.

This is equivalent to vomiting Grace Poe out of the nation‘s constitutional system. She deserves no protection from the Charter, which she has so arrogantly violated.


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  1. marco garcia on

    Kataas-taasang Hukuman na po ang humusga: NATURAL-BORN si Sen. Grace Poe. Nakapagpakita siya nang matitinding ebidensya na nagpapatunay na siya ay tunay na Pilipino. Wala na bang ibang isyu maliban sa citizenship niya? Malinis ang puso ni Senadora. Malinis ang hangarin na tumulong. Walang bahid ng korapsyon. Kaya sa darating na eleksyon, iboto natin si Sen.Grace Poe.

    • Dick S. O'Rosary on

      Wala syang ipinakita na ebidensya. Ang korte suprema ay gumamit lamang ng sirkumstansyal na ebidensya upang magsabi na natural born si Llamanzares. Sa bahagi naman ni Llamanzares, ang argumento nya lamang ay na ayon sa batas internasyonal, ang foundling ay itinutukoy na natural born. Walang bisa yun sa tingin ko dahil naging mamamayan sya ng Estados Unidos.

      I hope I made sense. I’m not comfortable writing in Philippine language.

  2. Move on na po. Napatunayan na pong Filipino si Grace Poe. Wag na pong bitter. Tanggapin ang hatol ng Korte Suprema. Sa huli, hindi pa rin naman ang Korte Suprema ang maghahalal ng pinuno natin, kundi ang lahat ng mga pilipinong botante.

    • Seeking justice is not bitterness and are we not in a democratic country that can appeal if we think the decision of the court is not correct? What evidence you to prove Poe is a Filipino citizen when the SC could not even elaborate its decision. It cannot even muster a majority ruling on his citizenship and domicile issue? Bulag-bulagan lang!

  3. Chris Espiritu on

    The nefarious plan of Abnoy to install Mrs. Llamanzares as his Trojan Horse is as clear as day! Why are there Noytards and Imbeciles who insist that the SC Decision in favor of this charlatan is what the Constitution dictates. You don’t need to be lawyer to understand that the SC is a creature of the 1987 Constitution and that all decisions must adhere to this sacred document. Ironically Penoy’s mom chartered this piece of paper and her degenerate son destroyed it. Talking about his mom’s legacy! Penoy and his humanoids must answer to such sacrilege and it is high time to deny the dream of a pretender and a mindless buffoon to evade justice for his crimes. If the SC won’t rectify their error then the Constitution should be totally dumped. Who needs a piece of garbage?

  4. Federico Lojo on

    Who has the better reason? The supreme court maybe the court of last resort or the supreme interpreter of the law. But does it also mean that what the SC says is always what is right. I do not subscribe. More so now when the court is now packed with subjective justices appointed by an incompetent president. I believe the other 5 justices has the better reason.

  5. tama si yen, we should as the real bosses to REJECT LLAMANZARES (aka poequino-poejuangco) and NOT VOTE FOR HER. this is the only way we can show THE DEADLY 9 SC JURISTS OF OUR DISGUST over their thrashing of the constitution they swore to defend and uphold when they took their oath of office. DO NOT VOTE FOR THE ENTIRE SLATE OF THE LAPIANG PORK and the TROJAN HORSE AND HER ENTIRE SLATE. hindi lang sila ang kandidato. AND IT IS TIME TO CHANGE THE FACE OF CONGRESS. let us vote into office new faces and some old guards WHO ARE NOT TAINTED WITH THE UNCONSTITUTIONAL BOUNTY/PORK CALLED DAP. alam naman natin sino ang mga tumangap ng DAP. si drilon (P100M pero tsismis ni osmena ay P1B), escudero (P98M), trillanes, pangilinan, sotto, guingona, osmena, honasan (P50M each). sa mga new faces ay sina belgica (first to contest DAP at the SC), ople, kiram, ali, kapunan, alunan, pagdilao, romualdez etc. sa old guards ay sina gordon, zubiri. DO NOT WASTE YOUR CHANCE TO CHANGE THIS COUNTRY. IT ONLY HAPPENS EVERY 3 YEARS FOR LOCAL OFFICIALS AND 6 YEARS FOR THE PRESIDENCY. THE BALL IS IN YOUR HANDS.

  6. Let it not be forgotten that 7 is not the majority of 15 and 30% is not majority of 100%. Beware!

  7. Continue the fight Mr. Makabenta. Some of the commentators in your page are absolutely lacking in principle but I am sure that those are yellow fanatics so just ignore them. They can sell the country as they want but we must continue to stand up for our country as well. Please vote for Santiago-Marcos or Duterte-Marcos. The best options we have. In worst scenario, it’s better to vote for Binay than a fraud Filipino and a Yellow elite because they will sell us to other country and they will squeeze us to death with taxes while rewarding the few elite within their group.

  8. That’s your opinion. Just keep it to yourself yen makabenta, hinde ka na makakabenta niyan. The SC have spoken finish, kaput.

    • Not so fast dear, as a citizen, I will actively campaign against your fraud President, Grace Poe in every way I can, Facebook, kainan sa resto, twitter, opis, etc. para di manalo. The fight isn’t over yet. The fight is on 9 May. Please vote for Duterte, Santiago or Binay. Never to Mar and Grace Poe Llamanzares.

  9. Mr. MAKABENTA what are we waiting for. As I stated on my previous we the Sovereign are more Supreme to these 9 SC Justices who did not uphold and protect Our Constitution. Instead of protecting they are the one destroying Our. Constitution. Correct if I’m wrong in Thailand the Prime Minister commit a grave abuse by transferring one employee to another place. Because of this incident the military make move to remove this Prime Minister. I think we can do it by the will of the Sovereign People with the support of IBP, Philippine Bar Association, PHILCONSA, Bayan Ko, Brilliant Lawyers and the ARMED FORCES OF THE PHILIPPINES we can remove these 9 SC Justices who destroy Our Constitution. We don’t need to wait we must act and take necessary action. All I mentioned herein shall take a lead so that the sovereign people will follow this action. Wake up and move we must take necessary action. We as a sovereign we are more supreme than these 9 SC Justices we must to these Justices that we are not fool that they easily fool the sovereign people.

  10. As what the Solicitor general have said, nowhere in all the constitutions did it say that foundlings are not natural-born filipinos or they are to be discriminated upon.

    You cant say the SC killed the constitution because they didnt. They never broke any law and all the arguments they mentioned in the oral arguments are fact-based, they gave statistics, and based it on the law.

    Clearly there was no material misrepresentation from Poe.

  11. June Agbayani on

    Supreme Court Justices should not be appointed by the President.. It should be an independent body that will exercise its power separately… Justices should earn their respective position bu merits in order not to be corrupted by UTANG NA LOOB… One can already decifer Sereno’s crook decision from the beginning…

  12. Jazmine dela cruz on


    if grace llamarez became president.MARK MY WORD! Additional state of america is Philippines.because grace is a liar and american citizen with her husband.dont believe supreme court who allow grace to run for president.vomit grace and 9 judges.

  13. Du30 is a person that knows how to manipulate people ..he came from no
    where and now he is the talk of the town.His behavior seems likened to
    Hitler ..wherein HITLER can brainwashed many people ,educated ,wealthy
    ordinary people. Wake up Philippines do not vote for a future dictator
    … we have to fight for our democracy …we know if duterte will be
    elected he will be the 2nd the coming of martial law then we will be a
    communist nation ,,,MARK MY WORDS .. IT IS IN MY GUT FEELING ..THAT WILL

  14. If you can not respect the 7 supreme courts Mr. Macabenta just stop writing against her are a sore loser .do not use your job to spread lies after lies against Senator Grace Poe .You act higher than those supreme court .we are extremely tired of your lies ,your personal attacks against her …You are extremely bias writer … I ‘m sure somebody is paying you to keep writing hateful words against Senator Grace Poe ..You are so passionate about it though as if you are paid million bucks.

  15. The nation is not gagging on Grace Poe . The people we are gagging on you Mr. Macabenta .
    You as a writer can not accept the fact that justice prevails ,the Philippines has a strong democracy … The supreme court has found Senator Grace Poe a natural born citizen ,she met the 10 years residency and therefore can run as president . the problem with you you do not respect the 7 justices .the court has spoken …. you can not accept defeat that means you are not honorable person.
    mabuhay ang foundling .. the next leader of this nation .

  16. Amnata Pundit on

    How many of those 9 Justices were private practitioners before being appointed? I think a great majority of them, if not all of them. This is what you can expect when private sector lawyers are appointed to the higher courts, they cannot sever their links to private interests. Only judges and prosecutors who have been serving for at least ten years should be appointed to the higher courts, especially the SC. They are the ones who live and breath legal decisions everyday of their lives unlike private lawyers who are mostly glorified fixers only, albeit very expensive fixers. As for Grace, higher forces are at work to put her in power, just like Cory. But at least Grace is not a Marcos “victim” and is not a Marcos-hater, and the yellows including the Americans who are pushing for her just might rue the day they chose her to be their tuta.

  17. How true! We had placed the SC to the highest pedestal & now they think they’re all gods! Maybe god of deception, lies and more lies! How could we do something before election? Let’s rally behind Miriam and elect her president! She has the guts to be a very good selection! Forget about the poles … just the election results! President Miriam Santiago!

  18. Celine Yamson on

    2 cents: only those who took time to scrutinize the character and track record of President/VP candidates have the ascendancy to blabber. when I say -scrutinize, you give enough of a d a m n to research about the candidates that you may not solely rely on what you know at surface level! Sure authority can be inherited nowadays. But goodness, passion, competence and non-quitting attitude: they aren’t. Grace Poe in 2016 might just show us.

  19. The comparison is inappropriate. Jonah has a mission from the Lord. But he did not want to do what the Lord wanted him to do so he escaped from Him. He sailed for Spain but nobody could get away from the Supreme Lord. The lord sent a storm that almost sink the boat he was sailing. The terrefied boat crews found out he ws the cause of the unexpected bad weather. So he allowed himself to be thrown out and calm the sea. The Lord sent a whale to swallow him and bring him safely to land. Grace Poe-Llamanzares circumstances is very much different. She arrogantly assumes the Lord sent her to save the Philippines. Unfortunately, the Philippines had set of laws to be followed and Jesus said he came to strengthen Moses law and not disregard it. We can deduce GracePoe-Llamanzares’ heart and mind are poisoned by her overweening ambition that she has no compulsion in preserving the established laws of the Philippines. Indeed we should spit her out of our belly but for different purpose and reasons with that of Jonah.

  20. The sovereign will of the voters will soon prevail Mr. Makabenta. This is also true among Grace Poe’s critics spitting venom to a lady.You can now stop and desist from spewing hatred, the filipino voters will decide if Poe is unfit as you portray her. The executioner Duterte is already eroding her votes and you can go to sleep now !

    • Alam mo bang mga pinagsasabi at pinagyayabang mo. The real issue here is constitutional. You cannot even make an intelligent comment based on the Constitution. Sovereign will of the voters ba kamo? The sovereign will of the Filipino people who ordained and promulgated the Philippine Constitution have been trampled when the justices ignored the Constitution and based their decisions on statistical data and human physical features. They are no longer lawyers. They became rocket scientists.

      They had thrown the Constitution down the drain and to the garbage bin. The had amended the Constitution to virtually read, “Natural-born citizens are those who are citizens of the Philippines from birth with or without having to perform any act to acquire or perfect their Philippine citizenship.” Ano ba ito? Palusotan at dayaan?

      If the Supreme Court justices can amend the Constitution, what’s the use of having congressmen and senators? May bago na tayong lawmakers at saka Constitution kung ganoon kaya puwede bang itapon niyo na lang ang Constitution kasama na ang mga congressmen at saka senators? They are no longer needed. Useless na po sila ngayon. They were made useless courtesy of the offending justices who replaced the Constitution with statistical data and logic based on human physical features. What a shame? Onli n da pilipins.

    • She is not qualified in the first place to contend for the presidency. Not one vote can be legally credited to her and any and all such votes should be regarded as stray votes from a grossly misinformed and unthinking electorate. The Supreme Court, a majority of whose members were compromised by outside inducements, failed to uphold the clear language of the Constitution. She should not, cannot and must not win by deception.

  21. I fully subscribe to your opinion Mr. Makabenta. The injury inflicted by the SC on the Rule of Law is unprecedented and will foster more and more protests. The Court just plunged the nation and itself deeper into a constitutional and political crises. It’s time for us to rally behind the Constitution and vomit Grace Poe from the system, like the whale did to Jonah.May your tribe, Mr. Makabenta, increase. We need more and more patriots in light of the propensity of the Executive, the Congress, and now the SC, to tinker with the clear terms of the fundamental law of the land. Sereno and Perez should better resign, to be followed by the 7, to spare the nation of further trouble and incalculable damage or injury.

    • Erlinda Rabe on

      Maybe it is time to clean the Supreme Court of inept Justices with their personal agendas.

    • Yolanda V. Encarnacion on

      With this long playing tele nobela with the Supreme Court mocking the Constitution and unduly bastardized the rule of law, the decent thing to do for the disgraced Poe is not to run anymore for president. I am kind of worried that if she insist on running, what will she do in the face of international and domestic problems. With her incompetence and alleged lies on her credential most particularly her being once an american citizen with an immediate family who are blue passport holders which by law cannot even campaign nor vote for her, this is worrisome!!!!!

  22. To those who still cannot accept SC decision that GP is qualified to run as POTP, here’s my unsolicited advice: just buy about 8 feet of rope, tie the other end to your neck and the other end to the pasamano of your window and jump. If you cannot afford to buy lubid, just cross EDSA with your eyes closed. Problem solved!

    • Cguro nakaupo ka sa sa tabi ng swimming pool ng magara mong mansion at sinisilbihan ng mga underpaid mong kasambahay kaya balewala sayo ang mga kabulastugang nangyayari dito sa bansa.

  23. POTC vs TOTC.

    POTC – Protectors Of The Constitution

    TOTC – Traitors Of The Constitution

    This is a battle between good and evil. Which side of the fence are you?

    Filipinos must fully support the POTC, the Protectors of our Constitution.

    No to the TOTC!!! No to the TRAITORS of the Constitution!!!

  24. As I have written before, bereft of any criteria (eg. residency) of which the “abuse” is measured, the Comelec ruling on disqualification stands. They did not commit any abuse because there is no line that was crossed where “abuse” was commited – the Supreme Court never having drawn the line. Since the Comelec ruling on disqualification stands, it behooves the Comelec, as it is its sworn duty to uphold, to implement its decision and issue a Cease and Desist Order to grace llamanzares. What Kit et al should do is to file with the RTC a motion to compel the Comelec to issue a CDO. Let grace llamanzares get a TRO against the CDO. On its own accord, Comelec if it is true to its sworn duty to the Constitution should just issue the CDO and bar grace llamanzares from participating in the next presidential “debate”. Should the Comelec still fails to do its job, let the power of freedom-loving and patriotic Filipinos in cooperation with the military descend. We might as well forget having an election.

  25. I have no doubt that deep in their hearts, the Comelec Commissioners are fully aware that they had not committed “grave abuse of discretion”. Lying Grace and her lawyers were given due process – they voluntarily participated in three hearings to counteract the petitioners’ motions concerning the misrepresentations in her CoC. For political reasons and alleged bribe of 100 million pesos to each, the Gang of Nine Justices abandoned and destroyed the Philippine Constitution that they had sworn to uphold and defend. By not following accepted practice and their own rules of procedures in considering the Motion for Reconsideration that had been filed by Comelec and the other petitioners, they have now themselves committed “grave abuse of discretion”. Something must be done to neutralize this unelected Gang’s tyranny and corruption, and restore the Constitution.

    The Gang of Nine can issue all sorts of decisions, but whether they can enforce non-constitutional ones is another matter. If the Comelec Commissioners have courage and balls to defend their Constitutional mandate and prerogative, they would or should ignore the Gang of Nine’s decision and remove Lying Grace’s name from the list of presidential candidates. If this is now too late, then expunging or not counting the votes that would be cast for her is indeed appropriate. Further, the first thing that any other candidate should do if Lying Grace wins is to file an injunction or temporary restraining order to stop or prevent her proclamation. She is a fraud and a liar and is ineligible to run.

    What is important right now is to file a second Motion for Reconsideration regardless of the Gang of Nine’s prohibition. Their formal denial can then be taken as further evidence of their grave abuse of discretion. This Gang of Nine must be purged from the Supreme Court and impeached as soon as it is feasible. By their action, they have irreversibly ruined whatever reputation (no matter how “low” it is) that the Supreme Court had enjoyed previously.

    The foundation for a revolution has been laid. Whether it would be peaceful or not remains to be seen. Who knows? A leader may emerge from this crisis. One week is a long time in politics. Using social media, email, cell phones, word of mouth, etc., concerned citizens should tell their friends, relatives, extended family, acquaintances and even strangers of Lying Grace’s fabrications and falsehoods about her background and history. Slowly, but surely, her true character is being exposed to the Masa before the elections. In fact, if Mar Roxas wants to hit a home run, he and his advisers should issue another comics booklet describing Lying Grace’s life. It could be patterned after the original children’s novel “The Adventures of Pinocchio” – the story of a wooden puppet whose strings are controlled by a puppeteer and who lies and fabricates stories, and whose nose grows long each time he lies. The story is reminiscent of Lying Grace and her SMC puppeteers and financiers believed to be Danding Cojuangco and Ramon Ang. Her lies, however, are so plentiful compared to Pinocchio’s that Lying Grace’ nose would be 2-3 meters long by the time the story ends!

    • Just1patriot on

      A long fairy tale of a story with nothing original. MR’s are weak vehicles to change an SC ruling. It’s like, “Please, please change your mind.”

      Losers keep saying, “That’s not what the Constitution say.” But the SC’s mouth is the majority (made up of Justices) and what they say, is what the Constitution say. Kaya nga final arbiter. Stop talking like the Constitution and the majority are completely separate entities, legally they’re the same. What the majority has ruled are the precedents to questions on what the Constitution says. If you’re in the minority, you’re wrong on your opinion.

      The 9-6 vote against Comelec is a precedent that foundlings can now cite to run for high public office.

  26. The Sereno SC just committed “Harakiri”. The effect will foster more problems. As one columnist said: “You Aain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet.”

    May God save the Republic of the Philippines!

  27. The conspiracy between PNoy, several Justices of the SC and Grace P. Llamanzares is destroying the Supreme Court and the Judicial Branch as an institution. Of course PNoy does not care, Grace Llamanzares will not care and the Justices who obviously voted in favor of the unconstitutional and illegal manner of allowing Grace to be a qualified candidate especially Sereno who obviously will be very rich after this case is over also does not care as long as their pockets are full. The SC have already displayed themselves as partisans since Sereno took over and the country’s neck is being held by this institution. The only way now left by the people of this country is not to vote for Poe and when a new President is elected, to file cases against Sereno and the partisan justices and impeach them.

    • Leodegardo Pruna on

      Lying and disgraced GRACE is the product of manipulative as well as lying benefactors and supporters in big business who should be condemned for unpatriotic act of violating the basic law of the land. The Filipino people can just imagine what happens if a lying, ambitious, and inexperienced woman takes by accident the highest position following one who has been and continues to exhibit a disturbed mind. God save the Philippines.

  28. The Constitution is dead! Long live the Constitution!

    What must be recognized is that a coup has just been pursued against the Constitutional order and nears its completion with the impending manipulation of the elections at the national level through automated cheating. Most likely the local results would be left alone since overwhelming post election anecdotal accounts by the local electorate will expose local level cheating easily if it is done together with the national result. Leaving the local election honest and relatively clean and free from automated manipulation will provide a perfect cover to national level automated cheating where Poe would most likely be proclaimed the winner by the instigators of this creeping Constitutional coup.

    It is time to divide the nation between those who would support the Constitution and those who would persist in violating it. Every candidate should have a position on this over-arching issue: It is either they are for the Constitution or against the Constitution; either they are for Poe or against Poe. There is no way here of serving God and Mamon at the same time.

    If the major presidential candidates who are constitutionally qualified could come together and hold a joint press conference stating clearly their position that it is best for the nation to limit the choice among themselves so much the better. Duterte, Roxas, Binay, and Santiago should tell voters that if they could not vote for them they should choose either of the other three but not Poe. Why, for the simple reason that when they swear to preserve and defend the Constitution if they prevail in the elections, they would be swearing truly and faithfully without any baggage and reservations. This would not be true with Poe, because her candidacy is based on a transgression and destruction of the Constitution itself. If she prevails and is somehow proclaimed as the election winner what would she tell the military adventurist who would now launch a physical coup against her? That she is defending the Constitution? What Constitution? The scrap of paper that she destroyed with her cohorts to pursue her inordinate lust for the presidency? What presidency? What constitutional order would she be supposed to be defending? For this putative Filipino ‘Napoleon Bonaparte’ she would just be another contender for the raw power that is no longer sanctioned by the Constitution that she has destroyed.

    Electing Poe is a recipe for political instability, it would open a can of worms, and would subject the Filipino nation to an open Pandora’s box of troubles.

    So, Mr, Duterte, Mr. Roxas, Mr. Binay, and Ms. Santiago, when would you be holding this joint press conference.

    • Indeed, let the will of all freedom-loving and patriotic Filipino correct the error that the Sereno Court reign. Let us implore all the other presidential and vice presidential candidate to hold one big press conference to declare the nullity of the Maria Lourdes Ruling. Another thing that they can do in the next Presidential Debate is to come together on stage and in unison VOTE FOR ANY OF US WHO ARE FILIPINOS BUT NEVER CAST YOUR VOTE TO A FOREIGNER. WE DECLARE THE SERENO RULING AS UNCONSTITUTIONAL AND ENJOIN ALL OF YOU TO REJECT GRACE LLAMANZARES. With his adept organizing skill, jojo should be able to convince the other candidates to do this declaration on stage on national TV. While we may have conflicting issues and may have been engaged in verbal skirmishes, this is one point where the collective will and spirit of the Filipinos, the spirit of EDSA ONE can again shine and show to the world that even institutions of government have to bow to the collective will of the people.

    • ernie del rosario on

      Excellent idea ! Let’s vomit this Poe(ison) ! She has poisoned our political and electoral systems and worse the Olympus of our judicial system ! This is treason of extreme sordidness and thick-facedness ! Push the 4 other Presidential candidates to protest being pitted against a nuisance candidate and thus reducing the number of votes all of them will have garnered had this impostor not been listed on the ballot. On the practical/technical aspect, tweak the VCM software system to return zero votes (not count) for all bubbles assigned to Poe that were shaded. No other changes need be done in the EMS and CCS for these will only carry forward the Poe zero votes credited in all ERs coming from the 92,000+ VCMs. Then let the sea of public vomit sweep Poe back to the country of her true love – the United States of of America. TARA NA ! NGAYON DIN ! ISUKA SI POE !

    • Erlinda Rabe on

      It is up to us the people to give these conniving Justices the punishment they deserve by continually hounding them until they either resign or be impeached. WE SHOULD NOT LET THIS VIOLATION OF THE CONSTITUTION PASS WITHOUT ANY RESOLUTION TO THESE CORRUPTIBLE JUSTICES..

  29. The people should already be on the streets!
    Filipinos can’t allow this insult.

  30. Francis Dizon on

    No doubt the Manchurian candidate has evaded the SC’s noose. Perhaps NA thinks he can now relax in the ensuing 6 years with Poe or Roxas at the helm.
    I will be prophetic. The day of reckoning is near for NA and his SC disciples, to Poe and the evil people behind her candidacy; excepting Roxas and Robredo who are victims to this evil scheme.
    “Vengeance is mine says the Lord”.

  31. I understand where are this veteran columnists are coning from. After all, all of them are supposed their “OPINIONS and VIEWS” on anything under the sun. And all of them are very good at it.

    But, there is a time when we have to defer to the decisions of those who were elected or chosen to interpret the law like the justices of the Supreme Court.

    Otherwise, we might as well abolish the Supreme Court, the Legislative and the Executive branches of government and just let the veteran columnists run the country. After all, they have all the solutions to ills of our country.

    • Marcos and Erap were elected by the people but they were booted out by the people. In a democracy, the people are supreme. If those who interpret the law do so upon the instructions of someone with ulterior motives, the interpretation is rendered void. And I do not object to the veteran columnists running the country. It could be the right recipe for a better life for the Filipinos.

    • Corrections, Olenard. The SC Justices are not elected officials! They are appointed and have sworn to protect and defend the Constitution. Instead, they trampled it with their self interest. And you’re right, they should interpret the law but instead they “legislated from the bench,” if you understand what the phrase means.

      And Olenard, you have a twisted solution to the ills of this country. Veteran columnists have their place in the society. They are there to point out what is wrong in the government so it can be corrected. They do not govern and they do not “have all the solutions to ills of our country” as you surmise.

      Olenard, may I suggest that you broaden your mind, please, for the sake of our beloved Philippines.

    • Erlinda Rabe on

      Abolish the Supreme Court would be good after all they are not doing the job they are supposed to do in the first place.

      You are suggesting we should just accept the decisions of the SC just because they are supreme? They didn’t interpret the law, they amended the Constitution which they are not supposed to let it go is the downfall of our laws and our country..

      It is our duty as citizens of the Philippines to do something about it.

  32. Huh??? What a fallacious argument, Mr. Macabenta. So the Constitution is the supreme law of the land. The Supreme Court is the supreme interpreter of the law. The Supreme Court has decided. So what is the dilemna? Nothing, nada. The problem is that you think you are a better interpreter of the Constitution than the Supreme Court. Therein lies your dilemna, Mr. Macabenta. Just accept that the Supreme Court is the constitutionally mandated body that is the final arbiter of the laws. Grand conspiracy? Binay requirements to escape jail time is your dilemna, I think.

    • Irog, there is no ruling since there is no majority decision. What is happening is that everybody is taking the media interpretation of the Sereno Court Statement as the “ruling” when there is none. It is just pathetic that most interpreted the Ponencia Theory as the Ruling. There is only an expression of a ponencia -a Statement, to say the least. Without any majority vote, no Ruling exists.

    • How on earth can we accept the Supreme Court decision when the justices clearly ignored the Constitution. They based their decision using statistical data and human physical features instead.

    • Kumaliwa nga yung 9 na husgado:hindi nila sinunod ang constitution. Huwag ka nang dumakdak. Manahimik ka na lang. OK?

    • Erlinda Rabe on

      The Supreme Court did not interpret the Constitution, they amended the need to read again and again so that you will understand why it is not right to let Grace Poe run for the election.