Nature photography for beginners


With the objective of bringing together environmentalists, birdwatchers and conservation photographers, Haribon Foundation organized a two-sesssion Wild Bird Photography Workshop on November 8 and 22 in partnership with the Wild Bird Photographers of the Philippines.

The workshop conducted by Alain Pascua and Rey Sta. Ana provided necessary information on wild bird photography which include the basics of the practice, the equipment and ethics, approaches, shooting techniques and fieldcraft, exposures and histograms, shooting with manual mode, shooting with aperture priority mode, shooting with live view mode, flight photography, and image composition and design.

A short bird-watching activity was conducted to allow participants to have an application of what they learned from the workshop’s first session.

For the second session, participants were taught how to post-process photos they have taken from their bird-watching activities and were guided to enhance the quality of their shots.

Participants also joined the Tamron goes Wild—an on-the-spot photo contest held on November 15 at the La Mesa Eco Park as another avenue for the application of the acquired skills from the workshop.

These activities helped Haribon birdwatchers improve the quality of their photos and make birdwatching activities more enjoyable to all enthusiasts.

Interested in developing your skills in conservation photography? Join the next bird-watching activity at the Candaba Swamp, Pampanga on December 13. Register at


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