The nation needs trust accounting


Before the ship of state drowns in all the trust and confidence being heaped by President BS Aquino on his non-performing and erring Cabinet members and agency chiefs, the country, for its own survival, should conduct a trust accounting on Aquino and his Administration, on Congress and on the Supreme Court.

This is imperative because nothing less than the moral authority of the government has been compromised by the lengthy catalogue of failures and shortcomings in governing that this second Aquino Administration has wantonly inflicted on the nation.

Except for the lonesome figure of the NFA chief, no member of the Administration is willing to resign as a sacrifice to save the tottering government. No scandal and no public shaming can persuade the top and favored members of the government to take the honorable way out by resigning their office.

Instead they hide behind ploys and platitudes to cling to office, that (1) “they serve at the pleasure of the president”; (2) the president rejected their resignation (Abad); (3) “the President only has to text him for him to resign” (Abaya). They all shamelessly hang on to high office.

Trust in Aquino now in deficit
A trust accounting – examining how the people really look on how the Aquino Administration is serving or not serving their interest – and conducted by honest and serious public opinion polling, will show how much the people really approve or disapprove of what the president and his Administration are doing, and of what in turn Congress and the Supreme Court are doing.

This used to be a cakewalk for the Administration because SWS and Pulse Asia, like most of mainstream media, were conscripted by the government for the “permanent campaign” that the Palace embarked on when BS Aquino acceded to the presidency. The pollsters dutifully came up with surveys that purported to show Aquino as enjoying stratospheric approval ratings.

But now, after four years at the helm, and with the failures and shortcomings of the administration in bold relief, the approval ratings have reversed.

The trend now is clear: there is a growing trust deficit shadowing the presidency. When Aquino asked citizens to wear his yellow ribbon to manifest their support for him, nobody bothered to wear it. When the president was told about it, it is said that he threw a tantrum.

Because of the way they have been dominated and abused by Aquino, the Senate and the House occupy the two lowest ranks in every rating of the institutions and agencies of government.

Only Supreme Court up in public esteem
Only the Supreme Court appears to have a high approval rating these days. And this is chiefly because the Sereno court has asserted its power of judicial review, declaring some acts of Congress as unconstitutional, and certain acts of the President, like the DAP, as illegal and unconstitutional.

By its steadfastness, the high court has been the saving grace of our democracy today. As the President has ventured into the dark world of autocracy, as Congress has merely watched in greedy approval, the Supreme Court has been the tribune of the people.

In his book, Trust: The Social Virtue and the Creation of Prosperity, political scientist and best-selling author Francis Fukuyama provides his thematic follow-up to his The End of History and the Last Man.

In Trust, he writes of the emerging global economic order, about the social principles of economic life, and what nations need to know to win the new struggle for world dominance.

Fukuyama contends that this is an era when social capital may be as important as physical capital. Only those societies with a high degree of social trust will be able to create the flexible, large-scale business organizations that are needed to compete in the new global economy.

It is in this light – of building social capital – that we Filipinos must be roused to outrage by the disrepute that our public officials have brought to public office and public institutions.
Building mistrust and cynicism
While the public was weighing the varied and loud calls for the resignation and forced leave of Philippine National Police (PNP) Director-General Alan Purisima and Department of Transportation and telecommunications DOTC) Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya, Presidential Communications Secretary Sonny Coloma issued one of his patented statements, which makes no bones about speaking as though he were the great PNoy himself.

Of Abaya, he said: “to my knowledge, the President’s trust and confidence in him is intact.”

Intact? Even though Abaya, together with other DOTC officials, is facing investigation and complaints for the mismanagement of the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) System and the anomalous contract for its maintenance.

Of Purisima, Coloma said that the president has vouched for the character of Purisima, even as he awaits the PNP chief’s explanations of the corruption, unexplained wealth allegations hurled against him.

Vouched for? Even though Purisima has amassed many properties and built a mansion at Camp Crame from bribes and illegal donations.

Throwing Abad under the bus
The only redeeming aspect of Coloma’s weekend statement was the fact that he omitted a defense of Budget Secretary Butch Abad, who is hands-down the most reviled member of the Administration, next only to the President himself.

Instead of issuing another blanket defense of Abad and the DAP, Coloma put him aside.

This led some to conclude that perhaps Aquino has decided to throw Abad under the bus.

If Aquino has indeed decided to throw Abad under the bus, he may yet turn the remaining months of his presidency into a positive leave taking. He could arrest the precipitous decline of the Aquino brand.

And when the time comes for the nation to elect a new leader in May 2016, Aquino may yet become a player instead of just an onlooker.


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  1. Bonifacio Claudio on

    ExecuPIG & LegislaPIG… Sabi mo sa pamagat ng parapo mo, Sir, “Only Supreme Court up in public esteem”… Ito ang battlecry ng Supreme Court sa ngayon “ISA LABAN SA LAHAT”. Totoo naman na halatang halata na galit na galit sina ExecutiPIG at sina LegislaPIG laban sa Korte Suprema, kaya ang sagot nila sa Korte Suprema ay “LAHAT LABAN SA ISA. Oh ‘di ba?! Kawawa naman ang Korte Suprema na nag-iisa ng lumalaban para sa kagalingan ni Inang Bayan. Ang pamahalaan sa ngayon ay pusaling putik na kung saan ay naglulubalob sa kababuyan ng ‘pork barrel’ itong mga miyembro ng pamalaan na “crossbreed between politics & pork barrel”, to remind us of Robin Padilla. Lahat sila ay naglulubalob sa putikang pusali ng ‘pork barrel’ maliban sa SUPREME COURT. One against All the Pork, and All the Pork against One… aiii anu na vah yan? Execupig & Legislapig, ehek, aiii anuvah yan? “Saan kayo kumukuha ng kapal ng mukha ninyo” at nandiyan pa kayo sa puwesto at nagmamagaling na alam na alam ninyo ang batas ng 1987 dahil kayo ang may gawa nito? Para ba yon sa inyong lamang “kabutihan”? My fooooott … Good night !!!

  2. Warning!! Sa mamamayan!!ngayon palang alam na kung sino ang magiging pangulo sa 2016!!
    Naniniwala ba kayo na hindi nababayaran ang SWS at pulse asia survey at higit sa lahat ang ilang official ng comelec?
    Tanggapin man ng mamamayan o hindi, ang magiging pangulo sa 2016 ay walang iba kung hindi si Mar Roxas!!
    Hanggang ang Aquino,abad at mga
    Buwitre mga mambabatas at ang kkk at ang yellow anay!!Idagdag pa ang Delima, moral-less at Coa-Tan.
    Mahihirapan umasa ang mamamayan na magbabago ang mga masamang nangyayari sa gobyerno!!

    • Bonifacio Claudio on

      Ang sabi mo “Warning!! Sa mamamayan!!ngayon palang alam na kung sino ang magiging pangulo sa 2016!!”. Ayon sa pagkakaintindi ko sa iyong comment ay dahil sa katiwalian ng gobyerno “at higit sa lahat ang… comelec…” Bakit tahimik ang mga Kongresista at Senadores at Executive tungkol dito? Dahil sila ba ang naging nanalong produkto ng tiwaling Smartmatic PCOS ang ang mga resulta ay hindi maaaring suriin dahil tiwali ang programasyon? Maraming katiwalian expertong pananaw ng mga pribadong sektor ng electronics pero hindi binibigyan pansin ng pamahalaan. Ngayon ay gusto pa ni Brillantes na muling sila-sila uling magkaka-alyado sa Comelec ang magbibigay ng HATOL sa 2016 elections sa pamamagitan ng maling pananaw sa ipinag-uutos ng batas sa automated elections. Panay graft-tainted at corrupt ang lahat ng sangay ng Pamahalaan maliban na lang sa nag-iisang nakikipaglaban sa katiwalian sa katauhan ng Korte Suprema — ISA LABAN SA LAHAT. Kanino pa magsusumbong ang mamamayan? Sa mga Kapulisan? God bless the Philippines.

  3. I dont know how the president or his colleagues will do if a vote was taken, but i know most people in my subdivision know very little. They dont watch much news, they dont talk about these things together, so i think very little will change. These things very rarely bother the general public. I know each time i try to talk to my wife about these things she isnt interested at all & she is a professor of english so she isnt a fool. I dont know what it is with pinoys, but you will all get what you deserve. It does seem the new generation in universities are starting to get more interested, but i think successive governments want to keep the filipino basically uneducated so they keep the status quo.

  4. Having been in Philippines only 6 years –I am not really qualified to give an-opinion on the political viewpoint”

    But as a person residing in this country ; Hoping to make it my residence ,in the future. If I can make a comment as a somewhat impartial observer …

    From what i can glean –Over the years this country has had a; leadership, that appears to have been more than questionable..

    Since i have been here I have seen under this administration .People in high office been forced to face questions in courts of Law..

    Pork barrel funds being brought into question,, maybe ” roll out the barre l” will now be the swan song,for politicians; who have grown fat, and rich on it..

    I have seen a new sewer system, being installed here in Manila —

    Yet to see how effective it will be !

    -Previous administrations have not seen fit to spend money on anything –to combat the yearly flooding .

    I have been informed, that around 20 years ago,this country was one of the 3 top economically performing countries in the region,,

    One has to ask the question why is it so? why did we slide from this position–Well again; one does not have to be an Einstein to come up with an answer

    Billions of Pesos went to line pockets of those who were in power…..

    These are just some observations; from someone who is making his home here.

    The people are industrious,hardworking.Hospitable, generous.and kind–They deserve a better deal all round ..

    Maybe they are just starting to get a” fair go”..

    This is just some plain observations, in i hope, plain language ..

    David Meyer M. D. D.P.M PhD

    • We had a very capable government with real patriots at the helm, then the crooks posing as freedom fighters and human rights advocates took over in that highway accident called EDSA ’86.

  5. Roldan Guerrero on

    BSA is a LEGAL RETARDATE and ECONOMICS MEDIOCRE showing ZERO signs of a LEGITIMATE and COMPETENT PRESIDENT. His term as a lawmaker for 12 long, long yrs., 9 yrs. as Congressman and 3 Senators which should have served well as enough preparation for him to the Presidency if only he acted as a hard working Solon. ZERO accompishment…ZERO personality, (does he look like a President? or a HARDINERO in the Palace?) His former colleagues call him a LOUSY MANAGER and most Filipina women tell he is the UGLIEST PRESIDENT ever elected in this Republic, a valid reason why he is unwed up to now. He appointed an Army of SUB-STANDARD TECHNOCRATS coming from PERENNIAL BALIMBINGS and his infamous KKK. So what would you expect to happen to poor Filipinos and and to our beloved country, the Philippines…but do we really love our country?

  6. the only trust left with this administration is that one used to prevent aids and pregnancy. coloma’s non-defense of abad was because of his samar connection. abad is with the balay.
    our country is like a headless chicken. the absence of leadership resulted to the very situation we are in. isn’t it time for accounting?