Navotas to enact new curfew ordinance


Navotas City Mayor John Rey Tiangco vowed that the city will enact and implement a new curfew ordinance that will meet the legal requirements of the Supreme Court.

He issued the statement after the high tribunal nullified the city’s ordinance 2002-13 that sought to impose a curfew for minors.

The tribunal said the ordinance hindered minors from engaging in legitimate non-school or non-church activities in the streets, prohibited minors from attending religious activities such as dawn masses and bans minors from holding political rallies or attend city council meetings to voice out their concerns.

In a statement, Tiangco said the city government defers to the wisdom of the high court. He added that the city council will soon enact and implement a new curfew ordinance that is in line with the ruling.

“The city government has always been determined to protect Navoteño from any harm,” Tiangco said.


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