• Navotas City Council bans dumping of foreign garbage


    A non-governmental organization representative to the National Solid Waste Management Commission (NSWMC) over the weekend welcomed Navotas City Council’s decision to ban the dumping garbage imported from any foreign country.

    EcoWaste representative Romy Hidalgo said, “We congratulate Navotas City for its action to defend its right to a healthy environment in line with existing ordinances.”

    Headed by Vice-Mayor Clint Geronimo, the Navotas City Council on September 1 adopted and passed the resolution authored by District 2 Councilor Ma. Lourdes del Rosario-Tumangan, which stressed the city’s “strong opposition” on the dumping of imported garbage, including the one that came from Canada, in the Navotas Sanitary Landfill or in any part of the city.

    The City Council’s bases for passing Tumangan’s resolution were City Ordinance No. 2012-06 (the Environment Code of the City of Navotas) and Municipal Ordinance No. 2005-06 (the Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Ordinance of the Municipality of Navotas).

    Hidalgo, also a resident of Navotas, stressed that, “The message is clear as day that no LGU will accept [the]Canadian garbage. It has nowhere to go but Canada.”



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