Nationwide curfew, liquor control


    If elected President next year, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte would impose a nationwide curfew, regulate the selling of liquor and create a commission that would get public consensus on federalism as among his top priorities.

    In an interview aired over radio station dzMM on Wednesday, Duterte said he would order all commercial establishments especially, night clubs and bars closed by 1 a.m.

    “There’s always a time for everything. I am concerned about the safety of the children,” the mayor added.

    Davao City has an ordinance imposing a curfew and another that prohibits the selling and serving of alcoholic beverages starting at 1 a.m. Duterte said the ordinances helped maintain peace and order in the city.

    He, however, dismissed concerns that such policy could discourage foreign tourists from visiting the country to have a good time.

    “It pisses me off that our women are working for these foreigners. Wala akong pakialam sa foreigners, umalis na sila [I don’t care about the foreigners, they can leave if they want],” Duterte said.

    The tough-talking mayor, who is known for his hardline stance against criminality, admitted that he has killed three criminals in Davao City.

    He said he has also killed three kidnap-for-ransom suspects during a police operation.
    According to Duterte, he asked the suspects to surrender, but they refused.

    “Sabi ko, taas kamay. Hindi tinaas, so binaril ko [I told them to raise their hands. They refused, so I shot them],” he said.

    Duterte justified his purported action by saying he was just doing his job as a person in authority.

    “They were committing a crime in my presence, and I was a person in authority under the law,” the former city prosecutor explained.

    Duterte said under his administration, he would allow policemen to kill criminals, but he also warned lawmen against violating the law.

    “Sinasabi ko sa mga pulis, ‘pag gumawa kayo ng masama, mauuna talaga kayo [I’m telling the police, if they do wrong, they’ll be the first to face the consequences],” he added.

    The Davao City mayor said he would push for a shift to a federal system of government, which he said is the only saving grace for the entire country.

    In fact, he added, in his first day as President, he would sign an executive order calling for a creation of a commission composed of individuals representing all regions in the country.

    The commission will carry consultations and get consensus if there will be enough support to push for federalism in the country, he said.

    “If I will get more than 50 percent supporting federalism, I will immediately call for a constitutional convention,” he said.

    “The only saving grace for the entire country is really federalism,” Duterte added.

    The Davao city mayor stated his position on other important measures such as his support to the freedom of information (FOI) bill which is pending in Congress, same-sex marriage, death penalty, income tax reform bill, Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL), anti-political dynasty bill, house arrest for former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and allowing former president Ferdinand Marcos to be buried at the Libingan ng Mga Bayani.

    Duterte, however, said he is against divorce and the contractualization law.

    The tough-talking Davao City mayor drew flak after his speech delivered during his proclamation as PDP-Laban’s standard-bearer on Nov. 30 where he admitted killing criminals, having four women and even cursing Pope Francis who, he said, caused heavy traffic during his Philippine visit.

    But during Wednesday’s interview, Duterte insisted that he never intended to curse the Pope and that he was referring to the monstrous traffic caused by the government’s poor planning during the Pope’s visit.

    He said he had gone to see Davao Archbishop Romulo Valles and apologized to the Church and to the Pope.

    “I was lectured on values, I accepted the lecture and the admonition and told me that I should learn to control my mouth,” Duterte said.

    He finished the hour-long Wednesday interview without uttering a single invective.


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    1. What’s good for Davao should stay in Davao. If Duterte thinks curfew is good for Davao, then he can keep it that way in Davao. I’m not paying my taxes to be told by this idiot that I am under curfew here in Manila. Who the heck does he think he is. Duterte is not wired for the presidency.

    2. Hindi lang po curfew and liquor ban, bawal na din po ang paputok (firecrakers) as buong Pilipinas (Hey Bulacan, vote for Duterte so that your firecracker industry will die abruptly). Bawal na rin po ang kaskasero, and maximum speed limit sa National Highway ay 60 kms. per hour nalang po, ang EDSA siguro nasa 40 kms. per hour and speed limit. Palitan niyo na ang mga magarang niyong kotse ng jeepney kasi useless lang naman hindi nu ma eenjoy ang speed capacity nito. Bawal na rin po manigarilyo sa public places sa buong Pilipinas (hello Mr. Lucio Tan?). Dahil sa maraming bawal na ito, sigurado ako yayaman and pulisya natin, mga traffic enforcers, MMDA, HPG dahil sagana ang huli, so sagana rin ang kotong. Pero and hindi po bawal ay ang magbenta ng DVD sa kalye, pumatay ng tao kahit hindi pa napatunayan na masama ito, ang illegal gambling po hindi na rin bawal, at hindi na rin po bawal manuntok ng Sheriff of the Court. Maililibing na rin po si Marcos sa Libingan ng Mga Bayani, maituturing na nating bayani and taong gumahasa and nagnakaw sa ating kaban at bansa ng dalawang dekada. Makakalaya na rin po si GMA, so sa madaling sabi, okey lang magnakaw sa ating bayan anyway hindi ka rin naman makukuling. So go bomoto po tayo ng ayon sa drama at popularidad. Bomoto po tayo ng walang sentido common.

      • omie.please. use your sentido common. you aint know nothing. stop reading the headlines and stop watching tv. go to davao experience the life that for sure you are not living right now.

    3. If it will be federalism then there is no need of BBL the rest will be good for our country,Go team Duterte/Cayetano go.

    4. Duterte reminds me of a modern day GENERAL ANTONIO LUNA. He loves this country and countryman dearly, but people with their own self interest want him dead.