Navotas teachers tackle cyber bullying


Some 150 elementary and secondary teachers from 21 public schools in Navotas City have been trained on how to detect, prevent and manage child abuse and bullying online.

The Capability-Building Seminar on Child Safeguarding and Online Safety that the teachers attended discussed various forms of child abuse, including cyberbullying.

The Navotas City Schools Division Office (SDO), in coordination with the Navotas City Council for the Protection of Children (NCCPC), led the training to address cyber bullying.

Data from the Philippine National Police-Anti Cybercrime Group (ACG) showed that a 70.74 percent increase in cases of cyber bullying was recorded in 2016.

In his message, Mayor John Rey Tiangco stressed the need to train educators on online child protection.

“Because of the accessibility of the internet, even children have social media accounts and their innocence makes them vulnerable to abuse. As adults, it is our moral and social responsibility to protect them,” he said.

“Compared to other forms of bullying, I believe cyber bullying is more dangerous. Typical bullying ends when contact between the bullied and the bully stops. Cyberbullying, on the other hand, creeps in our homes, spans to thousands of miles and targets even little children,” he added.

The Navotas City SDO, through the support of NCCPC, also held a Seminar on Child Labor Awareness for Parent-Teacher Officers and a roll-out seminar to identify parents of children involved in child labor.

The city received in August the 2016 Seal of Child-Friendly Local Governance for its sustainable programs and projects for the welfare of Navoteno children.


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