• A nation of helpless rape victims


    NO, this piece is not about the Pembertons of our VFA nightmares.

    It is about Smartmatic and its Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) machines.

    Every truthful and scientific assessment of the election process in 2010 and 2913, conducted by the Venezuelan corporation Smartmatic using the PCOS machines, shows that they raped our Republic while the Comelec watched admiringly.

    Here is an excerpt from the Joint Congressional Oversight Committee (JCOC) hearing of September 18, 2014, which proves that the Comelec allowed Smartmatic to f__k the Filipino people and our electoral democracy in the 2010 and 2013 elections. Senator Alan Peter Cayetano was questioning Comelec Chairman Sixto Brilliantes.

    Sen. Cayetano: …..Pero totoo ho ba na apat lang ang binoto pero ang binilang ng makina ay labindalawa? …..

    Chairman Sixto Brillantes:… For the record, puwede hong mangyari.

    Sen. Cayetano: …xxx puwedeng mangyari sa buong Pilipinas xxx… apat lang ang binoto ng isang tao pero labindalawa po ang bibilangin noong makina?

    Chairman Sixto Brillantes: TAMA HO IYON!

    Sen. Cayetano: Did it only happen, Mr. Chair, in the 2013 or pati 2010?

    Chairman Sixto Brillantes: Nakita ho namin iyan sa 2013…Hindi pa ho naming natsi-check na iyong 2010… xxx.

    Sen. Cayetano: xxxHow can xxx people na nagbabantay xxx study on their own to see whether it did or it did not affect the results of the 2013 election xxx ?

    Chairman Sixto Brillantes: Na-erase na ho ito doon sa ongoing protest cases.

    Sen. Cayetano: xxx Mr. Chair, sa mga walang protest cases, so maaari din pong may dinagdag xxx.

    Chairman Sixto Brillantes: OHO! Tsitsekin din ho natin xxx…

    Sen. Cayetano: But this puts a cloud on the whole system xxx… But unless you resolve this—

    Chairman Sixto Brillantes: Tama ho iyon, sir. xxx we are trying to resolve it already xxx and there are cases pending xxx we are coming out with official report on these items where there are cases where mas marami ho ang nabilang.

    Sen. Cayetano: But in the meantime, Mr. Chair, you are buying the new —you are going towards…

    Chairman Sixto Brillantes: It has nothing to do with the PCOS machine xxx Most PROBABLY the tinta ho. xxx

    Sen. Cayetano: No. But it goes to the heart of whether automation is better than manual.

    Chairman Sixto Brillantes: Ah, yes. Each and every deficiency, defect, glitches will always go into the heart.

    Sen. Cayetano: Then, xxx how can we decide on having a manual or automated in 2016 if we can’t assure our people that walang dagdag-bawas. xxx… But this is the first time xxx that I’ve heard the Comelec admit that it could happen. xxx the protest cases are small compared to 2016 presidential election. You saw what happened sa “Hello, Garci.” You saw how the country tumbled, Mr. Chair.

    Chairman Sixto Brillantes: xxx the machine is not perfect. xxx There are certain glitches xxx deficiencies that can xxx…adversely affect the results because hindi ho naman massive, hindi ho naman marami, hindi naman kuwan, xxx Ngayon, tinitingnan namin.

    Sen. Cayetano: xxx I think we owe our people a direct answer xxxWala pong nagsasabing perpekto iyong machine. xxx Ang question dito kung reliable o hindi.

    Chairman Sixto Brillantes: Very reliable ho.

    Sen. Cayetano: How can you tell me in the same breath—you just told me five minutes ago that it is possible that all over the country the machine counted non-existent votes. You said you’re only seeing this in areas that there is a protest. But there are many more areas na walang protesta. So what are you telling the Committee now, is it reliable or not? xxx

    Chairman Sixto Brillantes: It’s possible that it didn’t happen in any other place except in Lapu-Lapu or in a few areas.

    Sen. Cayetano: In other words, sir, you don’t know.

    Chairman Sixto Brillantes: That’s correct!

    Sen. Cayetano: So now how can you say that it’s reliable if you don’t know? xxx

    Chairman Sixto Brillantes: .…we are monitoring all of those ballot boxes where it’s being opened so that we will know if it’s happening in those areas.

    Sen. Cayetano: xxx So under the present system, massive cheating in 2016 is very possible?

    Chairman Sixto Brillantes: No.

    Sen. Cayetano: Nasabi niyo po kanina you do not know.

    Chairman Sixto Brillantes: Hindi ho naman massive cheating ito. This is something like a glitch that happened xxx

    Sen. Cayetano: xxx when the machine counts votes that weren’t there, that’s cheating. Whether you call it an error—

    Chairman Sixto Brillantes: Hindi ho. That is not a correct conclusion, Your Honor.

    Sen. Cayetano: So you mean, Mr. Chair, puwedeng nakaupo ako dito sa Senado hindi naman pala ako binoto ng tao, hindi cheating iyon?

    Chairman Sixto Brillantes: xxx Puwede hong mayroon nagkamali ng kuwan. Iyong makina ho ang may glitch. Makina ho iyon.

    Sen. Cayetano: xxx we have a big problem if that’s going to be the attitude of the Comelec. I want certainty by the time we pass the budget whether or not the system is reliable, Mr. Chair.

    (End of hearing excerpt)

    Contrary to Chairman Brillantes’ own words–and the findings of the technicians and election experts that the PCOS machines have glitches and errors–and can be manipulated–Smartmatic’s executives insist that the PCOS machines are excellent and accurate.


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    1. Matthew Parkes on

      Sixto Brillantes should change his name to Sixtythirtyten Brillantes because 60/30/10 was the approximate voting pattern across the country which is a statistical impossibility. This is the worst form of corruption because it means the 2010 presidential election result is dubious and the senators elected or re-elected in 2013 have absolutely no claims to any sort of legitimacy.

      These are the sorts of issues the Senate should be investigating instead of wasting time and money trying to do the job of the ombudsman. Unfortunately, half the Senate owe their positions to this corrupted system so they are not going to push for a proper investigation.

    2. The defense and coverup of the PCOS machines is biased. The results are faulty and not subject to public view. We must return to manual counting and reporting by each polling place. Computer can be used to tabulate all the polling places. What is important is that everything be open to public viewing. We must be able to see the votes and how they are recorded. We must be able to see the polling place results. We must be able to see the final results tally with the polling place results.

    3. leandel canilatea on

      Comelec is enjoying the rape …..just like Congress being raped by the administration by taking away from them the power of the purse, by way of DAP before and now Bottoms-up Budgeting or Errata or whatever they call it. same dog different collar…

    4. nakakataka ang hearing na nangyari regarding the hocos pcos machine. buking na hindi alam ni sixto ang nangyari pero panay ang depensa nya sa hocos pcos ng smartmatic. bakit kaya? pero ang malaking tanong ay bakit na-aprubahan ng lower house ang entire GAA na kasama ang pangbili ng additional hocos pcos machines.

    5. These exchanges already add to the suspicion that Sixty Brillantes and Smarmatic is colliding with each other so the highest bidder can “win” in any election. The more that the Supreme Court must give credit to the complaints against the Smartmatic machines and why Sixty Brillantes is protecting Smartmatic.