National security at risk


SCALAWAGS at the Bureau of Immigration (BI), including those who had gone AWOL and those with derogatory records, have been resurrected at the bureau’s “juicy” positions.

They used to belong to a syndicate that reigned at the major airports and raked up over P200,000 per day or P6 million per month before they were disbanded in a cleanup started by former Commissioner Ricardo David Jr. and continued by Commissioner Siegfred B. Mison.

Now, huge amounts are allegedly being extorted again from just about everybody, including those already excluded for being fugitives from their home country.

Conversely, innocent and well-meaning foreigners are “blackmailed” and threatened with exclusion on frivolous grounds to extract grease money.

Insiders said immigration personnel at NAIA have been ordered to allow the entry of undesirable aliens at P500,000 per head.

I also gathered that BI’s NAIA personnel have been encouraged to take bribes from outgoing Filipino overseas contract workers (OFWs) with questionable documents at P50,000 per head. This is tantamount to human trafficking!

It’s alarming if immigration personnel were really instructed to let in foreigners of dubious character in exchange for P500,000 each.

A former member of the Intelligence Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, Mison must know this endangers national security as foreign terrorists may sneak into the country.

The predicament at BI developed since Justice Secretary Benjamin Caguioa designated Associate Commissioner Gilbert Repizo as “Commissioner Officer-in-Charge” on all BI’s border operations at international airports and seaports.

Liberal Party’s Repizo, best known as the lawyer of P6 billion housing scam mastermind Delfin Lee, figured prominently in the massive bribery scandal in the Wang Bo deportation case “investigated” by a congressional committee months ago.

Chinese online gambling lord Wang Bo sought haven in the country by bribing some BI officials years back.

Mison pressed for his deportation but Repizo authored the controversial BI resolution allowing Wang Bo to stay.

Makati LGU allows illegal casinos to prosper
Months after it was informed about the proliferation of illegal online casinos in their city, the Makati local government has not lifted a finger to curb this form of illegal gambling.

The Makati Business Permit and Licensing Office (BPLO) has continued to turn a blind eye on the complaint despite losing millions in revenues annually.

Surprisingly, even Makati Mayor Kid Peña has kept quiet during the past few months despite learning of the influx of illegal online casinos in his area of jurisdiction.

Observers therefore believe that Mayor Peña and his subordinates at the BPLO allow the continuous operations of this illegal form of gambling in exchange for a hefty sum of money from its Chinese, Taiwanese and Korean operators.

How does Peña expect to win in the upcoming elections if he allows illegal gambling in Makati?

This guy will certainly lose against Abby Binay.

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  1. There are a million reasons to leave the Philippines but very few reasons to stay or go back there for good. The government has been taken over by crooks.

  2. What is needed is an agency like Hong Kongs highly respected ICC that answers only to the Chief Executive. But then your Chief Executives (Presidents) are constantly accused/ prosecuted for graft and corruption!

    • An alternative would be a citizen’s crime watch with real capacity to pursue their objective sans media bytes unlike a presumptuous anti-violence guy who does not seem to know what he is talking about. At best, the new citizen crime watch should have the funding to pursue legal moves against white collar criminals or pay off foreign mercenaries just to eliminate wholesale plunderers or big time crooks in government service. Surely, there is no more room in the planet for people who allows big-time smuggling or people who awards contracts without bidding.

    • The Philippines is so messed up even the law ‘enforcers’ and judges are corrupt. Oh wait, the Filipinos already know that.

      The Filipinos don’t trust and don’t respect the police. Can you blame them?

  3. There is a need to clean up every now and then. Those in Authority forget their main
    jobs because they are blinded with opportunistic idea to get rich by doing something
    illegal without being caught. What is needed is a Group of Enforcers under the Jurisdiction of Justice Department. Hopefully these group can check on everybody
    say Congressman, Senators, Mayors, Councilors, Private Persons, etc. Time to
    make Philippines safe, clean, beautiful and prosperous.